Allen County Public Library (ACPL) Links to SFA scans.

In 2015 the SFA gave ACPL our SFA Index Cards and Manila Folder Document Files to preserve them for us and any other researcher.  In 2018 ACPL recieved a final set of boxes from Rose Newton's estate.  The library has been diligently scanning our records to allow us to see them.  On Sept 7th 2019 we recieved notice they had opened the link to our Card File scans and some Folder scans.  This is no small chore as they have produced over 40,000 pictures of our collected data.  Can you imagine the work and time it took to scan and file all these pictures?  There is still many more folders to scan and put online.  They are struggling with our "Sheldon Numbering" and what is written on the cards and folders.  To see what they have accomplished so far, you can go to their site of Sheldon Family Resources and use their search engine.

You can also click on the Read more... button below and see a full list of what was scanned.  You can click on the left column number and see the Card Scan or on the Folder Link to see the folder that was collected for the Named person.   

ACPL CardsdLink ACPL Folder Linksnk Name SheldNo
  Godfrey Book Reprint Suggestions 1995 SHELDON, Godfrey S0004
4   SHELDON, Godfrey S0004
  S0004x4 Sheldon John SHELDON, John S0004x4
4X4   SHELDON, John S0004x4
4X5   SHELDON, Anne S0004x5
4X51   WALKER, Isaac S0004x51
4X52   WALKER, Ezekiel S0004x52
4X522   WALKER, Isaac S0004x522
4X6   SHELDON, Daughter (Sarah ?) S0004x6
4X61   ROBERTS/ROBARTS, Abraham S0004x61
4X613   ROBERTS/ROBARTS, Elizabeth S0004x613
4X6132   NURSE, Mary S0004x6132
4X616   ROBERTS, Abigail S0004x616
4X6165   EATON, James S0004x6165
4X61655   EATON, Jerusha S0004x61655
4X616551 BODGE, Sally S0004x616551
4X62   ROBERTS, David S0004x62
4X622   ROBERTS, David S0004x622
  S0004x622422 Roberts Joseph ROBERTS, Joseph S0004x622422
4X623   ROBERTS, Giles S0004x623
4X624   ROBERTS, Joanna S0004x624
4X6242   ALEXANDER, Peter S0004x6242
4X6245   ALEXANDER, Thomas S0004x6245
4X62454   ALEXANDER, Jabez S0004x62454
4X62454(10) ALEXANDER, Alvah S0004x62454{10}
4X62454(10)1 ALEXANDER, Phoebe Charlotte S0004x62454{10}1
4X62454(10)13 JOHNSON, Seymour Alfred S0004x62454{10}13
4X62454(10)134 JOHNSON, (Hila) Maxine S0004x62454{10}134
  S0013 Sheldon John Correspondence file SHELDON, John S0013
13   SHELDON, John S0013
  S0014 Sheldon William SHELDON, William S0014
14   SHELDON, William S0014
  S0023 Sheldon John SHELDON, John S0023
23   SHELDON, John S0023
29   SHELDON, John "Deacon" S0029
73   SHELDON, John S0073
75   SHELDON, Joseph S0075
  S0076 Sheldon Elizabeth SHELDON, Elizabeth S0076
76   SHELDON, Elizabeth S0076
76x4   SUNDERLAND, Elizabeth S0076x4
76x44   CASE, Joseph S0076x44
76x441   CASE, Samuel S0076x441
76x4414   CASE, Rodman S0076x4414
76x44143 CASE, Wallace Henry S0076x44143
76x5   SUNDERLAND, Sarah S0076x5
76x55   STRAIGHT, Daniel S0076x55
76x9   SUNDERLAND, Margaret S0076x9
76x96   AUSTIN, Isaac S0076x96
76X961   AUSTIN, Jotham S0076x961
76x9615   AUSTIN, Mary "Polly" S0076x9615
76x96154 VINCENT, Stephen S. S0076x96154
76x961544 VINCENT, Hattie Emly S0076x961544
76x9615443 BAILEY, Ethel Anna S0076x9615443
76x96154432 CAMP, Ethel Mae S0076x96154432
76x961544323 MOORE, Frances Lucille S0076x961544323
76x9615223231 HENNE, Douglas Robert S0076x9615443231
  S0079 Sheldon Dinah SHELDON, Dinah S0079
79   SHELDON, Dinah S0079
79X1   GIFFORD, Catherine H. S0079x1
79x2   GIFFORD, William S0079x2
79x24   GIFFORD, Benjamin S0079x24
79x241   GIFFORD, Martha S0079x241
79x2411   DOPP, John W. S0079x2411
79x24112 DOPP, Henry Hardenburg S0079x24112
79x241123 DOPP, Charles Henry S0079x241123
79x2411233 DOPP, Wilfred Royden S0079x2411233
79x24112332 DOPP, Margaret Elizabeth S0079x24112332
79x3   GIFFORD, Benjamin S0079x3
79x35   GIFFORD, Elihu S0079x35
79x352   GIFFORD, Ira S0079x352
79X3528   GIFFORD, Sarah Ann S0079x3528
79X35281 BAUCUS, (Anna) Elizabeth S0079x35281
79x352812 LONG, Sarah Baucus S0079x352812
79x3528121 JOHNSTON, Carl Vincent S0079x3528121
  S0080 Sheldon Isaac SHELDON, Isaac S0080
80   SHELDON, Isaac S0080
80x10   SHELDON, Sarah S0080x{10}
80x10-4   BABCOCK, Hannah S0080x{10}4
80x10-44 DEWEY, Huldah S0080x{10}44
80x10-441 CALKINS, Huldah Jane S0080x{10}441
80x10-4411 YOST, Emma S0080x{10}4411
  S0080x10 Sheldon Sarah SHELDON, Sarah S0080x10
82   SHELDON, Mary S0082
83   SHELDON, Samuel S0083
  S0083x317 Sheldon Samuel SHELDON, Samuel S0083x317
10229X8-2 BLISS, Elizabeth S0092x229
149   SHELDON, William S0149
149X3   SHELDON, Ephraim S0149x3
149X33   SHELDON, Ephraim S0149x33
150   SHELDON, Nathaniel S0150
150X8   SHELDON, Jane S0150x8
150X83   BURLINGAME, Nathan S0150x83
150X832   BURLINGAME, Thomas S0150x832
150X8322 BURLINGAME, James S0150x8322
150X83224 BURLINGAME, Lewis S0150x83224
150X832241 BURLINGAME, Charles S0150x832241
  S0150x8322413 Burlingame Evelyn BURLINGAME, Melvin R. S0150x8322413
150X8322413 BURLINGAME, Melvin R. S0150x8322413
150X834   BURLINGAME, Nehemiah S0150x834
150X8541 BURLINGAME, William S0150x8341
150X83413 BURLINGAME, Henry S0150x83413
150X834132 BURLINGAME, Henrietta S0150x834132
150X8341323 JOLLY, Alma Etta S0150x8341323
150X83413231 SEYLER, Harold S0150x83413231
150X834132312 SEYLER, Marcia S0150x834132312
150X84   BURLINGAME, Eseck S0150x84
150X84(16) BURLINGAME, Mary Thornton S0150x84{16}
150X84(16)7 GREENE, Dutee Thomas S0150x84{16}7
150X84(16)72 GREENE, Dorothy Stewart S0150x84{16}72
150X84(16)722 MACGUNNIGLE, Bruce Campbell S0150x84{16}722
150X85   BURLINGAME, Patience S0150x85
150X86   BURLINGAME, Charles S0150x86
150X88   BURLINGAME, Lucretia "Creta" S0150x88
150X89   BURLINGAME, James S0150x89
  S1364 Sheldon Zebulona SHELDON, Ephraim S0151
  S0151 Sheldon Ephriam SHELDON, Ephraim S0151
151   SHELDON, Ephraim S0151
151X(10)   SHELDON, Lediah S0151x{10}
151X(12)   SHELDON, Amos S0151x{12}
  S0151x15514111 Cox Stephen COX, Stephen Douglas S0151x15514111
151X3   SHELDON, Ephraim Jr. S0151x3
151X35   SHELDON, Ephraim S0151x35
151X354   SHELDON, William S0151x354
151X3541 SHELDON, Margaret S0151x3541
151X35411 FRITH, Margaret S0151x35411
151X354111 STIMPSON, Rachel S0151x354111
151X3541114 CUNNINGHAM, Clinton S0151x3541114
151X35411142 CUNNINGHAM, John S0151x35411142
  S0151x354111423 Rines Rachel CUNNINGHAM, Rachael S0151x354111423
151X354111423 CUNNINGHAM, Rachael S0151x354111423
  S0151x3545 Sheldon Nathan W SHELDON, Nathan Webb S0151x3545
151X3546 SHELDON, Bartlett S0151x3546
151X35462 SHELDON, William Bartlett Capt. S0151x35462
151X354621 SHELDON, Walter J. S0151x354621
151X354622 SHELDON, Wilhemina Emily "Minnie" S0151x354622
151X3546222 STEES, Hubert Sheldon S0151x3546222
151X35462221 STEES, Hubert Sheldon, Jr. S0151x35462221
151X354623 SHELDON, Raymond Maul S0151x354623
151X3546233 SHELDON, Alice S0151x3546233
151X35462331 SOWDEN, Emily Frances S0151x35462331
  S0151x354623312 Kitchen David F KITCHEN, David Frank S0151x354623312
151X354623312 KITCHEN, David Frank, Jr. S0151x354623312
151X3546237 SHELDON, Marion S0151x3546237
  S0151x35462371 Gibbons Marion J BOYDE, Marion June S0151x35462371
151X35462371 BOYDE, Marion June S0151x35462371
151X35466 SHELDON, Joseph Wade S0151x35466
  0151x354739553 DODGE, Julie Ann S0151x354739553
  S0151x363311111 SHELDON, William S0151x363311111
  0151x373 SHELDON, Isabel S0151x37
151X37   SHELDON, Isabel S0151x37
151X371   NEGUS, Thomas S0151x371
151X3713 NEGUS, Samuel S0151x3713
151X37131 NEGUS, Isaac S0151x37131
151X371311 NEGUS, Samuel B. S0151x371311
151X3713112 NEGUS, William Isaac S0151x3713112
  S0151x37131121 Negus Jacqueline J NEGUS, Jacqueline Jeanne S0151x37131121
151X37131121 NEGUS, Jacqueline Jeanne S0151x37131121
151X7   SHELDON, Isreal S0151x7
151X71   SHELDON, Nathaniel S0151x71
151X711   SHELDON, Ephraim S0151x711
151X7111 SHELDON, Isaac S0151x7111
151X71113 SHELDON, Ambrose S0151x71113
151X711132 SHELDON, Ralph Clifton S0151x711132
151X7111321 SHELDON, Guy Clifton S0151x7111321
151X71113211 SHELDON, Edith G. S0151x71113211
  S0151x71115 Nelson Claude A SHELDON, Edith Grace S0151x71115
151X71115 SHELDON, Lydia Jane S0151x71115
151X7113 SHELDON, Zebulon S0151x7113
151X71132 SHELDON, James S0151x71132
151X711321 SHELDON, James Freeman S0151x711321
151X71135 SHELDON, Ephraim S0151x71135
151X711352 SHELDON, George C. S0151x711352
151X7113522 SHELDON, George C., Jr. S0151x7113522
  S0151x7113522 Sheldon George C SHELDON, George Crosby S0151x7113522
151X71135222 SHELDON, George C. Iii S0151x71135222
  S0151x7115 Sheldon Ephraim SHELDON, Ephraim S0151x7115
151X7115 SHELDON, Ephraim S0151x7115
151X71151 SHELDON, William Francis S0151x71151
  0511x711511 Grave Rec of Royal SHELDON, William Oscar S0151x711511
151X711511 SHELDON, William A. S0151x711511
  S0151x71151162 Sheldon Edgar A SHELDON, Edgar A. S0151x71151162
151X711514 SHELDON, Alice Fostina S0151x711514
151X7115141 CASEY, Ella R. S0151x7115141
151X71151411 EMMONS, Georgia Mae S0151x71151411
151X711514111 SHANKLIN, Arlene Mae S0151x711514111
151X7115141111 COX, Stephen Douglas S0151x7115141111
151X7115142 CASEY, Jennie May (Mayme) S0151x7115142
151X711515 SHELDON, Richard Berfy Reforest S0151x711515
  S0151x711515311 Shepherd James SHEPHERD, James Arthur S0151x711515311
  151x71151541 Prine Robert PRINE, Robert William S0151x71151541
