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We are on the countdown to our 2018 SFA Reunion!  It is happening September 30 – October 5, 2018.  I am looking forward to meeting other SFA members and this research opportunity!  I have been trying to get my research items organized and copied (I don’t take originals anywhere).   I have put two pesky missing female members as my priority research but I do have other Sheldons and Sheldens to research as time permits.  

To make a hotel reservation at the Plaza Hotel call (800) 366-3684 or (801) 521-0130. 

Send in your registration form and payment by September 15 to: 
Alberta Dunn
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More About William Sheldon
Sheldon (born 1898) was a watcher of people who took his observations and formed a theory about them.  He published a system of classifying people based on their body types in two documents:  The Varieties of Human Physique (1940) and The Varieties of Temperament (1942).

 According to Sheldon, the ectomorph was a thin, introverted person with poor social skills. These people had a body with narrow hips, shoulders and face along with skinny arms and legs and a high forehead.  These people were socially awkward, introverted and private along with being artistic and thoughtful.

The opposite, the endomorph had a rounder body and more relaxed personality.  These people had a pear-shaped or round body with high body fat in all areas including arms and thighs but slim ankles and wrists.  Sheldon thought endomorphic people were outgoing, funny, loving, laid-back and attention-seeking.  They also enjoy food, people and affection.

The third body type, according to Sheldon, was the mesomorph or muscular. This type does not store fat but is lean and muscular.  This body type is a natural athlete inclined to physical adventure along with being assertive, courageous and dominate.

Sheldon found fairly high correlations between body-type and temperament but he was criticized for doing both the body-typing and the interviews that formed the basis of his assessments.  More orthodox research methods produced vastly different correlation results.  Today, the idea that you can look at someone’s physique and gain insight into the person’s temperament is widely viewed as quackery.

Below is another listing of pictures from Rose Newton’s files.  See the SFA webpage for full viewing….and thanks again to Bob Halstead for being our faithful webmaster.

A small memo book (about 4-6) titled “Notes on Family History” by Edith Ural Sheldon, 7901-4.
The entries begin with David Sheldon b. 1756, died 1832 and married Sarah Harmon, who d. 1829.
Many entries about a family in Rupert, Vt. with names, dates, and details.  Includes a short autobiography.
“I was born in Mankato, Minn, Aug. 30, 1882.  My parents were Edgar Jay Sheldon (d. 1915) and Mary Augusta (Sheldon) (d.1900).   Three grandparents were Sheldons, Julius Sheldon, his wife Harriet Sheldon, and Simeon Sheldon.”

Contents of an envelope  labeled “Kirk Sheldon Family” and  one labeled “Edgar Jay Sheldon”
Brothers of Corinne Sheldon Oliver: 
Uncle Kirk Sheldon b. 1-28-1843, d. 11-5-1913, m. Samantha Charlton, children Kirk M. Sheldon & Corinne
John B. Sheldon b. 12-14-1844 in Rupert, Vt., d. 12-16-1888 in Ouray, Colorado
Seth Sheldon b. 11-20-1838 in Rupert, Vt., d. 2-10-1892 in Tecumseh, Mich, m. Ella Stark
John Phelps, Aunt Sarah’s son
Uncle Kirk Sheldon of Portland
Edith Sheldon
Uncle Edgar Sheldon and Uncle Kirk Sheldon
Edgar Jay Sheldon b. 6-3-1832 in Rupert, Vt., d. 12-21-1915 in Pomona, CA, m. Mary Sheldon, daughter Edith May
Uncle Edgar Sheldon and Cousin Edith (taken in Mankato, Minn.)
Edith Sheldon (taken in Mankato, Minn.)

The SFA By-laws require the election of officers at the Reunion in Salt Lake City.  (I hope you have returned your ballot to our secretary Judy Sheldon using US Mail.)  To be blunt, after months sharing the need for leaders of this association, I have heard from two “possibly interested” members.  Yes, this is extremely serious and very disheartening!  I have checked my telephone to see that it still works, and I check my emails usually several times a day.  The election of officers is critical for the continuation of the Sheldon Family Association! The current board is greatly concerned after trying to keep the association going with a limited board and trying to provide vital leadership.  I suspect, in all likelihood, that you are aware of other groups, such as fraternal organizations, professional associations, and social groups that are also experiencing similar problems with leadership.  However, this acknowledgment is insufficient.  If we want this association to continue, we need an action plan.  We need to determine who and how and what responses will be made.  It is time to contact me regarding your participation in SFA leadership.  Please give me a call at 916-944-3553, or contact me at  

And More:
While preparing a box of Rose’s items to take to Salt Lake, I found a few more pictures.  I will have these pictures and other miscellaneous Sheldon items from Rose’s estate in Salt Lake.
A portrait of Aunt Maria Sheldon taken at Coules Palace Studio in Los Angeles, CA

A portrait of Great Great  Grandmother Rhoda Pomery Sheldon- enlarged Christmas 1886, 85 years of age.  Born in 1785.  Grave in Rutland. Taken by Buchtel Studio in East Portland, OR
The photo was taken July 4, 1928 or 1918 with Maude Oliver, Lillie Stevens, Mother Oliver, Father Oliver, Uncle Stephen Oliver.

Looking forward to the Salt Lake City Sheldon Family Reunion…..
Ya coming?  Huh? Are ya?  Huh?  Are Ya?