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August 2018
In the morning, I often scan a page in USA TODAY titled State-by-State. I enjoy reading tidbits of what is happening around our nation.  In the July 26, 2018 issue, the page included an article titled “Project will digitize, preserve slave deeds.”  In North Carolina, $300,000.00 was given to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to fund the expansion of a project to digitize nearly 10,000 slave deeds and bills of sale from 26 counties across the state.  Once digitized, the records will go into a searchable database accessible to the public.  This is a massive and complicated project and will be modeled after a slave deeds project started in 2012.  Speaking of records…..the SFA Reunion this year will be in Salt Lake City, from September 30-October 4. Salt Lake City is a world-recognized source of genealogical records.
The group rate for the Plaza Hotel ends on August 30.  
Call the hotel at 800-366-3684 or 801-521-0130 

Multi-state Trivia.

  1. What big river’s name means “big river”?
  2. What mighty river begins at Point Park in Pittsburgh?
  3. What eastern metropolis is situated on the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers?
  4. What river, famous in a Stephen Foster song, originates in the Okefenokee Swamp?
  5. In the 1960s the US and Mexico built an artificial riverbed to prevent what river from shifting course?
  6. John Wesley Powell, who explored the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon in the 1860s, had what notable handicap?

At the end of May, I had cataract surgery on my left eye.  At the end of July, I had surgery on my right eye.  Before I agreed to have these procedures, I met with my doctors, viewed videos, read pamphlets and asked many questions.  I wanted to look at the risks and benefits.  My outcomes have been profoundly wonderful!  I want to encourage all members to do give serious consideration to providing much-needed leadership to SFA.  If you have questions as a result of your ponderings, please contact me. 

More Family Photos from Rose Newton’s Files.  See SFA webpage for full viewing.
Contents of an envelope labeled “Sheldon Phelps Smith.”
Correspondence, obituary (1966), and dedication information about memorial building at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.
Contents of envelope labeled “Simeon Sheldon Family”
Portrait of 4 women taken in Los Angeles, CA

Who Was William Sheldon?
The answer is William Sheldon was an early American psychologist born in 1898.  He was “a people watcher” who took his observations and formed a theory about them.   More information will be in the next President’s Tidbits.  Here is a parting hint …. Can we judge people based on appearances?

Multi-state Trivia Answers

  1. The Mississippi’s
  2. The Ohio, where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers converge.
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. The Swanee
  5. The Rio Grande
  6. He was one-armed, which makes his strenuous explorations all the more remarkable.

(excerpted from The Big book of American Trivia by J. Stephen Lang, 1997)

AND….. No, I will not be driving a Studebaker to Salt Lake City in September.

Last minute addition:
.... a request from Col. Ron Barnes of the Pawtuxet Ranger group of Pawtuxet/Cranston/Warwick. They are going to be doing some type of rededication at the Capt. Philip Sheldon Cemetery Lot in Cranston, Rhode Island. He has contacted me asking if the SFA would like to participate in the ceremony?
Ron can be contacted at:  

Alert! Alert! Coming Soon!
After months of work on our Articles of Incorporation and months of work on our Bylaws, the Board of Directors has finished proposals for revising both items!  Both of these items used our old documents and the responses from our legal counsel along with lengthy detailed discussions.  
All SFA members will be given the opportunity to vote on both of these important proposals.  Members with email addresses will be receiving electronic summaries and ballots and the opportunity to vote by returning their ballots by US Mail.  Members without email will receive paper summaries and the opportunity to return their ballots by return US Mail.
Complete copies of both of these documents will be posted on the SFA website.  All members are encouraged to take the time to study these proposed documents and then vote by the stated deadline.
In addition, SFA members will be receiving a ballot to elect new officers. It is important to respond by voting by the stated deadline.  (To be compliant with Maine regulations, we must use US Mail to return the ballots.)