  0151x711515622 Lindsey Roxanna ST. PETER, Roxanna Jane S0151x711515622
151X71154 SHELDON, Albion L. S0151x71154
151X7116 SHELDON, Alfred S0151x7116
151X71161 SHELDON, George C. S0151x71161
151X711613 SHELDON, Edward S0151x711613
  S0151x7116135 Sheldon Elwyn S SHELDON, Elwyn Stanley S0151x7116135
151X7116135 SHELDON, Elwyn Stanley S0151x7116135
151X71161351 SHELDON, Jean Carolyn S0151x71161351
151X71161352 SHELDON, Gary Elwyn S0151x71161352
151X71161353 SHELDON, David Weymouth S0151x71161353
  S0151x7116136 Sheldon Leroy Edw SHELDON, Leroy Edward S0151x7116136
151X7116136 SHELDON, Leroy Edward S0151x7116136
151X71161361 SHELDON, Leroy Edward, Jr. S0151x71161361
151X71161362 SHELDON, Sonja Irene S0151x71161362
151X71161365 SHELDON, Elizabeth Candis S0151x71161365
151X711616 SHELDON, Austin L. S0151x711616
151X7116161 SHELDON, Audrey M. S0151x7116161
151X7116162 SHELDON, Silvia M. S0151x7116162
151X71163 SHELDON, John Franklin "Frank" S0151x71163
151X711631 SHELDON, Alfred A. S0151x711631
151X7116311 SHELDON, Chester Alvin S0151x7116311
151X71163111 SHELDON, Richard Emery S0151x71163111
151X711633 SHELDON, Wilbert S0151x711633
151X711634 SHELDON, Myra V. S0151x711634
151X711636 SHELDON, Burleigh Cleveland S0151x711636
151X7117 SHELDON, William S0151x7117
  S0151x9 Sheldon Benjamin SHELDON, Benjamin S0151x9
151X9   SHELDON, Benjamin S0151x9
  S0151x91 Sheldon Mary SHELDON, Mary S0151x91
151X92   SHELDON, Elizabeth S0151x92
  S0151x921641111 Martin David K SHELDON, Ephraim S0151x921641111
152   SHELDON, Mary S0152
153   SHELDON, Lydia S0153
153X1   BODEN, Elizabeth S0153x1
153X2   BODEN, Benjamin S0153x2
153X3   BODEN/BOWDEN, Lydia S0153x3
153X39   STACEY, Mehitable S0153x39
153X392   PEDRICK, Mehitable S0153x392
153X3929 STORY, Eloisa "Adeline" S0153x3929
153X39292 MANSFIELD, Gideon Tucker S0153x39292
153X392923 MANSFIELD, Adeline Story S0153x392923
153X3929236 AUSTIN, Mansfield S0153x3929236
  S0153x39292365 Austin William AUSTIN, William Paul S0153x39292365
154   SHELDON, Sarah S0154
156   SHELDON, Hepzibah S0156
  S0156x1 Felton Lydia FELTON, Lydia S0156x1
  S0156x2 Felton Rebecca FELTON, Rebecca S0156x2
156X2   FELTON, Rebecca S0156x2
  0156x24588356 Shenefiel Randall SHENEFIEL, Randall Gilbert S0156x24588356
156X25   HOULTON, Elizabeth S0156x25
156X252   WILSON, Betsey S0156x252
156X2525 BURBANK, William Jr. S0156x2525
156X25252 BURBANK, James Oscar S0156x25252
156X252521 BURBANK, Charles O. S0156x252521
156X2525211 BURBANK, Harry Oscar S0156x2525211
  S0156x25252111 Burbank Henry B BURBANK, Henry B. S0156x25252111
156X25252111 BURBANK, Henry B. S0156x25252111
  S0156x3 Felton Joseph FELTON, Joseph S0156x3
156X3   FELTON, Joseph S0156x3
3555X6-1 SHELDON, Albert J. S0264x145
290   SHELDON, John S0290
292   SHELDON, George S0292
293   SHELDON, Samuel S0293
294   SHELDON, William S0294
  301 Thomas SHELDON, Thomas S0301
  S0301 Thomas W SHELDON, Thomas S0301
301   SHELDON, Thomas S0301
  S0302 Sheldon Roger SHELDON, Roger S0302
302   SHELDON, Roger S0302
  S0303 Sheldon Elizabeth SHELDON, Elizabeth S0303
303   SHELDON, Elizabeth S0303
303X1   TANNER, William S0303x1
303X2   TANNER, Joshua S0303x2
303X22   TANNER, John S0303x22
303X2-4   TANNER, Susanna S0303x24
303X2-5   TANNER, Elizabeth "Betsey" S0303x25
303X256   PERKINS, Newman 4Th S0303x256
303X2564 PERKINS, Harriet Earlaville S0303x2564
303X25641 CHANDLER, Katie Elizabeth S0303x25641
303X256411 JORDAN, Helen Marjorie S0303x256411
303X2564111 VANCE, Jeannette Kathryn S0303x2564111
303X2564112 VANCE, Elinor Clare S0303x2564112
303X2564113 VANCE, Josephine Ann S0303x2564113
303X29   TANNER, Joshua Jr. S0303x29
304   SHELDON, Isaac S0304
305   SHELDON, John S0305
306   SHELDON, Susanna S0306
306X2   REYNOLDS, Susanna S0306x2
307   SHELDON, Joseph S0307
308   SHELDON, Palmer S0308
  309 SHELDON, Benjamin Gideon S0309
309   SHELDON, Benjamin S0309
  S0309 Shelden Joseph SHELDON, Joseph S0309
310   SHELDON, Joseph S0310
311   SHELDON, Dorcas S0311
312   SHELDON, Ezekiel S0312
313   SHELDON, Sarah S0313
313X5   CENTER, John Sheldon S0313x5
313X51   CENTER, John "Sheldon" S0313x51
313X511   CENTER, John Sheldon S0313x511
313X5115 CENTER, Henry Harris S0313x5115
313X51152 CENTER, Homer Otto S0313x51152
  S0313x511522 Center Leona CENTER, Homer Carroll S0313x511522
313X511522 CENTER, Homer Carroll S0313x511522
314   SHELDON, Mary S0314
315   SHELDON, Deborah S0315
317   SHELDON, Rebecca S0317
317X3   BLANCHARD, Jotham S0317x3
318   SHELDON, Prudence S0318
  0456 Sheldon Wm Hannah Noble SHELDON, William S0456
646   SHELDON, John S0646
650   SHELDON, Skelton S0650
  S0854 Sheldon Abigail SHELDON, Abigail S0854
854   SHELDON, Abigail S0854
854X6   CARPENTER, Jeremiah S0854x6
854X67   CARPENTER, Thankful S0854x67
854X678   POTTER, George Washington S0854x678
854X6781 POTTER, Lucy May S0854x6781
854X67813 CLARKE, Hazel May S0854x67813
854X678131 BOLDT, Valerie Ann S0854x678131
857   SHELDON, Isaac S0857
858   SHELDON, Thomas, Capt. S0858
  S0859 Sheldon Gideon SHELDON, Gideon S0859
859   SHELDON, Gideon S0859
  S0860 Shelden George SHELDON, George S0860
860   SHELDON, George S0860
861   SHELDON, John S0861
862   SHELDON, Susan S0862
862X5   PRAY, Nehemiah, Capt. N.Y. Militia S0862x5
862X52   PRAY, Tubal Cain S0862x52
862X54   PRAY, Nehemiah C. S0862x54
862X541   PRAY, William R. S0862x541
  S0863 Sheldon Col Sheldon SHELDON, Joseph S0863
863   SHELDON, Joseph Lt. Col. N.Y. Militia S0863
864   SHELDON, Benjamin S0864
865   SHELDON, Potter S0865
866   SHELDON, Caleb S0866
  S0867 Sheldon Hannah SHELDON, Hannah S0867
867   SHELDON, Hannah S0867
868   SHELDON, Sarah S0868
869   SHELDON, Susanna S0869
  -870 Sheldon Charles SHELDON, Charles S0870
870   SHELDON, Charles S0870
871   SHELDON, Alice S0871
873   SHELDON, William S0873
874   SHELDON, Amy S0874
874X4   LEWIS, Susan S0874x4
  S-0875 Sarah SHELDON, Sarah S-0875
876   SHELDON, Roger S0876
877   SHELDON, Giffe S0877
877X5   LEWIS, Israel S0877x4
878   SHELDON, James S0878
879   SHELDON, Samuel S0879
879X2   SHELDON, Abby S0879x2
  S0882 Sheldon Isaac SHELDON, Isaac S0882
882   SHELDON, Isaac S0882
  S-0882x 10 22 Sheldon Alvah SHELDEN, Alvah S-0882x
  0 882x 11 T Stone Pix W Sheldon Gardner SHELDON, Gardner S0882x{11}
882X-11-   SHELDON, Gardner S0882x{11}
884   SHELDON, Abigail S0884
884X3   VARS, Benjamin S0884x3
885   SHELDON, Palmer S0885
  S0886 Sheldon Mehetable SHELDON, Mehetable S0886
886   SHELDON, Mehetable S0886
  S0890 Sheldon Jonathan SHELDON, Jonathan S0890
890   SHELDON, Jonathan S0890
890X1   SHELDON, Mary S0890x1
890X11   LACKEY, Nelson S0890x11
890X112   LACKEY, Alfreda S0890x112
890X12   LACKEY, Maria S0890x12
890X13   LACKEY, Fanny A. S0890x13
890X14   LACKEY, George S0890x14
890X17   LACKEY, William S0890x17
890X2   SHELDON, Elizabeth "Betsey" S0890x2
890X21   BUTTON, Lucie S0890x21
890X22   BUTTON, John Hiram S0890x22
890X222   BUTTON, Harlow S0890x222
890X226   BUTTON, Fannie Almira S0890x226
890X2264 SMITH, Laura Bernice S0890x2264
890X22644 LITTLE, Marjoria Emma S0890x22644
890X3   SHELDON, Palmer S0890x3
890X5   SHELDON, John S0890x5
890x51   SHELDON, Lurinda S0890x51
890x52   SHELDON, George S0890x52
890x521   SHELDON, Charles Lynn S0890x521
890X5211 SHELDON, Albert Charles S0890x5211
890X52111 SHELDON, Eula Vesta S0890x52111
890X521111 BATCHELDER, Henry Merton S0890x521111
890X5212 SHELDON, Herman Adelbert S0890x5212
890X52122 SHELDON, Lela Mae S0890x52122
890X521221 BARBER, Wendall Fayette S0890x521221
890X52123 SHELDON, Iola Maude S0890x52123
890X521231 WALKER, Gordon Howard S0890x521231
890X521232 WALKER, Goldie Iola S0890x521232
890X521233 WALKER, Willias Herman S0890x521233
890X521234 WALKER, Evelyn Marion S0890x521234
890X52125 SHELDON, Lois Natalie S0890x52125
890X521251 BURKE, Robert David S0890x521251
890X5213 SHELDON, Flora May S0890x5213
890X52132 BARBER, Bernice Beth S0890x52132
890x521323 KELLEY, Donald John S0890x521323
890X5214 SHELDON, Edward Eugene S0890x5214
890X52141 SHELDON, Charles Frank S0890x52141
890X521411 SHELDON, Virginia May S0890x521411
890X52142 SHELDON, Pearl Ada S0890x52142
890X521421 DAY, Edward Alson S0890x521421
890X5215 SHELDON, Martha Anna S0890x5215
890X52151 BROWN, Hollis Charles S0890x52151
890X52152 BROWN, Phyllis Zilphis S0890x52152
890X522   SHELDON, Ellen E. "Nell" S0890x522
890X523   SHELDON, Lucinda A. S0890x523
890X524   SHELDON, Edna S0890x524
890X525   SHELDON, George Henry S0890x525
890X528   SHELDON, Herbert Edgar S0890x528
890X5281 SHELDON, George Hurlbut S0890x5281
890X52811 SHELDON, Ruth Elizabeth S0890x52811
890X5282 SHELDON, Leale Herbet "Lee" S0890x5282
890X52821 SHELDON, Andrew Lee S0890x52821
890X5283 SHELDON, Ethelynd Thelma S0890x5283
890X53   SHELDON, Elizabeth S0890x53
890X54   SHELDON, Maria S0890x54
890X57   SHELDON, Almira S0890x57
890X575   WENTWORTH, Cora E. S0890x575
890X58   SHELDON, John S0890x58
890X582   SHELDON, Elsworth S0890x582
890X5824 SHELDON, Gertrude Belle S0890x5824
890X5827 SHELDON, Harley F. S0890x5827
890X5828 SHELDON, Lila "Beth" S0890x5828
890X58281 BERRETT, June Rose S0890x58281
890X58282 BARRETT, Cora May S0890x58282
890X583   SHELDON, Martin Ellis S0890x583
890x588   SHELDON, Bertha May S0890x588
  S0891 Sheldon George SHELDON, George S0891
891   SHELDON, George Rev. S0891
892   SHELDON, Joanna S0892
