Introduction to Annual Reports, Meeting Reports, Newsletters and Quarterly Newsletters

Reproductions of SFA Annual Reports and Meeting Reports from 1949 to 1986 are available, as well as reproductions of Sheldon Family Association Newsletters and Quarterlies from 1949 to 2017.

The Sheldon Family Association documents have been saved as PDF files. Some PDF files contain text (often those created by word processors or desktop publishing software) and are searchable by any PDF reader. Other PDF files (typically created by scanners) contain only images of the text, so the content is not readily found when doing word searches. Some PDF readers have built-in OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities to make files searchable. If the PDF file is searchable, it may be more valuable for researchers. Instead of needing to read every page, a researcher can search for a word in the file and it will likely be found.

Click on the date to access each Sheldon Family Association Quarterly issue: