From:  Betty Shelden Knopf, Ed.D., Interim President

The 2018 SFA Reunion is coming and plans are being made for it to be an event!  SFA members voted for the topics to be presented by three talented speakers.  The Reunion will be from September 30 to October 4. The location is Salt Lake City, Utah.  Mark your calendars and call the hotel to make a reservation.  Call the Plaza Hotel at 801-521-0130 or 800-366-3684.  Please mention you are part of SFA.  Call TODAY!!!

This is a “did you know?” Sheldon moment.  Did you know that Noritake produced a china pattern called Sheldon?  The Sheldon pattern was produced between 1957-1962.  It is described as having white flowers with an aqua rim on a coupe shape.  While it is discontinued, it is available at or by calling 1-800-757-5223.  A 5 piece place setting is priced at $37.99 and additional serving and replacement items are available.

Just the facts!  This is the famous statement from the old television series of Dragnet with Joe Friday  making this statement.  Well, here are some current SFA facts.  Since I became the SFA Interim  President, some offices and committees have gone unfilled.  Some leaders have taken on double jobs to keep the association running.  In the past few months I have shared with members the need for  leadership.  We have members who have given dedicated service for several years and now want to be replaced.  We have offices and committees that need to be filled.  We have a history of leadership by members who volunteer their time, talents, and energy.  Please give me a call at 916-944-3553, or  contract me at .  Leaders are imperative for the SFA to continue.

Thanks to Bob Halstead, more vintage photos have been posted on the SFA website:
*Contents of folder labeled “Sheldon and McNeil
*Envelope of Sheldon - several gravestone photos taken in W. Suffield, Conn. Including Oliver Sheldon d. 1820 and large marker of Isaac Sheldon.
*Correspondence of Jay and Lucile Oliver.
*Family research starting with Seth Pomeroy Sheldon b. 1838 in Rupert, Vt., d. 1892 in Tecumeh, Mich., m.  Ella Stark.
*Family research of the children of Helen Louise Sheldon McNeil and Charles Winslow McNeil.
*Contents of envelope from David B. Edwards (sent from N.J. to Rose Newton in 2014)
*Hardcopies of documents from Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey research including John W.  Feaster and Sara S. Sheldon in 1864 in N.J, and names such as Austin, Hampton, Pickett, and Applebee,
*Large photograph of a white two-story home labeled “Mother’s  girlhood home in Vermont.”

Recently I tried a new feature of  After putting in the name of a person, a list of further research information includes the choice of others with the same last name….this includes women with the maiden name.  I tried this with other family names and, yes, I think I have found a missing sister of my great-great grandfather, an amazing Civil War survivor.  More research ahead

Speaking of research, the newest edition of SFA Quarterly has many research tips to use for our Salt Lake City reunion. (SFAQ)  I have started my list of people, especially women, to do further research.  Who do you have on your list?