Have you ever wondered how many websites are dedicated to genealogy on the internet?  Cyndi's List has kept track of most of them.  You can see all the sites she has collected by category at:

Genealogy Categories at Cyndi's List

She has collected almost 337,000 websites dealing with genealogy.  In the United States alone there are over 166,000 websites.  You can click on the link above and pick a state and then on a link to see any site.  This might help you find a group or person close to your research needs.  Seeing this list makes our site look pretty small.  I hope we can help our Sheldon/Shelden families find their ancestors.

November 2018 updated.

Sheldon Family Association has a Facebook page.  It is listed along with other genealogy Facebook pages in a listing I found a few days ago.  I was amazed to learn there are over 32,000 facebook pages whoes focus is their families history.  It is humbling to see our site is not unique on Facebook.  You can look at them from the list attached below, along with the article.  Click on the two links below to read the article and the second is the entire list of facebook genealogy sites.

Genealogy on Facebook Article

List of Genealogy Facebook Groups and Pages

If you are searching for a relative this list might get you to the exact state and county that has the exact info you need.  Open the list above and click on a state name.  It will take you to the correct page and then look for the county or city name that you desire.


Director at Large

We have up to three vacant spots to be elected. Directors are members of the Board and have all the duties as described in all of Article 4. This is a great place to start participating in the SFA leadership.  Directors are asked to participate on committees.  This is a role where you can meet the leadership and co-Directors and learn about the issues and plan the future.  It is where most of the current leadership started.

If you have the interest you can reach out to me for answers but if you want to put your skin in the game then reach out to Wayne Nelson by sending an email to  

The other vacancies are appointed by the President and ratified by the Board (not elected).

Social Media Administrator

The Social Media Administrator is the focal point for SFA's social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  As the administrator of these private pages, they are asked to monitor the content and advise the Board on issues, concerns, questions, and trends.  They are an entry point for interested Sheldons to join SFA so they must work closely with the Membership and research arms of the Association.

Sound interesting let me know. 


There are a number of standing and Adhoc committees.  This is where the groundwork is done. Pick one that might interest you.  Research, Bylaws, Social Media, Sheldon Quarterly, Finance, Publications, Charitable status, ACPL Record Review.  Time is not huge but opinions and thoughts are.  They are an entry point for interested Sheldons to join and be an active family contributor.

Sound interesting let me know. 

To assume any of these roles you must a current member of the Association and you must keep your dues current while serving in the capacity



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