From:  Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D., Interim President
It's now officially summer….
Let us start with good news…..
1. The Board has asked the ACPL to create a link on its website to the Sheldon Family Association’s website for access to past SFA Quarterlies.  The library has agreed to do this.
2.  A member of SFA has contacted me willing to help our association.  I hope to hear from more of you!!!
3.  Do you know the average temperatures in September and October in Salt Lake City?
The high in September is 79 and the low is 58.  The high in October is 66 and low is 48. 
This weather information is an encouragement to make plans to attend our 2018 SFA Reunion. 
To make a hotel reservation, call the Plaza Hotel at 801-521-0130 or 800-366-3684.  Please mention you are part of SFA.   A registration form was found in our last SFA Quarterly and is on our website. 
Registration Form

4.  This is your Utah trivia opportunity, 
                a.  Utah is known as the ____________State.
                b.  What is the one-word state motto?
                C.  What kind of material is sculpted in Park City’s annual sculpture contest?

Contents of an envelope addressed to J.C. Hais in Claremont, CA, labeled “Aunt Louise Sheldon Saxton.”  These pictures could be of your family…….Please check the photos posted on the SFA website.

Grandmother Lois Eastman (Sheldon) B. 9-18-1806 Rupert, Vt.: Died 2-23-1893 Rock Falls, Ill.: Married 2-24-31 Simeon Sheldon, Rupert, Vt.
Aunt Louise Saxton (taken in Sterling, IL)
Louise K. Sheldon B. 10-6-1846 Rupert, Vt.:  Died 6-6-1936:  Married 6-3-1874 Constantine, Mich. to Charles Saxton.

Contents of an envelope addressed to Mr. Jay C. Oliver in Claremont, CA,  labeled  “Aunt Sarah–Sheldon-Phelps.”  These pictures could be of your family…….Please check the photos posted on the SFA website.

Mother Olivia, Aunt Maria Sheldon, Aunt Sarah Phelps at Garlinghouse house in So. Pasadena
Aunt Sarah Sheldon Phelps, mother Olivia’s sister
John and Grace Phelps (cousins)
John & Louise Phelps (children of Albert & Sarah Sheldon Phelps)

Trivia answers:  a. Beehive State, b. “Industry,” c. snow. 
PLEASE Contact ME at   or 916-944-3553