The purpose of the Sheldon Memorial Plaque is to give special recognition to those who have made significant contributions to the SFA.  The plaque was created and donated to the SFA in memory of Marie Sheldon Hin, S#4812X1321-1, a member and regular SFA volunteer.

Sheldon Family Memorial5

Rev. Henry Olcott Sheldon  S5124


  • Born in Hartford, CT in 1799
  • Died in 1882 at the age of 83
  • Buried in Westwood Cemetery, Oberlin, Lorain, OH
  • His notes served as the basis of The Sheldon Magazine published in 1855-1857 in Sidney, OH
  • Detailed the earliest Sheldons who came to the US colonies
  • The Sheldon Family Association traces its database based on his work

The Sheldon Family Association traces its database back to the initial work of the Rev. Henry Olcott Sheldon. His seminal work has over the many years been elaborated on, yet his initial findings were very prophetic.  He detailed for us the earliest of Sheldons who came to the colonies during very turbulent times in England.  He traced the movement of pioneer Sheldons westward as the colonies formed to be a country and expanded into what we now call the Midwest. He even spent energy trying to specifically ascertain where our English roots lay. That endeavor was not successful, but it pointed to the calling the Sheldon Family Association still pursues today.  “Where did we come from?”

More about Henry Olcott Sheldon

E. Mark Sheldon  S9759x71


  • Born in Colorado Springs, CO in 1919
  • Died in 2008 at the age of 89
  • Great-great grandson of Rev. Henry Olcott Sheldon
  • Brought the SFA into the computer age and was awarded special recognition by the Federation of Genealogical Societies for his efforts in computerizing and categorizing SFA genealogical records.

Like his great-great-grandfather, we honor Mark Sheldon for his tremendous contributions, moving the Sheldon Family Association forward. From data management to SFAQ publication and annual meetings…. virtually everything we do, he touched in some way. 

More about Edward Mark Sheldon

Recognized at the September 2021 board meeting, and added to the plaque:

Leland Locke Sheldon  S6770x41


  • Born in 1883 in Monroe, NY
  • Died 1982 in Charlotte, NC

His nephew Clinton Bayard Sheldon described him as a generous and kind person, always concerned about his fellow man.

  • He served as a genealogist for the Sheldon Family Association and was the one to discover a number of libraries and Sheldon cousins that possessed the original Sheldon Magazines published by Henry Olcott Sheldon.
  • He was the one who started the transcribing of that information onto the “SFA cards.”  His efforts also included reprinting the Sheldon Magazines.

It is upon his shoulders that a long list of genealogists and researchers followed. They expanded and improved his efforts and began the process of digitizing the “SFA cards.”


Rose Marie Sheldon Newton  S4479x851

President & Editor

  • Born 1938 in Telluride, CO, in 1938
  • Passed away in 2017 while living in Fort Wayne, IN.
  • Became President of the Association in 1986, serving in that role for ten years
  • Was the SFAQ editor from about 2001 to 2011, where she transformed it from a letter to members to research quarterly.
  • Served as the SFA genealogist from 2004 to 2014

Rose was a critical part of setting up the trip to England in 1993.  She was an excellent researcher and a prolific writer. Ultimately, she became the guardian of many Sheldon records. Concurrently, she was an active member of the Allen County Public Library. Genealogy ran deep in her soul. Consequently, all the Sheldon records she possessed and collected over the years were given to the ACPL in 2014 for preservation with more given after she passed. 


  • Both individuals typify a spirit of selflessness, sharing, and collaboration
  • Their view was not one of mine but ours and yours
  • They constantly yearned for improvement, were forward-thinking, and were cutting edge.
  • For their contributions and the passion they embodied, we honor them on the SFA Memorial Plaque.
  • May we strive, emulate, and achieve as much success as they did.