The 2018 SFA Reunion is coming and plans are being made for it to be an event!  SFA members voted for the topics to be presented by three talented speakers.  The Reunion will be from September 30 to October 4. The location is Salt Lake City, Utah.  Mark your calendars and call the hotel to make a reservation.  Call the Plaza Hotel at 801-521-0130 or 800-366-3684.  Please mention you are part of SFA.  Call TODAY!!!
Members have asked about making donations to the Allen County Public Library.  Any gifts, whether they are one-time gifts or designations within a trust/will, should be given to the ACPL Foundation and specify that the gift is restricted for support of the Genealogy Center.  The ACPL Foundation is a separate 501(c)3.  For further help call Stephanny Smith at 260-421-1265 or go to
If you are 70.5 years old, or older, and need to make Required Minimum Distributions from your retirement program, check with your accountant about making a tax-free donation directly from your retirement account to your favorite 501(c)3 charity organization. is a commonly used free search program.  A new version of the program has been developed and the old version will be “retired soon.”  The new program claims to support new devices and includes many video tutorials. 
An hour well spent!  Amy Johnson Crow and Kurt Witcher give many useable suggestions and examples of how to organize and save your research and memorabilia for the next generation. 
Sheldon photos were found in an album at a flea market and were sent to Rose Newton for the SFA.   Are these people your family members?  The photos will be scanned and posted on the SFA website.  To claim, contact Bob Halstead at .

From:  Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D.

Have you noticed the circled X’s that appear on the 1940 US Federal Census?  What do they mean?
(Answer at the bottom of these Tidbits….)

Check your calendars.  Get a pen (not a pencil).  Write, in ink, the 2018 SFA Reunion in Salt Lake City from September 30 to October 4.  To make a hotel reservation, call the Plaza Hotel at 801-521-0130 or 800-366-3684.  Please mention you are part of SFA. 

MORE pictures that could be of your family…….Please check the photos posted on the SFA website.

From:  Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D., Interim President
It's now officially summer….
Let us start with good news…..
1. The Board has asked the ACPL to create a link on its website to the Sheldon Family Association’s website for access to past SFA Quarterlies.  The library has agreed to do this.
2.  A member of SFA has contacted me willing to help our association.  I hope to hear from more of you!!!
3.  Do you know the average temperatures in September and October in Salt Lake City?
The high in September is 79 and the low is 58.  The high in October is 66 and low is 48. 
This weather information is an encouragement to make plans to attend our 2018 SFA Reunion. 
To make a hotel reservation, call the Plaza Hotel at 801-521-0130 or 800-366-3684.  Please mention you are part of SFA.   A registration form was found in our last SFA Quarterly and is on our website. 
Registration Form

4.  This is your Utah trivia opportunity, 
                a.  Utah is known as the ____________State.
                b.  What is the one-word state motto?
                C.  What kind of material is sculpted in Park City’s annual sculpture contest?

From:  Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D.
             or 916-944-3553

August 2018
In the morning, I often scan a page in USA TODAY titled State-by-State. I enjoy reading tidbits of what is happening around our nation.  In the July 26, 2018 issue, the page included an article titled “Project will digitize, preserve slave deeds.”  In North Carolina, $300,000.00 was given to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to fund the expansion of a project to digitize nearly 10,000 slave deeds and bills of sale from 26 counties across the state.  Once digitized, the records will go into a searchable database accessible to the public.  This is a massive and complicated project and will be modeled after a slave deeds project started in 2012.  Speaking of records…..the SFA Reunion this year will be in Salt Lake City, from September 30-October 4. Salt Lake City is a world-recognized source of genealogical records.
The group rate for the Plaza Hotel ends on August 30.  
Call the hotel at 800-366-3684 or 801-521-0130 

Multi-state Trivia.

  1. What big river’s name means “big river”?
  2. What mighty river begins at Point Park in Pittsburgh?
  3. What eastern metropolis is situated on the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers?
  4. What river, famous in a Stephen Foster song, originates in the Okefenokee Swamp?
  5. In the 1960s the US and Mexico built an artificial riverbed to prevent what river from shifting course?
  6. John Wesley Powell, who explored the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon in the 1860s, had what notable handicap?

From:  Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D.
             or 916-944-3553

We are on the countdown to our 2018 SFA Reunion!  It is happening September 30 – October 5, 2018.  I am looking forward to meeting other SFA members and this research opportunity!  I have been trying to get my research items organized and copied (I don’t take originals anywhere).   I have put two pesky missing female members as my priority research but I do have other Sheldons and Sheldens to research as time permits.  

To make a hotel reservation at the Plaza Hotel call (800) 366-3684 or (801) 521-0130. 

Send in your registration form and payment by September 15 to: 
Alberta Dunn
18 Oak St
Geneseo, NY 14454.

You can contact Alberta by email a   

More About William Sheldon
Sheldon (born 1898) was a watcher of people who took his observations and formed a theory about them.  He published a system of classifying people based on their body types in two documents:  The Varieties of Human Physique (1940) and The Varieties of Temperament (1942).

From:  Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D.  ()

The 2018 SFA Reunion in Salt Lake City was really special!  Highlights include meeting several new members; agreeing to hire a website firm; two members volunteering to be SFA Directors-at-Large; passing revised by-laws, and voting that St. Louis will be the site of the 2019 SFA Reunion.  The lobby of the Family History Library had fun technology-based activities!  Using a magnetic iPad, members enjoyed using their family trees to find related US Presidents and even related famous entertainers. 

Dues Alert!  August was the month for SFA members to renew yearly memberships.  If you are not a Lifetime Member, please use our website to pay by credit card, or mail a check for $15.00 to Sue Sheldon, Treasurer at PO Box 1575, Shelton, WA 98584.

Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D.

I wrote it down. Yes, I did. The date was October 14. My husband and I went to Kohl’s Department Store and there it was. It was a Christmas tree spinning with twinkling lights and playing Christmas music. (Our granddaughter thinks that if you leave your Christmas lights up all year you are always ready for next Christmas.) It seems the Christmas season has started.

I recently found some video cassettes in my father’s estate. Originally taken with 8mm film, these video cassettes are early memories of our son and nieces. Well, my “genealogy” gift this year to my son is going to be a DVD. Technology has changed in his lifetime! I am off to Costco to get this project done. Next year my genealogy gift will be to figure out what to do with the hundreds of my father’s 35mm slides….