892X1   SMITH, Jonathan S0892x1
892X4   SMITH, Isaac S0892x4
897   GIFFORD, Elizabeth S0897
903   SHELDON, Susanna S0903
  S0903 Sheldon Susanna SHELDON, Susanna Lydia S0903
903X2   NICHOLS, Clark S0903x2
903X21   NICHOLS, Hugh S0903x21
903X213   NICHOLS, John David S0903x213
903X2133 NICHOLS, Malcolm Emory S0903x2133
903X21332 NICHOLS, Ruth Hatstat S0903x21332
903X213321 ABERNATHY, Ann S0903x213321
903X2133211 LINDQUIST, Karen Ann S0903x2133211
903X2133212 LINDQUIST, Eric Hoff S0903x2133212
903X2133213 LINDQUIST, Kristin H. S0903x2133213
903X213322 ABERNATHY, Jean S0903x213322
903X2133222 WEEKS, Judith Ann S0903x2133222
903X21332221 LUDWIG, Julie Ann S0903x21332221
903X2133223 WEEKS, Susan Jean S0903x2133223
903X213323 ABERNATHY, Sally S0903x213323
903X2134 NICHOLS, Clarence S0903x2134
903X21341 NICHOLS, John David, Iii S0903x21341
903X213411 NICHOLS, John David S0903x213411
903X213412 NICHOLS, Robert Frank S0903x213412
903X21342 NICHOLS, Sarah Margaret S0903x21342
903X213422 MILROY, Jean Alice S0903x213422
903X213423 MILROY, Patricia Daine S0903x213423
903x2135 NICHOLS, George Clifford S0903x2135
903X21351 NICHOLS, Hugh S0903x21351
903X21352 NICHOLS, Jetta S0903x21352
903x22   NICHOLS, George S0903x22
903X221   NICHOLS, George S0903x221
903X2211 NICHOLS, Bertha S0903x2211
903X5   NICHOLS, Sheldon S0903x5
903X52   NICHOLS, Rhoda Ann S0903x52
903X521   DAY, Almeda S0903x521
903X5218 MCCLELLAN, David Alvin S0903x5218
903X52188 MCCLELLAN, Hortense S0903x52188
903X521882 FULLER, Gerald Ralph S0903x521882
903X57   NICHOLS, Lucy Camilla S0903x57
903X572   ROBINSON, William Sheldon "Charles" S0903x572
903X5722 ROBINSON, Mae Emily S0903x5722
903X57222 LEWTON, William Allen S0903x57222
903X572221 LEWTON, Ruth Jo S0903x572221
904   SHELDEN, Joseph S0904
  S0905 Sheldon William SHELDON, William S0905
905   SHELDON, William S0905
906   SHELDON, Paul S0906
907   SHELDON, Jonathan S0907
908   SHELDON, Lydia S0908
  S0911 Sheldon William SHELDON, William S0911
911   SHELDON, William (Deacon) S0911
  S-0911 SHELDON, William S-0911
913   SHELDON, Stephen Deacon S0913
915   SHELDON, Mary S0915
916   SHELDON, Susanna S0916
917   SHELDON, Mary S0917
  -918 Sheldon Joseph SHELDON, Joseph S0918
918   SHELDON, Joseph S0918
918X6   SHELDON, Vincent (Joseph Vincent?) S0918x6
918X62   SHELDON, Vincent S0918x62
918X65   SHELDON, Lewis C. S0918x65
  S-0918x6523 McQueen Carol SHELDON, Benjamin Welsh S-0918x6523
918X653   SHELDON, Lewis Napoleon S0918x653
918X6532 SHELDON, Clarence Cree S0918x6532
918X65322 SHELDON, "Ray"Mond L. S0918x65322
  S-0918x6721112 Sterling Nancy STERLING, Nancy Lynne S-0918x6721112
918X68   SHELDON, Jeremiah (Jerry/Jerre) S0918x68
918X686   SHELDON, Warren Barton S0918x686
919   SHELDON, Phebe S0919
920   SHELDON, Lemuel S0920
921   SHELDON, Nathaniel S0921
923   SHELDON, Ezekiel S0923
924   SHELDON, Anna S0924
924X1   MAIN, Stephen S0924x1
925   SHELDON, Sally S0925
926   SHELDON, Abel S0926
10011   PRAY, Mary S10011
  S-10011 Pray Mary PRAY, Mary S-10011
10028   SHELDON, Mariette S10028
10029   SHELDON, John Winchell S10029
10031   SHELDON, William S10031
  S-10033 Sheldon D Edward SHELDON, D. Edward S-10033
10034   SHELDON, Chloe S10034
  S10035 Sheldon Abraham Millerton NY SHELDON, Abraham S10035
10035   SHELDON, Abraham S10035
10035X1   SHELDON, Mary Belle S10035x1
10035X11 WOODWORTH, Spencer S10035x11
10035X3   SHELDON, Lottie Tressa S10035x3
10035X4   SHELDON, David Millard S10035x4
10035X41 SHELDON, Florence M. S10035x41
10035X42 SHELDON, Charlotte Grace S10035x42
10035X43 SHELDON, David Leslie S10035x43
10035X5   SHELDON, James Judson S10035x5
10035X51 SHELDON, Millard H. S10035x51
10035X512 SHELDON, Millard Kenneth S10035x512
10035X52 SHELDON, Ferdinand S10035x52
10035X53 SHELDON, Dona Marie S10035x53
10035X54 SHELDON, Irving Saeger S10035x54
10035X541 SHELDON, Marhorie Janet S10035x541
10035X5411 SIME, Richard S10035x5411
10035X542 SHELDON, Vivian Louise S10035x542
10035X5421 NEWTON, Eric Ellis S10035x5421
10035X5422 NEWTON, Gail Ann S10035x5422
10035X543 SHELDON, Beverly Joan S10035x543
10035X544 SHELDON, James Irving S10035x544
10035X5441 SHELDON, Reginald James S10035x5441
10035X55 SHELDON, Ruth Amelia S10035x55
10035X552 MCCARTHY, James S10035x552
10035X553 MCCARTHY, Dona S10035x553
10035X554 MCCARTHY, Josephine S10035x554
10035X7   SHELDON, Edna S10035x7
10050   VARS, Elizabeth S10050
10070   SHELDON, Isaac Dow S10070
10070X1   SHELDON, Lizzie Dexter S10070x1
10070X11 JOHNSON, Lucius Sheldon S10070x11
  10070x Sheldon James Gifford SHELDON, James Gifford S10070x4
  10077x1521 Sheldon Richard Robert Jr SHELDON, Richard Robert S10070x4
10070X4   SHELDON, James Gifford "Jay" S10070x4
10070X41 SHELDON, Helen Louise S10070x41
10070X42 SHELDON, Albert Jay S10070x42
  S10077 Sheldon Justus SHELDON, Justus S10077
10077   SHELDON, Justus S10077
10077X1   SHELDON, Isaac Richard S10077x1
10077X14 SHELDON, Charles Everett S10077x14
10077X141 SHELDON, Vernon Everett S10077x141
10077X1411 SHELDON, Vernon Everett, Jr. S10077x1411
10077X15 SHELDON, Robert D. S10077x15
10077X152 SHELDON, Richard Robert, Dr. S10077x152
10077X16 SHELDON, Harriet Belle S10077x16
10077X167 BOWMAN, George Isaac S10077x167
10077X1672 BOWMAN, Karen Ann S10077x1672
10077X169 BOWMAN, Sadie Marie S10077x169
10077X1693 STOEBER, Myrtle Irene S10077x1693
  10077x6 Sheldon George J SHELDON, George J. S10077x6
10077X6   SHELDON, George J. S10077x6
10077X62 SHELDON, Carrie Emma S10077x62
10077X621 MAURER, Leone S10077x621
10077X6212 ELIZGERALD, Margaret S10077x6212
10078   SHELDON, Benjamin S10078
  S-10279 Carpenter Mary Sheldon SHELDON, Mary S10079
  S10079 Sheldon Mary SHELDON, Mary S10079
10079   SHELDON, Mary S10079
10079X1   CARPENTER, Sheldon S10079x1
10079X11 CARPENTER, Mary Telottsey S10079x11
10079x5   CARPENTER, Ezra S10079x5
  S10082 Sheldon William SHELDEN, William S10082
10082   SHELDON, William S10082
10082X1   SHELDON, Mary S10082x1
10084   SHELDON, Zmargaret S10084
  S10085 Sheldon Benjamin SHELDON, Benjamin S10085
10085   SHELDON, Benjamin S10085
10085X2   SHELDON, Jemima S10085x2
10085X21 COOLEY, Ida May S10085x21
10085X211 CARTER, Zora Laver S10085x211
10085X2111 RAISH, Elva Blanche S10085x2111
10085X21111 GOEHRING, Colleen Iris S10085x21111
10086   SHELDON, Eliza Ann S10086
  S10088 Sheldon Nancy SHELDON, Nancy S10088
10088   SHELDON, Nancy S10088
10088X2   PRAY, Alvah Preston S10088x2
10088X26 PRAY, Albert Preston S10088x26
  S10089 Sheldon Noah SHELDON, Noah S10089
10089   SHELDON, Noah S10089
10090   SHELDON, William S10090
  S-10090 Sheldon William SHELDON, William S-10090
10090X9   SHELDON, William Johnston S10090x9
10091   SHELDON, Jane S10091
  S10092 Sheldon Johnson W SHELDON, Johnson W. S10092
10092   SHELDON, Johnston Willard S10092
10092X2   SHELDON, Ernest W. (Wilkinson?) S10092x2
10092X3   SHELDON, Wilbur Elihu S10092x3
10092X31 SHELDON, Margaret Dodge S10092x31
10097   SHELDON, Isaac S10097
  S-10097 Sheldon Isaac m Smith Lydia SHELDON, Isaac S-10097
10097X1   SHELDON, Fletcher Ambrose S10097x1
10097X14 SHELDON, Arlington Gilmore S10097x14
10097X141 SHELDON, Wanda Favo S10097x141
10097X17 SHELDON, Carl Emmett S10097x17
10097X17(10) SHELDON, Clarence Arthur S10097x17{10}
10097X172 SHELDON, Carlotta Lillian S10097x172
10097X173 SHELDON, Cora Josephine S10097x173
10097X174 SHELDON, Lester Addison S10097x174
10097X175 SHELDON, Calvin Philip S10097x175
10097X176 SHELDON, Alvin Percy S10097x176
10097X178 SHELDON, Stanley James S10097x178
10097X1782 SHELDON, Sandra Lillian S10097x1782
10097X1783 SHELDON, Shelia Joyce S10097x1783
10097X179 SHELDON, Alice Jeanette S10097x179
10097X4   SHELDON, Ezra Andrew S10097x4
10097X41 SHELDON, Eugene Andrew S10097x41
10097X412 SHELDON, Clarence Peter S10097x412
10097X4121 SHELDON, Kenneth Leroy S10097x4121
10097X41211 SHELDON, Garrett Leroy S10097x41211
10105   LEWIS, Alanson S10105
10111   PALMER, Ezekiel S10111
  S10114 Palmer Betsey PALMER, Betsey S10114
10114   PALMER, Betsey S10114
10114X3   JENKINS, Charles S10114x3
10114X5   JENKINS, Rockwell S10114x5
10114X61 JENKINS, Aurillia Bell S10114x51
10114X6   JENKINS, Frederick Lincoln S10114x6
10114X7   JENKINS, Martha Louise "Mattie" S10114x7
10123   WINCHELL, Harriet S10123
10124   WINCHELL, James Marcus S10124
10129   FULLER, Warren S10129
10129X4   FULLER, Caroline S10129x4
  10133x str2311 SWAN, Hazel Evelyn S10133x2311
  10133x23111 Burnett Lyn DAY, Lynn Adrienne S10133x23111
10134   AIKEN, William Snyder S10134
10135   AIKEN, Harriet S10135
10137   AIKENS, Eilzabeth S10137
10138   AIKEN, Julia Ann S10138
10139   AIKEN, Lydia S10139
10140   AIKEN, Esther S10140
10141   AIKEN, Ansel S10141
  S10167 Reynolds Sheldon REYNOLDS, Sheldon C. S10167
10167   REYNOLDS, Sheldon C. S10167
10180   KITTLE, William S10180
10181   KITTLE, Stephen Sheldon S10181
10185   KITTLE, Benjamin S10185
10187   SHELDON, Peleg S10187
10190   SHELDON, Louisa S10190
10190X1   UNDERWOOD, Frank S10190x1
10191   SHELDON, Pamelia S10191
  S-10191x113 Newington Joan Carpenter NEWINGTON, Joan Ida S-10191x113
  10191x3 Newington Joan Carpenter BOYLE, Frank Eugene S10191x3
10192   SHELDON, William S10192
10192X1   SHELDON, Sabin S10192x1
10192X2   SHELDON, Willard S10192x2
10192X23 SHELDON, John S10192x23
10192X3   SHELDON, Maria S10192x3
10194   SHELDON, Charles Mackenzie S10194
