June 2019 President’s Tidbits
Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D.

June and American History:
1781 Jack Jouett warns Thomas Jefferson that the British are coming.
1789 In the House of Representatives, James Madison introduces proposed amendments to the Constitution that eventually become the Bill of Rights.
1835 P.T. Barnum and his circus being their first U.S. tour.
1886 Grover Cleveland becomes the only president to be married in the White House when he weds Frances Folsom.
1897 The New York Journal quotes Mark Twain on rumors he had died: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”
1910 Father’s Day is celebrated for the first time in Spokane, Washington.
1924 Congress grants U.S. citizenship to American Indians.
1953 President Eisenhower signs legation creating the Interstate Highway System.
1956 A hip-shaking Elvis Presley sings his latest single, “Hound Dog,” on The Milton Berle Show.
1985 Route 66, stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles, ceases to be a U.S. highway, replaced largely by the Interstate Highway System.
1987 In West Berlin, Ronald Reagan challenges Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall!”
(Source: The American Patriot’s Almanac by W.J. Bennett and J. Cribb, 2010.)

‘Tis the season again. Yes, it is time to think about being involved in providing your leadership and talents to the Sheldon Family Association. This is a membership organization. Yes, members pay dues and yes, members provide leadership. Opportunities exist for committee members and leaders, along with officers and board members. This year, three new people have joined the SFA Board and made contributions. My thanks are extended to Duane Booth for his budget development; to Michael Sheldon for his recognition plaque development; and to Marvin Parsons for his website management. If you would like to discuss your skills and time to possibly contribute to SFA, please contact me at . Thank you pondering this opportunity to contribute your participation to SFA.

The SFA Reunion Is Coming!!!!
The 2019 Family History Conference of the National Genealogical Society was held in St Charles, MO, in May. There were nearly 80 Exhibitors ranging from local genealogical societies to Ancestry and Family Search available for all 4 days of the conference. Over 150 lecturers shared their area of expertise -everything from German handwriting to DNA analysis in 150 unique presentations. Next year the conference will be in Salt Lake City. I would encourage anyone seriously interested in genealogy to attend. There is always more to learn!

During breaks, I sought out people who had come from out of state and asked them their thoughts about St Charles. Everyone had nice things to say about the area, especially all the variety of restaurants and shopping available near the conference center. That was good news because the hotel for our SFA meeting is in the same general area of St Charles.

This May was the 250th anniversary of its founding (1769) of St Charles by Louis Blanchette. He was a French-Canadian fur trader and also the military and civil governor of the territory until 1793. The area was under the jurisdiction of the Spanish Government at the time, but the residents were a mix of Native Americans and French- Canadian trappers along with some drifters and adventurers. St. Charles passed from Spain back to France in 1800, and then to the US after the Louisiana Purchase. This was the last American town Lewis and Clark saw on their journey to the Pacific Ocean. Missouri’s first state capital was here until the government moved to Jefferson City in 1826. The original building is restored and open for tours in Main Street in St Charles. In the 1820s, emigration societies in St Charles encouraged German immigrants to come, comparing the Missouri River valley to the Rhine River valley. The legacy of the German influx is obvious in our thriving wine and beer industries.

St. Charles and St. Louis have long been a jumping off point for those heading west, first by trail, then by rail, and most recently by car. In 1956, construction of country’s first interstate highway began here. Today we can travel by train, car, or plane to the 2019 SFA Reunion.
Please make your hotel reservation today to attend the 2019 SFA Reunion. Check your latest issue of the Quarterly or on Sheldonfamily.org for a Reunion registration form.


In this space were to be the highlights of an article I read in Smithsonian, April 2019, titled “The Myth of Fingerprints.”. I asked for permission to share the highlights, gave information such as the expected number of readers and the purpose of the group. The response was there would be a $200 fee. I have responded that there will be no article in Tidbits.

My dogwood tree has finished blooming. My roses and calla lilies are fully engaged and I think it is time to declare winter is over! A special sign of summer for me is my “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” plant is blooming. (Its technical name is Brunfelsia.) Smiles from California.