From:  Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D.

Have you noticed the circled X’s that appear on the 1940 US Federal Census?  What do they mean?
(Answer at the bottom of these Tidbits….)

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Below are the contents of an envelope addressed to Mrs. Lewis C. Hylbert in Upland, Calif.
-Cousin Burt Garlinghouse, Cousin Corinne Sheldon (Garlinghouse )
-Corinne L Sheldon – Garlinghouse, Aunt Maria Sheldon’s daughter
-Uncle Edgar, Aunt Maria, Aunt  Sarah, Aunt Louise,  Obituary for Fred Sheldon (son of Moses and Flora)
-Aunt Maria Sheldon, Aunt Louise Saxton, Aunt Sarah Phelps, Uncle Edgar Sheldon, Uncle Kirk Sheldon
-Family photos taken at Corrine’s home on Catalina Street, Los Angeles, CA
 -Earl Sheldon, Aunt Maria’s son, Spokane, WA,  Grandma Sheldon,  J. Haynes (Sterling, Ill.)
-Aunt Maria C. Sheldon b. 12-29-1833, Rupert, Vt.: Died 8-17-1922 So. Pasadena, CA: Married 9-17-1857 to Harry Sheldon

An article in my local newspaper focused on the historic symbolism in Sacramento’s Old City Cemetery.  This cemetery began in 1849, and was originally located on 10 acres of the highest ground to protect it from floods.  There are few remaining iron fences as many were removed and salvaged during WWII.  There are many headstones with small lamb carvings likely showing a child had died. (One family has six such stones for children lost to typhus.) Goddess statues generally represent one of the seven virtues and a goddess holding a wreath represents an exemplary life.  A headstone depicting a branchless tree trunk was one of many available through Sears, Roebuck & Company catalogue.  I knew Sears sold complete do-it-yourself house kits with various floor plans (they are now very collectible) and now have learned Sears sold headstones.  Have you taken a close look at your family headstones for symbolism?

An update from Curt Witcher: Thus far, scans have been made on over 7,500 information cards—22.4 gigabytes of data.  He hopes to be able to post these scans on the library’s website later this year.
There are four MAIN BONES in every organization:
The WISHBONES wish somebody would do something about the problem.
The JAWBONES do all the talking, but very little else.
The KNUCKLEBONES sit back and knock everything.
The BACKBONES carry the brunt of the load and do the most work.
Which BONE are you?                (author unknown)

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Answer:  The circled X’s that appear on the 1940 US Federal Census at first seem to be next to head of the household.  However, this is not always true.  The circled X’s actually represent the name of the person who furnished the information.