10194X1   SHELDON, Milo Philip S10194x1
10194X2   SHELDON, Edith S10194x2
10194X3   SHELDON, Noble Hertenstein S10194x3
  S-10194x4 Sheldon Effie SHELDON, Effie Laura S-10194x4
10201   SHELDON, Hannah S10201
  S10201 Sheldon Hannah Harris SHELDON, Hannah Harris S10201
10203   SHELDON, Harris Robert S10203
  S-10203 Sheldon Capt Harris Pittsfield Ohio SHELDON, Harris Robert S-10203
10203X1   SHELDON, William Abijah S10203x1
10203X12 SHELDON, Anna Belle S10203x12
10203X121 PEASE, George Merritt S10203x121
10203X4   SHELDON, Myra Ellen S10203x4
10203X5   SHELDON, Clarence Seymour S10203x5
10203X51 SHELDON, Myrtle S10203x51
10203X52 SHELDON, Le Roy S10203x52
10203X521 SHELDON, Myrtle "Fern" S10203x521
10203X523 SHELDON, Gladys S10203x523
10203X524 SHELDON, Gilbert Leroy S10203x524
10203X5251 SHELDON, Edwin Oliver, Dr. S10203x5251
10203X53 SHELDON, Frank S10203x53
10203X7   SHELDON, Edwin Fay "Edward" S10203x7
10203X71 SHELDON, Arthur Garfield S10203x71
10203X711 SHELDON, George S10203x721
10203X714 SHELDON, Clinton Edward S10203x724
10203X716 SHELDON, Walter Harris S10203x726
8172X2-3 SHELDON, Ward Corydon S10203x726
  10203 x72611 Sean x72712 Wilbert Brian SHELDON, Sean Edward S10203x72611
10203X717 SHELDON, Harold S10203x727
10203X8   SHELDON, Hattie Amanda S10203x8
10203X83 BEESING, Ada S10203x83
10205   SHELDON, Eliza S10205
10208   SHELDON, La Fayette S10208
10208X1   SHELDON, Estella S10208x1
10209   SHELDON, Marietta S10209
10211   SHELDON, Elizabeth "Betsey" S10211
  10210 McClaury Sheldon Hamilton MCCLAURY, Sheldon Hamilton S10219
10227   SHELDON, William John S10227
  S-10227 Sheldon William John m Tate Elizabeth SHELDON, William John S-10227
10227X2   SHELDON, Sadie Agnes S10227x2
10227X21 KINSLEY, Anabudd S10227x21
10227X211 HARNEY, Frances Lorraine S10227x211
10227X2111 MAIN, James Stanley S10227x2111
10227X212 HARNEY, Jack Ellison S10227x212
10227X2121 HARNEY, David Ellison S10227x2121
10277X2122 HARNEY, Donald William S10227x2122
10227X2123 HARNEY, Catherine Ione S10227x2123
10227X2124 HARNEY, Daniel Scott S10227x2124
10227X2125 HARNEY, Michael Dennis S10227x2125
10227X2126 HARNEY, Mary Ann S10227x2126
10227X2127 HARNEY, James Louis S10227x2127
10227X213 HARNEY, Leta Grace S10227x213
10227X3   SHELDON, Mary Emma "Mamie" S10227x3
10227X4   SHELDON, Joseph William S10227x4
  S10229 Sheldon Abijah Thomas SHELDON, Abijah E. S10229
10229   SHELDON, Abijah Thomas S10229
10229X2   SHELDON, J. Irving S10229x2
10229X3   SHELDON, Willard M. S10229x3
7539X6-4 SHELDON, Willard W. S10229x3
10229X33 SHELDON, Katherine S10229x33
10229X33-1 MUDGETT, Ruth Anne S10229x331
10229X33-2 MUDGETT, Margaret Sheldon S10229x332
10229X3-4 SHELDON, Willard Horker S10229x34
10229X6   SHELDON, Lulu E. S10229x6
10229X64 MUNGER, Ernest Sheldon S10229x64
10229X643 MUNGER, Sheldon "Carroll" S10229x643
10229X8   SHELDON, Caroline M. S10229x8
10229X8   SHELDON, Frances "Fannie" L. S10229x8
10229X81 JORDAN, Howard Sheldon S10229x81
10233   SHELDON, Daniel S10233
  S10233 Sheldon Daniel SHELDON, Daniel Peter S10233
10233X1   SHELDON, Elmer S10233x1
10234   SHELDON, Addison S10234
10234X3   SHELDON, Myrta S10234x3
10241   GOODRICH, Benjamin B. S10241
10244   GOODRICH, Clark B. S10244
10247   SHELDON, Collins S10247
  S10257 Sheldon Rensselaer SHELDON, Rensselaer S10257
10257   SHELDON, Rensselaer S10257
10257X2   SHELDON, Emroy Alida S10257x2
10260   SHELDON, George W. S10260
  S10270 Sheldon Ransom SHELDON, Ransom S10270
10270   SHELDON, Ransom S10270
10270X1   SHELDON, Carlos Douglas S10270x1
10271   SHELDON, Timothy S. S10271
10272   SHELDON, Christeen S10272
  S-10275 Sheldon Melville A SHELDON, Melville A. S-10275
10275X1   SHELDON, Arthur Edward S10275x1
10275X15 SHELDON, John H. S10275x15
10275X151 SHELDON, John Horrigan, Jr. S10275x151
  S10276 Sheldon Orville SHELDON, Orville A. S10276
10276   SHELDON, Orville A. S10276
10276X5   SHELDON, Herbert Arthur S10276x5
10276X52 SHELDON, Rupert Melville S10276x52
  S-10277 Sheldon Franklin B SHELDON, Franklin B. S-10277
  S10278 Sheldon Charles Platt SHELDON, Charles Platt S10278
10279   SHELDON, Mary Ann S10279
10279X5   CARPENTER, Benjamin Franklin S10279x5
10279x52 CARPENTER, Charles Albert S10279x52
10279X521 CARPENTER, Frances Holt S10279x521
10279X522 CARPENTER, Charles Albert S10279x522
10279X5221 CARPENTER, Linda S10279x5221
  S10280 Sheldon Horace Irving SHELDON, Horace Irving S10280
  S10281 Sheldon Julia Anna SHELDON, Julia Ann S10281
10281X7   FONDA, Frank Mitchell S10281x7
10281X72 FONDA, Beverly Gibson S10281x72
10281X721 FONDA, Roy Douw S10281x721
10281X722 FONDA, Richard Weston S10281x72A
10282   SHELDON, George W. S10282
  S-10282 Sheldon George W Pulcipher Anne SHELDON, George W. S-10282
10282X6   SHELDON, Ross Arthur S10282x6
10282X6-14 SHELDON, Ross Arthur, Jr. S10282x67
10283   SHELDON, Henry H. S10283
10283X1   SHELDON, Arthur H. S10283x1
10283X14 SHELDON, Stella Barney S10283x14
10283X141 DICKINSON, Donald C. S10283x141
10283X2   SHELDON, Wilbur E. S10283x2
10283X21 SHELDON, Corinne S10283x21
10283X4   SHELDON, Florence S10283x4
10283X5   SHELDON, Frank P. S10283x5
10283X51 SHELDON, John Gough S10283x51
10283X6   SHELDON, Maude E. S10283x6
10283X61 LAWRENCE, Rupert H. S10283x61
10283X63 LAWRENCE, Kenneth S10283x63
10295   BISHOP, Midas Elijah S10295
10295X2   BISHOP, Ida Anna S10295x2
10295X21 BEEBE, Harry George S10295x21
10295X22 BEEBE, Rowland Curtis S10295x22
10295X23 BEEBE, Ralph Byron S10295x23
10295X24 BEEBE, Hazel Ruby S10295x24
10303   SHELDON, Adelia S10303
10303X4   MASON, Eldon Lincoln S10303x4
10303X42 MASON, Rolland Elden S10303x42
10303X421 MASON, Donal Sheldon S10303x421
10303X422 MASON, Maurice Kinsman S10303x422
10304   SHELDON, Hiram Charles S10304
10304X7   SHELDON, Fred Kingsley S10304x7
10304X72 SHELDON, Robert Kingsley S10304x72
10313   MCKENZIE, Mary Helen S10313
10315   MCKENZIE, Charles Sheldon S10315
10315X1   MCKENZIE, Ida Marie S10315x1
10315X11 VOLK, Frederick Eugene S10315x11
10320   SHELDON, Morris "Maurice" S10320
10320X6   SHELDON, Myron S10320x6
10320X61 SHELDON, Frank J. S10320x61
10320X611 SHELDON, Howard E. S10320x611
10320X6111 SHELDON, Katherine S10320x6111
10320X62 SHELDON, William Henry S10320x62
10320X621 SHELDON, Edith S10320x621
10320X622 SHELDON, William Henry S10320x622
10320X6221 SHELDON, Rolland S10320x6221
10320X6222 SHELDON, William "Gerald" S10320x6222
10320X6223 SHELDON, John Edward S10320x6223
10320X64 SHELDON, Minnie S10320x64
10321   SHELDON, Leonard S10321
10323   SHELDON, Edward P. S10323
10323X10 SHELDON, Fannie "Frances" S10323x{10}
10323X10-1 GRISWOLD, Laura S10323x{10}1
10323X10-11 MAC KENZIE, Donald S10323x{10}11
10323X10-12 MAC KENZIE, James S10323x{10}12
10323X10-2 GRISWORLD, Arthur S., M.D. S10323x{10}2
10323X10-22 GRISWOLD, Gordon S10323x{10}22
10323X10-23 GRISWOLD, Robert Chapman S10323x{10}23
10323X10-3 GRISWOLD, Frances S10323x{10}3
10323X10-32 BALLENTINE, Constance S10323x{10}32
10323X2   SHELDON, Benjamin S10323x2
10323X22 SHELDON, Leonard F. S10323x22
10323X222 SHELDON, Doris S10323x222
10323X24 SHELDON, Edward Benjamin S10323x24
10323X242 SHELDON, Charles Edward S10323x242
10323X243 SHELDON, Leonard Horace S10323x243
10323X5   SHELDON, Elizabeth Ann S10323x5
10323X6   SHELDON, Juliet "Juliette" S10323x6
10323X61 YOUMANS, Frank S10323x61
10323X62 YOUMANS, Gilbert Joseph S10323x62
10323X7   SHELDON, Frank S10323x7
10323X71 SHELDON, Nellie Laura S10323x71
10323X712 SYKES, Eleanor S10323x712
10323X7121 SMITH, Janice Elizabeth S10323x7121
10323X9   SHELDON, Martha Jane S10323x9
10323X91 BRINK, Sheldon E. S10323x91
10323X911 BRINK, Ruth Marie S10323x911
10323X912 BRINK, Huburt Maurice S10323x912
10323X913 BRINK, Sheldon Earl S10323x913
10323X92 BRINK, Francis, Brig. Gen. Usa S10323x92
10332   SHELDON, Allen J. S10332
10337   SHELDON, Norman S10337
10337X4   SHELDON, Roland Caldwell S10337x4
10340   SHELDON, Charlotte S10340
10340X2   KELLS, Abraham S10340x2
10340X3   KELLS, Maria S10340x3
10340X4   KELLS, Jacob M. S10340x4
10340X6   KELLS, Catharine S10340x6
10341   SHELDON, Jane S10341
10342   SHELDON, Catharine S10342
10347X4   VAN DUESEN, Myron A. S10347x4
10378   WLDORE, Allen W. S10378
10378X1   WALDORPH/WALDORF, Mary S10378x1
10378X4   WALDORF, Elizabeth S10378x4
10378X5   WALDORF, Amanda S10378x5
10387   SHELDON, Azuba Ann S10387
10387X1   MILLER, Harmon S10387x1
10387X13 MILLER, Hughson Patrick S10387x13
10387X134 MILLER, Richard Elroy S10387x134
10390   SHELDON, Benjamin F. S10390
10390X3   SHELDON, Horton B. S10390x3
10390X31 SHELDON, Grant E. S10390x31
10390X311 SHELDON, John H. S10390x311
10392   SHELDON, Caroline S10392
10392X1   BASHFORD, Amy S10392x1
10392X12 SHELDON, John E. S10392x12
10392X14 STICKLES, Hattie S10392x14
10392X141 KITTLE, Earle, Jr. S10392x141
10397   VARS, Nathan S10397
10398   VARS, Lorenda S10398
10399   VARS, Dorcas S10399
10400   VARS, Thomas S10400
10402   SMITH, Clarissa Ann S10402
10402X1   VAN DEUSEN, Harry B. S10402x1
10402X11 VAN DEUSEN, Sylvia E. S10402x11
10402X111 HOUGHTALING, Jeanne Marie S10402x111
10402X12 VAN DUESEN, Thelma J. S10402x12
10402X121 MCNAMARA, Catherine P. S10402x121
10402X2   VAN DUESEN, Edna Sylvia S10402x2
10405   SMITH, Friend S10405
10405X2   SMITH, William S10405x2
10412   SHELDON, Elihu S10412
10412X1   SHELDON, Stephen S10412x1
