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The Sheldon Family Association (SFA) encourages research and the collection of data that may contribute to the greater understanding of the extended SHELDON family. After careful consideration of such works, SFA may choose to publish selected materials and to make them available to its members. As it is not possible for SFA to verify the accuracy of the content or opinion, the reader should understand that SFA in no way implies blanket verification and certification of these publications.  However, even documents where some information has been proven incorrect, may contain valuable content so we continue to make them available.

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Numbering System for Sheldon Publications

A numbering system has been developed for our SFA publications which provides additional information on the content of the publications. The numbering system begins with an alpha letter for the name of one of the 4 original Sheldon progenitors. (There are no publications available on Richard because, so little is known about him.) The alpha designations are: I = Isaac; G = Godfrey; J8 = John 8, J13 = John 13 and SFA is a designation for a publication of general interest to all SFA members. Then follows a hyphen (-) and a three digit number. Two sequences of number are used: 100 and 200.The 100 series indicates publications about the actual Sheldon progenitor. The 200 series indicates publications about a relative or descendant of the progenitor. Thus, the designation “I-101”, titled S5 Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, CT is, surprisingly, about S5 Isaac Sheldon. The publication designated “SFA- 201” is titled Sheldon Places, which is the late Rose Sheldon Newton’s paper about Sheldon people and places in the United States. This system gives additional information on the main subject of the publication and whether or not it is specifically about a founding Sheldon or his relatives.rec

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