Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D.

I wrote it down. Yes, I did. The date was October 14. My husband and I went to Kohl’s Department Store and there it was. It was a Christmas tree spinning with twinkling lights and playing Christmas music. (Our granddaughter thinks that if you leave your Christmas lights up all year you are always ready for next Christmas.) It seems the Christmas season has started.

I recently found some video cassettes in my father’s estate. Originally taken with 8mm film, these video cassettes are early memories of our son and nieces. Well, my “genealogy” gift this year to my son is going to be a DVD. Technology has changed in his lifetime! I am off to Costco to get this project done. Next year my genealogy gift will be to figure out what to do with the hundreds of my father’s 35mm slides….

Recent issues of President’s Tidbits have featured photos of unknown Sheldons from the estate of Rose Newton Wallace. Now please go to the website, and look at some Sheldon photo albums. Our website is currently being updated and revised so these photos need to be reviewed immediately. Go to the website,; go to Very Useful Information about Sheldon Genealogy; then to Sheldon Family Connections; and then to Vermont Photo Album. Don’t put this off or you may be too late.

Ann S. Muffley, found a photo album at a yard sale in Vermont containing many Sheldon photos. Most of the photos are identified with a name and, in some instances, the relationship to others. In addition to the Sheldon name, other photos are identified with the family names of Babbit, Cross, Davis, Fay, Pratt, and Springer. The most recent pictures are dated 1944 and 1945.

Two more albums have been found possibly of the same people. Elsie Sheldon and her sister Georgia Carpenter, taken in Daytona Beach, Florida…1947 is a date on one photo. The other album has photos of Frank Sheldon and Elsie Sheldon and the couple sitting named as Mary and David Sheldon, Frank’s mother and father. Another photo is May Sheldon’s first deer in 1942, and numerous other Springer/Sheldon photos plus Anna Stone, 1960, Aunt Roxy in her 90th year, and Roxanna Knight Cross, sister to Mary Knight Sheldon.” A notation on the front of the photo states “Roxanna Cross, Fred Cross’ mother.

Our website has a huge number of names and pictures so check it out immediately!!!!!

Facebook is a great place to share information, collaborate with other researchers, learn a trick or two.

Facebook Groups are created for the purpose of collaboration between members of the group. Groups can be a Secret Group, where no one can even see the group name but the members and past members, Closed Groups are ones where the name and purpose can be seen by all, but members and posts only by the members of the group and Public Groups where membership and posts may be seen by anyone. To become a member of a group you need to request membership and be approved. Many of us still use Message Boards like the one through RootsWeb/, think of Facebook Groups like a message board where you can post messages and others can reply to it. Societies quite often make their groups "closed" for privacy reasons, because postings often have names and dates in them.

Facebook Pages, on the other hand, are created to be used for announcements by the entity who created it, sort of like a newspaper ad. Only the Administrator can post an item on a Page. Even though Facebookers can make comments under a posting or send a message to the administrator, it is not the intent of a Page to foster discussion. Anyone may "Like" a page and everyone can see the postings.

Many societies have both a Group and a Page, one for discussion and one for announcements. Sharing events or helpful information can be posted to both places. Anyone may start a group or create a page, which explains the numerous Sheldon Groups and Pages on Facebook.

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When the updated and revised SFA website is completed, it is hoped that past newsletters and Quarterlies saved as PDF files will be word searchable using OCR (optical character recognition). This will be very helpful for researchers. More information will be shared later.

In the February 1988 issue, Vol. 2, No. 2, of the Sheldon Family Association—Newsletter, this article appeared on page 63.

To preserve news clippings, dissolve a Milk of Magnesia tablet in one quart of Club Soda overnight. Pour in Pyrex casserole or container large enough to hold the clipping. Soak one hour. Pat dry. Will make clippings last over 200 years. From the Prairie Gleaner, pg 100, Sept. 1984.

All of the SFA publications on our new website will be sold as “downloadable.” As the new SFA website is being developed, there are a few of our publications that for a variety of reasons will not be listed due to reasons such as weight, postage costs, and limited availability. Listed below are these publications. Please carefully review the list.

Contact Wayne Nelson for availability and/or further information at

John Sheldon of Providence (and Records of His Descendants) by Keith M. Sheldon. 932 Pages. 3 copies. Includes information of 13 generations of descendants. $50.00 including postage.

Beginning Along Ye Great River by Marie Sheldon Hine. 105 pages. 3 copies. A combination history/genealogy book written as a legacy for her family and future generations to come. In the Preface, Marie writes “From the great Puritan emigration 1629 to 1640 to the end of the Revolution in 1783, a period of a little over a century and a half, the story of our founding years is an incredible testimony to the courageous feats of men and women whose commitment to family, God, and country astounded the world.” $25.00 including postage.

Rose Sheldon Newton Wallace prepared several CD’s or DVD’s that are available:
Wills and Records S0080 Isaac Sheldon – Will; S0307 Joseph – Will; S0903 Susanna – Birth; S0908 Lydia – Birth. $10.00 including postage.

13 John, 23 John Will, Original and Transcription Real Estate Inventory, RI Timeline, Herodias Articles, SFA Progenitors Time Line, Analysis of Shirley Sheldon Rider. $10.00 including postage. 13 copies.

Sheldon Graves Moved to Steventown Burying Yard Sometime before 1956, a number of graves were moved from the Sheldon Farm to the Steventown Burying Yard including S2702, S2756, S307, S309, S904, S911 and S913. Also included is the Will of S307 Joseph Sheldon and a story of the removal. $10.00 including postage. 12 copies.