10412X11 SHELDON, Dorothy S10412x11
10412X111 MONTROSS, Clarence F., Jr. S10412x111
10412X112 MONTROSS, Elizabeth S10412x112
10412X113 MONTROSS, Mildred S10412x113
10418   SHELDON, Emaline Or "Emma" S10418
10418X4   COONS, Foster Aaron, Rev. S10418x4
10418X41 COONS, Sheldon F. S10418x41
10423   SHELDON, Edward Alan S10423
10438   SHELDON, George Allen, Alan S10438
10468   SHELDON, George Washington S10468
10468X1   SHELDON, George Gates S10468x1
  10468x122 Sheldon Russ SHELDON, Russell Rex S10468x122
10468X14 SHELDON, Raph Nelson S10468x14
10468X142 SHELDON, Garland Nils S10468x142
10468X1421 SHELDON, John William S10468x1421
10468X143 SHELDON, Wilbur Ralph "Bill" S10468x143
10468X143(1A) SHELDON, Vickie S. S10468x143{1A}
10468X144 SHELDON, Jack Burnell S10468x144
10468X4   SHELDON, Abner Noble S10468x4
10468X42 SHELDON, Gertrude Lucy S10468x42
10468X5   SHELDON, Caroline Stella/Minerva S10468x5
10468X54 IZZARD, Russel Charles S10468x54
10472   SHELDON, Charles Willard S10472
10478   CLARK, Caroline S10478
10479   CLARK, Very Ann S10479
10481   CLARK, Abigail S10481
10482   CLARK, Perkins Kirtland S10482
10483   CLARK, Lorenzo S10483
10484   CLARK, Mary S10484
10485   CLARK, Electa S10485
10486   SHELDON, Mahala Jane Of V-V. S10486
10487   SHELDON, Oscar "Periam" S10487
10489   SHELDON, Orson Wolcott S10489
10489X1   SHELDON, Albert Uriah S10489x1
10498X11 SHELDON, Florence Calista S10489x11
10489X111 DOWNS, Frederick Sheldon S10489x111
10489X112 DOWNS, Benjamin Sheldon S10489x112
10489X113 DOWNS, Elizabeth Sheldon S10489x113
10489X13 SHELDON, Winfred C. S10489x13
10489X131 SHELDON, Mable S10489x131
10489X1311 WOODS, Susan S10489x1311
10490   SHELDON, Orlin "Nathan" S10490
10490X1   SHELDON, Frances S10490x1
10490X13 WOOD, Julius "Sheldon" S10490x13
10490X131 WOOD, Frances S10490x131
10490X2   SHELDON, Orville Darwin S10490x2
10490X22 SHELDON, Anna Louise S10490x22
10490X221 REYNARD, Donald F. S10490x221
10490X2211 REYNARD, Jacqueline Rose S10490x2211
10490X2212 REYNARD, Judith Ann S10490x2212
10490X23 SHELDON, Nathan William S10490x23
10490X231 SHELDON, Shirley Doris S10490x231
10490X2311 CLAPP, Susan Ellen, R.N. S10490x2311
10490X2312 CLAPP, Gordon Sheldon S10490x2312
10490X2313 CLAPP, Richard Alden S10490x2313
10490X232 SHELDON, Mary Louise S10490x232
10490X2321 MOSHER, Alan Lester S10490x2321
10490X2322 MOSHER, Jeanne Anne S10490x2322
10490X233 SHELDON, Phyllis Jean S10490x233
10490X2331 CONDER, Carol Jean S10490x2331
10490X2332 CONDER, Janet Dale R.N. S10490x2332
10490X2333 CONDER, Charles Edwin, Jr. S10490x2333
10490X24 SHELDON, Orville Thompson S10490x24
10490X241 SHELDON, Nathan Franklin S10490x241
10490X2411 SHELDON, Orville Gardner S10490x2411
10490X2413 SHELDON, Judy Beth S10490x2413
10490X242 SHELDON, Gordon Cheever S10490x242
10490X2421 SHELDON, Kay Judith S10490x2421
10490X25 SHELDON, Arthur C. S10490x25
10490X251 SHELDON, Ruth Emily S10490x251
10490X2513 BALLOU, Daniel Sheldon S10490x2513
10490X252 SHELDON, Kenneth Lee S10490x252
10490X25121 SHELDON, Dale Scott S10490x2521
10490X2522 SHELDON, Elaine Mary S10490x2522
10490X253 SHELDON, Anna Frances "Ann" S10490x253
10490X2531 DEAN, Diane Joan S10490x2531
10490X2532 DEAN, Joyce Ellen S10490x2532
10490X2533 DEAN, Paula Sue S10490x2533
10490X254 SHELDON, Orville Darwin S10490x254
10490X2541 SHELDON, Mark David S10490x2541
10490X2542 SHELDON, Vicki Ruth S10490x2542
10490X2543 SHELDON, Carol Ann S10490x2543
10490X255 SHELDON, Arthur Chester, Jr. S10490x255
10490X256 SHELDON, Beverly Carol S10490x256
10490X2562 CAMERON, Roger John, 3Rd S10490x2562
10490X3   SHELDON, Arthur Nathan S10490x3
10490X31 SHELDON, Luke Nathan S10490x31
10490X311 SHELDON, John Arthur S10490x311
10490X34 SHELDON, Frances Ann S10490x34
10490X341 GRAVES, Rollin Arthur S10490x341
10490X342 GRAVES, Ann Pita S10490x342
10490X36 SHELDON, Grace S10490x36
10490X361 VAN NOSTRAND, Eileen S10490x361
10498   SHELDON, Rollin S10498
10498X2   SHELDON, Blanche S10498x2
10498X21 EAST, Robert D. S10498x21
10499   SHELDON, Anna S10499
10500   SHELDON, Leverette S10500
10500X3   SHELDON, Jessie S10500x3
10500X31 PECK, Sheldon M. S10500x31
10500X4   SHELDON, Frank Seth S10500x4
10500X41 SHELDON, Robert S10500x41
10500X42 SHELDON, Charlotte Mary S10500x42
10500X43 SHELDON, Betty S10500x43
10500X6   SHELDON, Ruth S10500x6
10506   SHELDON, James S10506
10506X1   SHELDON, Edwin S10506x1
10507   SHELDON, Jacob S10507
10508   SHELDON, William S10508
10509   SHELDON, Helen S10509
1510   SHELDON, Cynthia S10510
10516   VARY, Willet S10516
10521   VARY, Hannah S10521
10530   SHELDON, Daniel S10530
10530XX3 SHELDON, Charles Edward S10530x3
10530X31 SHELDON, Harry W. S10530x31
10532   SHELDON, Isaac S10532
10532X3   SHELDON, Opphelia/Orphelia S10532x3
10532X32 CONYER, Belle S10532x32
10538   SHELDON, Sarah Jane S10538
10538   WICKES, Frank Bovee S10538
10538X14 WICKES, Sheldon Fox S10538x14
10591   HIGBY, Eliza S10591
10593   HIGBY, Sarah Jane S10593
10593X1   CHENEY, Charles Post S10593x1
10593X12 CHENEY, Charles Paul Wesley S10593x12
10593X121 CHENEY, Helen Louise S10593x121
10593X122 CHENEY, Charles P.S., Jr. S10593x122
10593X2   CHENEY, Caroline Eliza S10593x2
10593X24 KINCH, Dorothy S10593x24
10593X241 LUSTER, Donald Raymond S10593x241
10593X2411 LUSTER, Pamela Dorothy S10593x2411
10593X2412 LUSTER, Jacqueline Donna S10593x2412
10593X2413 LUSTER, Sharon Elizabeth S10593x2413
10593X4   CHENEY, Arabella Pauline S10593x4
10593X42 FINCK, Edgar Moore S10593x42
10593X421 FINCK, Edgar Moore, Jr. S10593x421
10593X43 FINCK, William Cheney S10593x43
10593X431 FINCK, Mary Belle S10593x431
10593X432 FINCK, Martha Jane S10593x432
10593X44 FINCK, Emily Ada S10593x44
10593X441 SHELDON, Richard Cheney S10593x441
10593X442 SHELDON, Arabella S10593x442
10593X45 FINCK, Frederic Burkham S10593x45
10593X451 FINCK, Betty S10593x451
10593X452 FINCK, Jane S10593x452
10595   HIGBY, Edmund Sheldon S10595
10595X3   HUGBY, Nora Belle S10595x3
10595X4   HIGBY, Lena F. S10595x4
10595X42 BALDWIN, Laura M. S10595x42
10595X421 SIMONDS, Elsie Margaret S10595x421
10595X4211 FOLLETT, Sally Margaret S10595x4211
10595X43 BALDWIN, Ella Cora S10595x43
10595X431 BROTHERS, Marion S10595x431
10595X8   HIGBY, Walter Jones S10595x8
10595X83 HIGBY, Constance Marie S10595x83
10597   HIGBY, Catherine Alma S10597
10605   SHELDON, Augustus Charles S10605
10605X1   SHELDON, Edmund Perry S10605x1
10605X11 SHELDON, Ralph Havens S10605x11
10605X12 SHELDON, Clarence Edmund S10605x12
10605X121 SHELDON, Clarence Eugene S10605x121
10605X122 SHELDON, Edwin Lee S10605x122
10605X123 SHELDON, Robert James S10605x123
  10605x124 Sheldon David Alden SHELDON, David Alden S10605x124
10605X13 SHELDON, Lloyd J. S10605x13
10605X131 SHELDON, Eleanor Fay S10605x131
10605X2   SHELDON, Benjamin Cushing S10605x2
10605X21 SHELDON, Barbara Cushing S10605x21
10605X22 SHELDON, David Butterfield S10605x22
10605X3   SHELDON, Don George S10605x3
10605X31 SHELDON, Arnold Cushing S10605x31
10605X5   SHELDON, Abbott Westgate S10605x5
10605X51 SHELDON, Howard Watson S10605x51
10605X52 SHELDON, Gail Abbott S10605x52
10605X53 SHELDON, Louanne S10605x53
10605X54 SHELDON, Jane S10605x54
10612   PUTNAM, Arthur S10612
10616   PUTNAM, Albert F. S10616
10616X4   PUTNAM, Daniel S10616x4
10674   SHELDON, Maria W. S10674
10674X1   TROWBRIDGE, Cora B. S10674x1
10674X11 DORN, Mabel S10674x11
10674X2   TROWBRIDGE, George A. S10674x2
10712   MILLER, Elizabeth Griffin S10712
10712X3   MORSE, Jeanie Miller S10712x3
10712X32 WILSON, Gertrude S10712x32
10712X324 LITTELL, Walter Wilson S10712x324
10753   SHELDON, Orson J. S10753
10765   SHELDON, Edward Palmer S10765
10768   SHELDON, Alfred Allan S10768
10768X2   SHELDON, George Henry S10768x2
10768X21 SHELDON, Lewis Palmer S10768x21
10768X211 SHELDON, Emma Hope S10768x211
10768X2111 ROBERTS, Henry V. S10768x2111
10768X2113 ROBERTS, Edwin Lewis S10768x2113
10768X2114 ROBERTS, Vincent John S10768x2114
10768X2115 ROBERTS, Norman Lester S10768x2115
10768X2116 ROBERTS, Wayne Lewellyn S10768x2116
10768X2117 ROBERTS, Douglas William S10768x2117
10768X2118 ROBERTS, Gail Ann S10768x2118
10768X215 SHELDON, Robert Norman S10768x215
10768X216 SHELDON, Shirley Mae S10768x216
10768X2161 DOUGLAS, Richerd Bell S10768x2161
10768X24 SHELDON, Beatrice Jane S10768x24
10768X3   SHELDON, William Eugene S10768x3
10768X4   SHELDON, John Palmer S10768x4
10768X41 SHELDON, Russell Allan S10768x41
10768X42 SHELDON, Linda Belle Jeanne S10768x42
10769   SHELDON, Sarah Matilda S10769
10769X1   MATTESON, Julia M. S10769x1
10769X13 WILCOX, Sarah Viola S10769x13
10769X14 WILCOX, Elizabeth Carr S10769x14
10787   WELLS, Rebecca S10787
10789   WELLES, Oliver S10789
10789X2   WELLES, Sheldon S10789x2
10789X24 WELLS, Sarah Sheldon S10789x32
10789X224 WELLES, William Arthur S10789x324
10789X225 WELLES, Sarah Sheldon S10789x3241
10789X2242 WELLES, Mary Elizabeth S10789x3242
10789X226 WELLES, William Arthur S10789x3244
10791   WELLS, Hannah S10791
10792   WELLS, Mary S10792
10801   SHELDON, William Henry S10801
10801X2   SHELDON, Susan Joanne S10801x2
10801X21 FISK, Hope Sheldon S10801x21
10801X211 SMITH, Barbara S10801x211
10801X212 SMITH, Dorothy Oatley S10801x212
10807   SHELDON, Clark H. Hon. S10807
10808   SHELDON, Benjamin Barber, Jr. S10808
10810   SHELDON, Joseph Whitman S10810
