The 2018 SFA Reunion is coming and plans are being made for it to be an event!  SFA members voted for the topics to be presented by three talented speakers.  The Reunion will be from September 30 to October 4. The location is Salt Lake City, Utah.  Mark your calendars and call the hotel to make a reservation.  Call the Plaza Hotel at 801-521-0130 or 800-366-3684.  Please mention you are part of SFA.  Call TODAY!!!
Members have asked about making donations to the Allen County Public Library.  Any gifts, whether they are one-time gifts or designations within a trust/will, should be given to the ACPL Foundation and specify that the gift is restricted for support of the Genealogy Center.  The ACPL Foundation is a separate 501(c)3.  For further help call Stephanny Smith at 260-421-1265 or go to
If you are 70.5 years old, or older, and need to make Required Minimum Distributions from your retirement program, check with your accountant about making a tax-free donation directly from your retirement account to your favorite 501(c)3 charity organization. is a commonly used free search program.  A new version of the program has been developed and the old version will be “retired soon.”  The new program claims to support new devices and includes many video tutorials. 
An hour well spent!  Amy Johnson Crow and Kurt Witcher give many useable suggestions and examples of how to organize and save your research and memorabilia for the next generation. 
Sheldon photos were found in an album at a flea market and were sent to Rose Newton for the SFA.   Are these people your family members?  The photos will be scanned and posted on the SFA website.  To claim, contact Bob Halstead at .

May Sheldon – daughter of Mill  in Sioux Fall, SD
Mrs. Etta Herick
Several photos taken by A.T. Segrud in Canton, SD
Anna Dunn taken by S.J. Fugle in Hudson, SD
Laurance taken by H. Sterbo in Lennox, SD
G. Mother Dunn taken by S.J. Fugle in Hudson, SD
H.B. Sheldon taken by H. Saterbo in Canton, SD
Aunt Clara, 1899, Eldorado Springs, MO
Topsy 1894 taken in St. Paul, Minn
Olive taken by Wilkinson in Lennox, SD
H.B. Sheldon taken by H. Saterbo in Canton, SD
Olive Sheldon DeWitt taken by J. Varney of LaCrosse, WI
Other unlabeled photos were taken in St. Cloud, Minn, Mason City, Iowa, and Hudson, S.D.
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Betty Shelden Knopf, President
Sheldon Family Association