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The 2018 SFA Reunion in Salt Lake City was really special!  Highlights include meeting several new members; agreeing to hire a website firm; two members volunteering to be SFA Directors-at-Large; passing revised by-laws, and voting that St. Louis will be the site of the 2019 SFA Reunion.  The lobby of the Family History Library had fun technology-based activities!  Using a magnetic iPad, members enjoyed using their family trees to find related US Presidents and even related famous entertainers. 

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A Small Town Memory:  In my mother’s later years, while Perry and I were traveling, I would collect local newspapers and local magazines from small towns.  My mother looked forward to reading them.  I have continued collecting them and have now found myself reading them.  At the end of August, I had the opportunity to go to Walla Walla, Washington, to do some Shelden research.  Along the way, we stopped in Ellensburg, and I picked up the local magazine Kittitas Valley Living.  An article titled “A Place to Rest” was written by Monica Mersinger for the Daily Record.  According to the author, many local residents remember the Ladies Lounge which provided a respite for women in downtown Ellensburg for decades.  In 1948, several women discussed the need of rural women for a place downtown.  The women came to town weekly and needed a clean and safe place to wait with their children along with a place to change diapers, use the restroom, and make telephone calls. 
The lounge had comfortable furniture and potted plants.  It also had air conditioning which businesses commonly did not have as it was a luxury.  Men were allowed limited use of the Ladies Lounge.  Men in wheelchairs found the lounge had better restroom access.  When it was very cold, men waiting for rides were invited inside to stay warm.
The lounge was funded by local service clubs and fundraisers. The local newspaper company provided free newspapers, the local telephone company provided free telephone service, and the local garbage company provided free garbage service.  The Ladies Lounge served the community from 1948-2002.

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Below is the final listing of pictures from Rose Newton’s files.  See the SFA webpage for full viewing….and thanks again to Bob Halstead for being our faithful webmaster.
A small memo book (about 4-6) titled “Notes on Family History” by Edith Ural Sheldon , 7901-4.
The entries begin with David Sheldon b. 1756, died 1832, and married Sarah Harmon, who  d. 1829.
Many entries about family in Rupert, Vt. with names, dates and details.  Includes a short autobiography.
“I was born in Mankato, Minn, Aug. 30, 1882.  My parents were Edgar Jay Sheldon (d. 1915) and Mary Augusta (Sheldon) (d.1900).   Three grandparents were Sheldons, Julius Sheldon, his wife Harriet Sheldon, and Simeon Sheldon.”
Contents of envelopes  labeled “Kirk Sheldon Family” and “Edgar Jay Sheldon”
Brothers of Corinne Sheldon Oliver: 
Uncle Kirk Sheldon b. 1-28-1843, d. 11-5-1913, m. Samantha Charlton, children Kirk M. Sheldon & Corinne
John B. Sheldon b. 12-14-1844 in Rupert, Vt., d. 12-16-1888 in Ouray, Colorado
Seth Sheldon b. 11-20-1838 in Rupert, Vt., d. 2-10-1892 in Tecumeh, Mich, m. Ella Stark
John Phelps, Aunt Sarah’s son
Uncle Kirk Sheldon of Portland
Edith Sheldon
Uncle Edgar Sheldon and Uncle Kirk Sheldon
Edgar Jay Sheldon b. 6-3-1832 in Rupert, Vt., d. 12-21-1915 in Pomona, CA, m. Mary Sheldon, daughter Edith May
Uncle Edgar Sheldon and Cousin Edith (taken in Mankato, Minn.)
Edith Sheldon (taken in Mankato, Minn.)

A Cemetery Story:  After our trip to Walla Walla, WA, I continued to be in contact with the clerk of Mountain View Cemetery.  My husband Perry and I walked and walked and walked and found all the Shelden family members except for Andrew J. Shelden, uncle of my dear Grandpa George Shelden.  I was thinking Andrew might not have a stone and I was willing to purchase one.  I asked the clerk if she could verify Andrew's location and if there was a stone.  She and a crew member went out and found that he has a stone.  I now have a picture of the stone and my husband Perry helped me put the picture on As a special thanks, I sent a box of See's Candies to the cemetery folks.  I suspect many SFA members have some special cemetery stories too.

Welcome to our new SFA Directors-at-Large Michael Sheldon and Duane Booth!