10810X2   SHELDON, George Whitman S10810x2
10810X5   SHELDON, James Courtney S10810x5
10810X51 SHELDON, Joseph Colcord S10810x51
10810X511 SHELDON, David Mcrae S10810x511
10810X5111 SHELDON, David Wilson S10810x5111
10810X515 SHELDON, Phyllis Lee S10810x515
10820   SHELDON, William Eason S10820
10820X3   SHELDON, Sylvanus D. S10820x3
10820X35 SHELDON, Ethel A. S10820x45
10913   WEBSTER, Harriet Julissa S10913
10913X1   WEBBER, Lena Bell S10913x1
10913X11 BOWEN, Walter Albert S10913x11
10914   WEBSTER, Mary "Louise" S10914
10915   WEBSTER, George William S10915
10919   SHELDON, Charles Franklin S10919
10919X8   SHELDON, Edward S10919x8
10936   MARTIN, Helen (Marr?) S10936
11012   MAXON, Thomas Vars S11012
11017   SHELDON, Alsena S11017
11018   SHELDON, Stephen S11018
11055   SILL, William S11055
11055X1   SILL, Edward Pratt S11055x1
11055X1-1 SILL, Margaret Elizabeth S11055x11
11055X1-1-1 CHAFFEE, Kenneth Robert S11055x111
11055X1-1-2 CHAFFEE, Clifford Harvey S11055x112
11055X1-7 SILL, Natalie Ruth S11055x17
11056   SILL, Amanda Cordelia S11056
11056X1   CARD, Amanda Julia S11056x1
11056X1-3 RITTER, Horace Sheldon S11056x13
11056X1-3-2 RITTER, Mary Louise S11056x132
11057   SILL, Emeline Maria S11057
11058   SILL, Lucinda Hulbert S11058
11059   SILL, Cecelia Alice S11059
11059X1   MILLER, Emma Adelia S11059x1
11066   SHELDON, Hoyt S11066
11067   SHELDON, George S. S11067
11075   SHELDON, Robert Edwards S11075
11075X1   SHELDON, Grace Darling S11075x1
11075X4   SHELDON, Sidney John S11075x4
11075X41 SHELDON, Frances Marie S11075x41
11075X411 BROWN, Maxine Marie S11075x411
11075X5   SHELDON, Caroline Edwards S11075x5
11075X51 RAMSEY, Caroline Helen S11075x51
11075X7   SHELDON, Harriet Frances S11075x7
11113   SHELDON, Mary Eleanor S11113
11114   SHELDON, Isaac Melvin S11114
11114X1   SHELDON, Melvin John Ten Eyck S11114x1
11114X11 SHELDON, Grace Estella S11114x11
11114X111 DICK, Jane Elizabeth S11114x111
11114X112 DICK, Evelyn Louise S11114x112
11114X12 SHELDON, George Ten Eyck S11114x12
11125   WHIPPLE, David Moffett S11125
11143   SHELDON, Charles Anson S11143
11144   SHELDON, Dudley Winthrop S11144
11187   DICKINSON, Sheldon Silas S11187
11187X2   DICKINSON, Charles Sheldon S11187x2
11201   SHELDON, John Alexander S11201
11201X1   SHELDON, Charles Alexander S11201x1
11201X14 SHELDON, Eleanor S11201x14
11201X2   SHELDON, Agustus Eastman S11201x2
11201X21 SHELDON, Joel Craik S11201x21
11201X212 SHELDON, Clifford Louise S11201x212
11201X4   SHELDON, Frances Marion S11201x4
11201X7   SHELDON, Archibald Mcdaniels S11201x7
11202   SHELDON, Charles Henry S11202
11202X3   SHELDON, Lewis Pendleton S11202x3
11203   SHELDON, George Preston S11203
11233   SHELDON, Patience S11233
11234   SHELDON, Samuel Wright S11234
11234X1   SHELDON, John S11234x1
11234X11 SHELDON, Grace S11234x11
11234X12 SHELDON, Lee S11234x12
11234X2   SHELDON, Hiram J S11234x2
11234X211 HOGAN, Harriet S11234x211
11234X22 SHELDON, Jay Alderman S11234x22
11234X23 SHELDON, Herbert S11234x23
11234X24 SHELDON, Jessamines S11234x24
11234X25 SHELDON, Wilbur A S11234x25
11234X6   SHELDON, Fred S11234x6
11238   SHELDON, Theodore S11238
11239   SHELDON, Phoebe S11239
11244   SHELDON, Susan Jeanette S11244
11244X2   FISHER, Thurman Henry S11244x2
11244X21 FISHER, Gail Emily S11244x21
11244X21A SCHRAG, Nancy Ellen S11244x21A
11244X22 FISHER, Mertice Clare S11244x22
11246   SHELDON, Charles Arad S11246
11248   SHELDON, Edgar S11248
11248X2   SHELDON, Seth J. S11248x2
11248X21 SHELDON, Frank D. S11248x21
1331   SHELDON, Benajah S1331
1332   SHELDON, Samuel Capt. S1332
  S1333 Sheldon Caleb SHELDON, Caleb S1333
1333   SHELDON, Caleb S1333
1333X1   SHELDON, Caleb S1333x1
1333X12   SHELDON, Caleb Barber/Barber C. S1333x12
1333X14   SHELDON, Asa S1333x14
1333X142 SHELDON, Oliver Hazzard Perry S1333x142
1333X1422 SHELDON, John Leland S1333x1422
  1333x14223 Jester Katherine SHELDON, Katherine Louise S1333x14223
1333X1423 SHELDON, Adaline S1333x1423
1333X1426 SHELDON, Burtsell S1333x1426
  S-1333x1452322 Sheldon Gwendolyn Eileen SHELDON, Gwendolyn Eileen S-1333x1452322
  S-1333x1454112 Sheldon James Eric SHELDON, James Eric S-1333x1454112
1333X147 SHELDON, John Leland S1333x147
1333X1471 SHELDON, John S1333x1471
1333X16   SHELDON, William E. S1333x16
  S1334 Sheldon Mary SHELDON, Mary S1334
1334   SHELDON, Mary S1334
1334X1   REMINGTON, Benjamin S1334x1
1334X3   REMINGTON, David S1334x3
1334X34   REMINGTON, James S1334x34
1334X342 REMINGTON, Ellen S1334x342
1334X3421 THOMAS, Mary S1334x3421
1334X3423 THOMAS, Edward Earl S1334x3423
1334X3424 THOMAS, Ernest Remington S1334x3424
1334X3425 THOMAS, Benjamin H. S1334x3425
1336   SHELDON, John, Rev. Soldier S1336
1338   SHELDON, Mehetable S1338
1339   SHELDON, John B. S1339
  S-1339 Sheldon John B SHELDON, John B. S-1339
1344   SHELDON, Oliver S1344
1345   SHELDON, Mary S1345
1346   SHELDON, William S1346
1348   SHELDON, Jonathan S1348
1351   SHELDON, Othniel S1351
  S1353 Sheldon John SHELDON, John S1353
1353   SHELDON, John S1353
1353X1   SHELDON, John S. S1353x1
1353X1-10 SHELDON, Russell S1353x1{10}
1353X1-11 SHELDON, Clinton A. S1353x1{11}
1353X19   SHELDON, Byron S1353x19
1353X191 SHELDON, Charles S1353x191
1353X3   SHELDON, Hiram S1353x3
1353X33   SHELDON, Carson Hiram S1353x33
1353X334 SHELDON, Hiram Walker S1353x334
1353X3343 SHELDON, Joe S1353x3343
1353X335 SHELDON, Helen May S1353x335
1353X3351 SABIN, Don L., Jr. S1353x3351
1360   SHELDON, William S1360
1363   SHELDON, Bushrod S1363
1364   SHELDON, Zebulon S1364
  S1379 Sheldon John SHELDON, John S1379
1474   SHELDON, Caleb S1474
1477   SHELDON, John "Major" S1477
1480   SHELDON, Susan S1480
1481   SHELDON, Elizabeth S1481
1488   PRAY, Thomas S1488
1492   SHELDON, Benjamin S1492
1493   SHELDON, Nathaniel S1493
  1495 Sheldon Esek SHELDON, Esek S1495
1495   SHELDON, Esek S1495
  S-150 Sheldon Nathaniel Glocester RI SHELDON, Nathaniel S-150
  S150x834132312 Insel Marcia Mountain View CA SEYLER, Marcia S150x834132312
  S150x8416722 MacGunnigle Bruce E Greenwich RI MAC GUNNIGLE, Bruce Campbell S150x8416722
  S-151 Sheldon Ephraim Various Property Deeds SHELDON, Ephraim S-151
  S1532 Sheldon Abraham SHELDON, Abraham S1532
1532   SHELDON, Abraham S1532
1533   SHELDON, William S1533
  S1535 Sheldon Nathaniel SHELDON, Nathaniel S1535
1535   SHELDON, Nathaniel S1535
1538   SHELDON, Mary D. S1538
1577   SHELDON, Betty / Betsey S1577
1577X1   THURSTON, James S1577x1
1579   SHELDON, John S1579
  S-1579 Sheldon John SHELDON, John S-1579
1581   SHELDON, Leafe Or Elphe S1581
1582   SHELDON, Jonathan S1582
1583   SHELDON, Amos S1583
1584   SHELDON, Jonathan S1584
  S1585 Sheldon Jeremiah SHELDON, Jeremiah S1585
1585   SHELDON, Jeremiah S1585
1586   SHELDON, Amos S1586
  S-1586 Sheldon Amos SHELDON, Amos S-1586
1586X2   SHELDON, Amos S1586x2
1586X22   SHELDON, Mary B. S1586x22
1586X222 BAILEY, Mary Ann S1586x222
1586X4   SHELDON, Elizabeth Foster "Betsy" S1586x4
1586X6   SHELDON, Warren S1586x6
  S185x4 12 334 Henderson Ethel BOLTON, Ethel Ann S185x4
1874   SHELDON, Abraham S1874
1875   SHELDON, Amos S1875
1973   SHELDON, Russel S1973
1977   SHELDON, Rebecca S1977
1977X3   TOWN(E), Lydia S1977x3
1977X34   BERRY, Harriet S1977x34
1977X341 FOSTER, Charles Samuel S1977x341
1977X3411 FOSTER, Nathan S1977x3411
  S1977x3411 10 3 Foster Robert Nathan FOSTER, Robert Nathan S1977x3411
1977X3411-10- FOSTER, Ralph Sargent S1977x3411{10}
1977X3411-10-3 FOSTER, Robert Nathan S1977x3411{10}3
1978   SHELDON, Sarah S1978
1979   SHELDON, Phebe S1979
1980   SHELDON, Hephzibah S1980
1984   SHELDON, Samuel S1984
  S-1984 Sheldon Samuel Wilton NH SHELDON, Samuel S-1984
1985   SHELDON, Abigail S1985
  S-1985 Sheldon Abigail SHELDON, Abigail S-1985
1985X4   BOLTON, John S1985x4
1985X4-12 BOLTON, John S1985x4{12}
1985X4-12-3 BOLTON, John Wesson S1985x4{12}3
1985X4-12-33 BOLTON, William Wallace S1985x4{12}33
1985X4-12-334 BOLTON, Ethel Ann S1985x4{12}334
1985X4-12-3344 HENDERSON, Rosaline Nathan S1985x4{12}3344
1986   SHELDON, Francis S1986
1987   SHELDON, Hannah Or Anna S1987
1988   SHELDON, Nathaniel, Jr. S1988
1989   SHELDON, Zackariah, 'Capt.' S1989
1990   SHELDON, Susanna S1990
1992   SHELDON, William S1992
1993   SHELDON, Mary (Or Polly) S1993
1994   SHELDON, Elizabeth (Or Bette/Betty) S1994
1995   SHELDON, Benjamin S1995
1996   SHELDON, Tamer S1996
2489   PRAY, Nathan S2489
2494   PRAY, Joseph S2494
2495   PRAY, Elizabeth S2495
2496   PRAY, Andrew S2496
2497   PRAY, Sarah S2497
2498   PRAY, Parzi S2498
  S-2498 Pray Parzi PRAY, Parizi S-2498
2501   SHELDON, William S2501
2503   SHELDON, Isaac S2503
  S-2503 Sheldon Isaac SHELDON, Isaac S-2503
2504   SHELDON, Benjamin S2504
  2505 update SHELDON, Justus S2505
2505   SHELDON, Justus S2505
2506   SHELDON, Jedidiah S2506
2507   SHELDON, Sarah S2507
2508   SHELDON, Elizabeth S2508
  S-2508 SHELDON, Elizabeth S-2508
2509   SHELDON, Thomas S2509
2511   SHELDON, Gideon S2511
2512   SHELDON, John S2512
  2513 Sheldon Nehemiah MARTIN, Mary Crescence S2513
2513   SHELDON, Nehemiah S2513
2514   SHELDON, Peleg S2514
2515   SHELDON, Mary S2515
2516   SHELDON, Esther S2516
2518   SHELDON, David S2518
2519   SHELDON, Jonathan S2519
2521   SHELDON, Ephraim S2521
  S2522 Shelden Samuel SHELDON, Samuel S2522
2522   SHELDON, Samuel S2522
2522X4   SHELDON, Harvey S2522x4
2522X43   SHELDON, Samuel S2522x43
2522X437 SHELDON, Samuel S2522x437
2522X4371 SHELDON, Ernest S2522x4371
2523   SHELDON, Elizabeth S2523
  S2524 Sheldon Gideon SHELDON, Gideon S2524
2524   SHELDON, Gideon S2524
  S2524x2 Sheldon Truman SHELDON, Truman S2524x2
2524X2   SHELDON, Truman S2524x2
2524X23   SHELDON, Gideon S2524x23
2524X231 SHELDON, William Henry S2524x231
2524X2312 SHELDON, Rosa Eleanor S2524x2312
2524X23121 JENKINS, Jennie Phoebe S2524x23121
2524X231216 SCHAUB, Gertrude Jane S2524x231216
2524X2313 SHELDON, Mary F. S2524x2313
2524X2318 SHELDON, Iris Angy S2524x2318
  2524x234125 Bergey Brian Scott BERGEY, Brian Scott S2524x2342125
2524X24   SHELDON, Bula Or Beulah S2524x24
2524X25   SHELDON, Harvey S2524x25
2524X251 SHELDON, Pearley S2524x251
2524X2511 SHELDON, Hal S2524x2511
2524X25111 SHELDON, Harvey S2524x25111
2524X28   SHELDON, William S2524x28
2524X5   SHELDON, Gideon S2524x5
  S2524x51 Sheldon Truman SHELDON, Truman Chapin S2524x51
  S2524x511 Sheldon Rueben SHELDON, Reuben S2524x511
  S2524x512 Sheldon Levi Ransom SHELDON, Levi Ransom S2524x512
  S2524x514 Sheldon Nathan SHELDEN, Nathan Alonzo S2524x514
  2524x516374 Fleming Richard A FLEMING, Richard Alden S2524x516374
  S2524x518154 Brillhart Douglas BRILLHART, Douglas Wayne S2524x518154
2524X53   SHELDON, Nathan F. (Rev.) S2524x53
  2524x533341 Ossenheimer Merry BELSON, Merry Lee S2524x533341
  2525 Fuller Nathaniel Experience Fuller Sheldons father SHELDON, Jeremiah S2525
  S2525 Sheldon Jeremiah SHELDON, Jeremiah S2525
2525   SHELDON, Jeremiah S2525
2525X1   SHELDON, Horace Fuller S2525x1
  S-2525x1 10 121 Jones Margaret Brosius Phd Peggy BROSIUS, Margaret Ann S-2525x1
2525X1-10 SHELDON, Horace "Fuller" S2525x1{10}
2525X1-10-2 SHELDON, William Arthur S2525x1{10}2
2525X1-10-21 SHELDEN, Arthur Herter S2525x1{10}21
2525X1-10-22 SHELDON, Marie Harriet S2525x1{10}22
2525X1-10-4 SHELDON, Merton Luther S2525x1{10}4
2525X1-10-41 SHELDON, Merton Luther (Jr.) S2525x1{10}41
2525X1-10-43 SHELDON, Lucille Florence S2525x1{10}43
  2525x 10 511 Halstead Robert Louis HALSTEAD, Robert Louis S2525x1{10}511
2525X1-11 SHELDON, Saxon "Sexton" S2525x1{11}
2525X1-12 SHELDON, Rachel S2525x1{12}
2525X11   SHELDON, Elizir Wright S2525x11
2525X11-10 SHELDON, Samantha S2525x11{10}
2525X11-10-2 EMPEY, Elma Emma S2525x11{10}2
2525X11-10-21 REDMOND, Margaret May S2525x11{10}21
2525X11-10-22 REDMOND, Donald Richard S2525x11{10}22
2525X11-10-24 REDMOND, William Frank S2525x11{10}24
2525X11-10-25 REDMOND, Jean Louise S2525x11{10}25
2525X11-10-13 EMPEY, Cora Maye S2525x11{10}3
2525X113 SHELDON, Lodema S2525x113
2525X1131 JUDSON, Horace Malcolm S2525x1131
2525X11311 JUDSON, Mary Lodena "Lola" S2525x11311
2525X113111 HALLIDAY, Betty Jean S2525x113111
2525X11313 JUDSON, Verna Louise S2525x11313
2525X1132 JUDSON, Olive Louisa S2525x1132
2525X11321 ROOT, Clarence Alfred S2525x11321
2525X11324 ROOT, Ross Sheldon S2525x11324
2525X1133 JUDSON, Francis "Fuller" S2525x1133
2525X114 SHELDON, Francis S2525x114
2525X1143 SHELDON, Frances Taber S2525x1143
2525X118 SHELDON, Emma S2525x118
  2525x12 Asenath Weibel Deb SHELDON, Asenath S2525x12
2525X1-2 SHELDON, Asenath S2525x12
2525X1-3 SHELDON, Rebecca S2525x13
2525X1-4 SHELDON, Patience S2525x14
  2525x147222 Young Ken YOUNG, Kenneth Neil S2525x147222
2525X1-5 SHELDON, Harry S2525x15
2525X153 SHELDON, Minerva S2525x153
  S-2525x1532262 BERG, Margaret Katheryn S-2525x1532262
2525X154 SHELDON, Patience S2525x154
2525X1-6 SHELDON, Jeremiah "Jerrie" S2525x16
2525X1-7 SHELDON, Samantha S2525x17
2525X1-8 SHELDON, Amanda Jane "Jane" S2525x18
2525X19   SHELDON, Richard S2525x19
2525X192 SHELDON, Harry Garfield S2525x192
2525X1922 SHELDON, Richard Garfield S2525x1922
  S2525x2 Sheldon Jonathan Riley SHELDON, Jonathan Riley S2525x2
2525X2   SHELDON, Jonathan Riley S2525x2
2525X2-10 SHELDON, Lemuel Nelson S2525x2{10}
2525X2-10-5 SHELDON, Edith Ellen S2525x2{10}5
2525X2-10-54 SHAFER, Maggie Elizabeth S2525x2{10}54
2525X22   SHELDEN, Joshua W. S2525x22
  2525s222322 Knopf Elizabeth Shelden SHELDEN, Elizabeth Louise S2525x222322
2525X224 SHELDEN, Lovina Lousie S2525x224
2525X2247 CORP, Ester "Belle" S2525x2247
2525X22476 CORP, Sharon Louise S2525x22476
  S2525x225 Sheldon Eli Willard SHELDEN, Eli Willard S2525x225
2525X225 SHELDEN, Eli Willard S2525x225
2525X2252 SHELDEN, Mary Jane S2525x2252
2525X22524 DYF, Genevieve Delilah S2525x22524
2525X225243 Morgan, Mary Alice S2525x225243
2525X6   SHELDON, Francis Drake S2525x6
2525X68   SHELDON, Rachel S2525x68
2525X682 KENLEY, Olive Frances S2525x682
2525X6825 RAYMER, Anna S2525x6825
2525X68251 PETH, Colleen S2525x68251
2525X7   SHELDON, Jane R. S2525x7
2525X8   SHELDON, Alexander S2525x8
2525X8   SHELDON, James "Alexander" S2525x8
2525X81   SHELDON, Prospyna S2525x81
2525X814 DRENNAN, Sophia S2525x814
2525X86   SHELDON, Alexander S2525x86
2525X862 SHELDON, Sophia S2525x862
2525X8622 HELSEY, Ina Clarinda S2525x8622
2525X86221 LEADBEATER, Jean Marie S2525x86221
2525X862211 THOMSON, Beverly Joyce S2525x862211
2525X862212 THOMSON, Norman Glen S2525x862212
2525X9   SHELDON, Experience S2525x9
2525X92   BEACH, Murray J. S2525x92
2525X93   BEACH, Asenath S2525x93
  S-2525xB1 Drennan Michael SHELDON, Prospyna S-2525xB1
2527   SHELDON, Hannah S2527
  S-2527 Sheldon Hannah m Gifford Worden SHELDON, Hannah S-2527
2527X3   WORDEN, Joseph Arnold S2527x3
2527X37   WORDEN, Annis Nancy S2527x37
2527X372 KING, Joseph Harry S2527x372
2527X3721 KING, Harry Mark S2527x3721
2527X37211 KING, Thomas Mark S2527x37211
2529   SHELDON, Rachel S2529
2529X1   MORGAN, Abel S2529x1
2531   SHELDON, Sylvia S2531
  S2531 Sheldon Timothy SHELDON, Timothy S2531
2531   SHELDON, Timothy S2531
2533   SHELDON, Friend S2533
2534   SHELDON, Alan S2534
2535   SHELDON, Winter S2535
2536   SHELDON, Nathan S2536
2537   SHELDON, Elihu S2537
2541   SHELDON, Morris S2541
2542   SHELDON, Seneca S2542
2543   SHELDON, Lilius S2543
2544   SHELDON, James S2544
  2545 Sheldon Jeremiah SHELDON, Jeremiah S2545
2545   SHELDON, Jeremiah S2545
2546   SHELDON, Archibald S2546
2546X5   SHELDON, Benjamin S2546x5
2547   SHELDON, Sarah S2547
2547X1   HOWLAND, Clarissa S2547x1
2547X4   HOWLAND, Angeline S2547x4
2547X6   HOWLAND, Rhoda S2547x6
2548   SHELDON, Amelia S2548
2554   SHELDON, Daniel S2554
  2555 Sheldon Edmund SHELDON, Edmund S2555
2555   SHELDON, Edmund S2555
2557   SHELDON, Ann S2557
  S2559 Sheldon Phebe SHELDON, Phebe S2559
2559   SHELDON, Phebe S2559
  S-2564 Sheldon Lucy SHELDON, Lucy S-2564
2564X2   BARLOW, Samuel S2564x2
2564X2-10 BARLOW, Martha Ann S2564x2{10}
2564X2-10-3 WELCH, Sarah Amanda S2564x2{10}3
2564X2-10-38 RIGHTMIER, Ida Ann S2564x2{10}38
2564X2-10-382 KEPHART, Lucille Viola S2564x2{10}382
2565   SHELDON, Phebe S2565
  S2566 Sheldon Martha SHELDON, Martha S2566
2566   SHELDON, Martha S2566
2566X6   ADAMS, Hannah S2566x6
2566X64   JONES, Morris Leach S2566x64
2566X642 JONES, Emma Grace S2566x642
2566X6422 PRICHARD, George Webster (Sr.) S2566x6422
2566X64221 PRICHARD, George Webster, Jr., M.D. S2566x64221
2566X642211 PRICHARD, Candyce Diane S2566x642211
2569   SHELDON, Raymond J. S2569
  S2570 Sheldon Beulah SHELDON, Beulah S2570
2570   SHELDON, Beulah S2570
  2571 Olive SHELDON, Olive S2571
2571   SHELDON, Olive S2571
2572   SHELDON, Luther S2572
  S2573 Sheldon Agrippa SHELDON, Agrippa S2573
2573   SHELDON, Agrippa S2573
  S-2575 Sheldon Mary SHELDON, Mary S-2575
  S2577 Sheldon Caleb SHELDON, Caleb S2577
2577   SHELDON, Caleb S2577
2578   SHELDON, Gideon S2578
  S-2578 Sheldon Gideon SHELDON, Gideon S-2578
2579   SHELDON, Emma S2579
  S-2579x79621 De Monin Charlene Documents DE MONNIN, Charlyne Yvonne S-2579x79621
2580   SHELDON, Mercy S2580
2582   CUTLER, Samuel S2582
2583   CUTLER, Susannah S2583
2584   CUTLER, Thomas S2584
2585   CUTLER, Daniel S2585
  S2585 Cutler David CUTLER, David S2585
  S-2586 Cutler Daniel CUTLER, Daniel S-2586
2586X1   CUTLER, John Ward S2586x1
2586X11   CUTLER, William Daniel S2586x11
2586X111 CUTLER, John Ward S2586x111
2586X1112 CUTLER, Martha Missouri S2586x1112
2586X11121 SHANNON, Martha Cutler S2586x11121
2586X6   CUTLER, Susan Jane S2586x6
2587   CUTLER, Gideon S2587
2587X1   CUTLER, Hannah S2587x1
2588   CUTLER, Joseph S2588
2590   BABCOCK, Elizabeth S2590
2591   BABCOCK, Giffe S2591
2592   BABCOCK, Lemuel S2592
2593   BABCOCK, George S2593
2595   BABCOCK, Isaiah S2595
2597   BABCOCK, William Sheldon S2597
2601   SHELDON, Isaac S2601
2605   SHELDON, Dyer S2605
2606   SHELDON, Asa S2606
2606X1   SHELDON, William Paddock S2606x1
2606X14   SHELDON, Ida S2606x14
2606X15   SHELDON, Edwin Beebe S2606x15
2606X151 SHELDON, Fredricka S2606x151
2606X17   SHELDON, Alice May S2606x17
2606X18   SHELDON, Ada Adaline S2606x18
2606X181 DIKE, Alice May S2606x181
2609   SHELDON, Joseph, Col. S2609
2610   SHELDON, Darius S2610
2611   SHELDON, Susan S2611
2612   SHELDON, Mary S2612
2613   SHELDON, Lucinda S2613
2614   SHELDON, William S2614
2616   SHELDON, Roger S2616
2617   SHELDON, James S2617
2618   SHELDON, John S2618
2619   LEWIS, Roswell S2619
2620   LEWIS, Simeon S2620
2621   LEWIS, Roger S2621
2623   LEWIS, Elizabeth S2623
2626   SHELDON, Augustus S2626
2627   SHELDON, Henry S2627
2628   SHELDON, Sarah S2628
2629   SHELDON, Hannah S2629
2629X2   KENYON, Peleg S2629x2
2629X24   KENYON, William D. S2629x24
2629X243 KENTON, Levi S2629x243
2629X2434 KENYON, William Alfred S2629x2434
2629X24345 KENYON, Thomas Gene S2629x24345
2629X243451 KENYON, Karen Lynne S2629x243451
2629X243452 KENYON, Terry Frazier S2629x243452
2630   SHELDON, Dorcas S2630
2631   SHELDON, William James S2631
2634   SHELDON, Waite S2634
2635   SHELDON, Elizabeth S2635
2636   SHELDON, Mary S2636
2637   SHELDON, Alma "Amy" S2637
2638   SHELDON, Martha S2638
2639   SHELDON, Marcy S2639
2641   SHELDON, Isaac S2641
2642   SHELDON, Susanna S2642
2659   SHELDON, Hannah S2659
2662   SHELDON, Elizabeth S2662
2675   SHELDON, George Niles S2675
  S2676 Sheldon Palmer SHELDON, Palmer S2676
2676   SHELDON, Palmer S2676
2676X1   SHELDON, George Washington S2676x1
2676X15   SHELDON, Uriah S2676x15
2676X15   SHELDON, Uriah Laughlin "Jack" S2676x15
2676X154 SHELDON, Ralph Robert S2676x154
2676X1542 SHELDON, Wendall S2676x1542
2676X1546 SHELDON, Cecil Ralph S2676x1546
  S-2676x15841 Thomas Elaine Fostera FOSTER, Elaine Gail S-2676x15841
2679   SHELDON, Ichabod, Rev. S2679
2703   SHELDON, John Leland S2703
2706   SHELDON, Lansing, Col. S2706
2706X4   SHELDEN, Kirke Roselle S2706x4
2706X41   SHELDEN, Newton Kirke S2706x41
2706X411 SHELDEN, Ralph Gardiner S2706x411
2706X4111 SHELDEN, Ralph Wesley S2706x4111
2706X42   SHELDEN, Minnie Loesa S2706x42
2706X425 SLOMAN, Esther S2706x425
2706X4252 FREEMAN, Esther Jane S2706x4252
2706X5   SHELDON, Martin Van Buren S2706x5
2706X52   SHELDON, Martha Medora S2706x52
2706X521 IDEN, Carl Stanley S2706x521
2706X5211 IDEN, Wyoma Mae S2706x5211
2706X5212 IDEN, Norman Laverne S2706x5212
2706X522 IDEN, Grayce Leone S2706x522
2706X5221 ELLIOTT, Donald Duane S2706x5221
2706X53   SHELDON, Mark Reuben S2706x53
2706X531 SHELDON, Mathew Graves S2706x531
2706X5313 SHELDON, Carl Edward S2706x5313
2706X54   SHELDON, Burton Wallace S2706x54
2706X541 SHELDON, Wallace Duane S2706x541
2706X5411 SHELDON, Douglas Lee S2706x5411
2706X5412 SHELDON, Sharon Ann S2706x5412
2706X5413 SHELDON, David Paul S2706x5413
2706X542 SHELDON, Rosalie Vienna S2706x542
2706X5421 LEE, Theodore R., Jr. S2706x5421
2706X545 SHELDON, Beulah Luella S2706x545
2706X546 SHELDON, Keith Martin S2706x546
2706X547 SHELDON, Stanley Julius S2706x547
2706X548 SHELDON, Robert Francis S2706x548
2706X5482 SHELDON, Gregory Dean S2706x5482
2706X7   SHELDEN, Mary Jane S2706x7
2706X71   GORTON, Florence S2706x71
2706X72   GORTON, Frank Spencer S2706x72
2708   SHELDON, James Madison S2708
2708X1   SHELDON, Rodolpho Ovando S2708x1
2708X11   SHELDON, Mary Ann S2708x11
2708X113 WATERS, Elsie Mavis S2708x113
2708X12   SHELDON, Julia Adalaide S2708x12
2708X121 WEBSTER, Edward Ovando S2708x121
2708X13   SHELDON, Alice Theresa S2708x13
2708X131 AYERS, Roscoe Blaine S2708x131
2708X132 AYERS, Lucille Victoria S2708x132
2708X2   SHELDON, James Rogers S2708x2
2708X24   SHELDON, Harlow Myron S2708x24
2708X243 SHELDON, Lou Belle S2708x243
2708X2431 KATTERMAN, Richard Calvin S2708x2431
2708X2432 KATTERMAN, Donnice May S2708x2432
2708X2433 KATTERMAN, Rose Adele S2708x2433
2708X2434 KATTERMAN, Delores Ann S2708x2434
2708X2435 KATTERMAN, Harlene Joy S2708x2435
2708X25   SHELDON, Josephine S2708x25
2708X253 EGGLESTON, Alice Ann S2708x253
2708X27   SHELDON, Harriet Caroline S2708x27
2708X271 RUED, Hazel Estelle S2708x271
2708X3   SHELDON, Harlow S2708x3
2708X5   SHELDON, Ann A. S2708x5
2709   SHELDEN, Dewitt Clinton S2709
2709X1   SHELDEN, Caroline M. S2709x1
2709X2   SHELDEN, Ezekiel Brown S2709x2
2709X21   SHELDEN, Jay Griffin S2709x21
2709X211 SHELDEN, Raymond Banks S2709x211
2709X2111 SHELDEN, Nona Dean S2709x2111
2709X22   SHELDEN, Cutler Bliss S2709x22
2709X24   SHELDEN, George Randall S2709x24
2709X27   SHELDEN, Roy S2709x27
2709X274 SHELDEN, George Randall S2709x274
2709X2741 SHELDEN, Carole Joan S2709x2741
2709X28   SHELDEN, Ernest Brown (Ernie Bernie) S2709x28
2709X281 SHELDEN, Doris Adeline S2709x281
2709X282 SHELDEN, Laura Eveylin S2709x282
2709X4   SHELDEN, Charles Fox S2709x4
2709X41   SHELDEN, Walter Dewitt S2709x41
2709X411 SHELDEN, Cjarles Hunter, Dr. S2709x411
2709X4113 SHELDEN, Geoffrey Hood S2709x4113
2709X412 SHELDEN, James Thomas, Dr. S2709x412
2709X42   SHELDEN, Mabel Isabel S2709x42
2710   SHELDON, Jemima S2710
2711   SHELDON, Hannah S2711
2712   SHELDON, Abigail S2712
2713   SHELDON, Caleb S2713
2713X2   SHELDON, Lansing S2713x2
2715   SHELDON, Rachel S2715
2715X2   SHERWOOD, William S2715x2
2715X25   SHERWOOD, Joseph Hollan S2715x25
2715X251 SHERWOOD, Walter Roy S2715x251
2715X2512 SHERWOOD, Neil Walter S2715x2512
2716   SHELDON, Parthena S2716
2717   SHELDON, William S2717
2718   SHELDON, Phebe S2718
2720   SHELDON, Ruth S2720
2721   SHELDON, Mason S2721
2724   SHELDON, Anna S2724
2725   SHELDON, Paul, Jr. S2725
2726   SHELDON, Joseph S2726
2727   SHELDON, Hezekiah H. S2727
2728   SHELDON, Dorcas S2728
2729   SHELDON, Perry G. S2729
2730   SHELDON, Abel D. S2730
2732   SHELDON, Mary "Polly" S2732
2733   SHELDON, John S2733
2737   SHELDON, Mary S2737
2737X6   MATCHAM, Caroline S2737x6
2739   SHELDEN, David Jonathan S2739
2740   SHELDON, Lucy S2740
2741   SHELDON, Ira S2741
2742   SHELDON, Andrew S2742
2743   SHELDON, Lydia S2743
2744   SHELDON, Mabell S2744
2747   SHELDON, Daniel T. S2747
2749   SHELDON, George Clinton S2749
2750   SHELDON, Jonathan S2750
2751   SHELDON, Abigail S2751
2751X4   STEWART, Harriet S2751x4
2751X42   CONNER, Harvey S2751x42
2751X423 CONNER, Dot S2751x423
2751X4231 CONNER, Margaret F. S2751x4231
2751X5   STEWART, William S2751x5
2751X51   STEWART, Stephen Sheldon S2751x51
2751X58   STEWART, Benjamin William S2751x58
2751X583 STEWART, Clyde Sheldon S2751x583
2751X5831 STEWART, Paul V. S2751x5831
2752   SHELDON, William S2752
2753   SHELDON, Benjamin S. S2753
2754   SHELDON, Lionel Aluredus S2754
2755   SHELDON, Allen S2755
2756   SHELDON, Alanson S2756
2757   SHELDON, Anna S2757
2758   SHELDON, Asa S2758
2759   SHELDON, Erastus S2759
2759X4   SHELDON, George Washington S2759x4
2759X6   SHELDON, Amanda S2759x6
2761   SHELDON, Diana S2761
2761X2   CALKINS, Jennie S2761x2
2762   SHELDON, Grant S2762
2763   SHELDON, James G. S2763
2764   SHELDON, Winslow P. S2764
2765   SHELDON, Britain S2765
2766   SHELDON, Elizabeth S2766
2768   SHELDON, Jason A. S2768
2770   SHELDON, Edwin S. S2770
2771   SHELDON, William S2771
2779   LENT, Rachel S2779
2780   LENT, Henry S2780
2783   LENT, Nathaniel S2783
2784   LENT, Eleanor S2784
2786   SHELDON, Mary S2786
2789   SHELDON, Hannah S2789
2791   SHELDON, Stephen S2791
2792   SHELDON, Joseph S2792
2793   SHELDON, John S2793
2794   SHELDON, Elizabeth S2794
2797   SHELDON, Webster S2797
2798   SHELDON, Sarah S2798
2799   SHELDON, Vania S2799
2801   SHELDON, Ezekial Whitefield S2801
2803   SHELDON, Olive L. S2803
3002   SHELDON, Elizabeth "Betszy" S3002
3003   SHELDON, Clarissa S3003
3004   SHELDON, Ephraim S3004
3005   SHELDON, Noah, Rev. S3005
3007   SHELDON, Lydia S3007
3013   SHELDON, Clarissa S3013
3014   SHELDON, Theodore S3014
3015   SHELDON, Medad "Alexander" S3015
3016   SHELDON, Rodolphus S3016
3018   SHELDON, Horace S3018
3018X8   SHELDON, George Washington S3018x8
3018X8-9 SHELDON, George G. S3018x89
3018X8-9-3 SHELDON, Mary E. S3018x893
4768X2-1 SHELDON, Mary Jesphine, M.D. S3018x893
3019   SHELDON, Salmon S3019
3020   SHELDON, Socrates S3020
3021   SHELDON, Ora S3021
3022   SHELDON, Mandana S3022
3024   SHELDON, Alva S3024
3025   SHELDON, Olive S3025
3026   SHELDON, Simon S3026
3028   SHELDON, Electa S3028
3035   SHELDON, Elisha S3035
3036   SHELDON, Didorus S3036
  S304 Sheldon So Kingstown SHELDON, Isaac S304
3040   SHELDON, Lydia S3040
3041   SHELDON, Elizabeth S3041
3043   SHELDON, Elisha Wells S3043
3045   SHELDON, Amasa S3045
3047   SHELDON, Hiram S3047
3049   SHELDON, Lucinda S3049
3050   SHELDON, Rufus S3050
3051   SHELDON, Elijah S3051
3052   SHELDON, Harriet S3052
3053   SHELDON, Prudence S3053
3054   SHELDON, Royal S3054
3059   SHELDON, Willard S3059
3060   SHELDON, Charles S3060
3063   SHELDON, Daniel S3063
3064   SHELDON, Samuel L. S3064
3066   SHELDON, Allyn "Allen" S3066
3066X2   SHELDON, Allen (Allyn, Jr.) S3066x2
3066X26   SHELDON, Edward Lanning S3066x26
3066X263 SHELDON, Anna Emma S3066x263
3066X2632 GOFF, Lorna Lee S3066x2632
3066X3   SHELDON, Hannah S3066x3
3066X4   SHELDON, Erastus Lyman S3066x4
3066X42   SHELDON, Frank S3066x42
3066X423 SHELDON, Frank J. S3066x423
3066X4232 SHELDON, Mary Laurette S3066x4232
3066X5   SHELDON, Samuel, Dr. S3066x5
3066X6   SHELDON, William S3066x6
3066X7   SHELDON, Franklin S3066x7
3066X8   SHELDON, Flavel S3066x8
3067   SHELDON, William S3067
3067X5   SHELDON, Hervey Sutherland S3067x5
3067X53   SHELDON, Daniel Webster M.D. S3067x53
3067X536 SHELDON, Harrison Wm. "Bill" S3067x536
3067X5361 SHELDON, Mary Martha S3067x5361
3067X5362 SHELDON, Dorothy Ann S3067x5362
3068   SHELDON, Henry Dew S3068
3068X1   SHELDON, Hannah Lucretia S3068x1
3068X2   SHELDON, Stephen Ketchum S3068x2
3068X2-4 SHELDON, Florence Elizabeth S3068x24
3068X2-7 SHELDON, Nellie (Ellen) Algina S3068x27
3072   SHELDON, Mary Ann S3072
3073   SHELDON, William Russel S3073
3075   SHELDON, Henry S3075
3081   SHELDON, Erastus S3081
3082   SHELDON, Chauncey, Deacon S3082
3084   SHELDON, Esther S3084
3088   SHELDON, "Betsey" Elizabeth S3088
3091   SHELDON, Sarah S3091
3096   SHELDON, Elizabeth S3096
3101   SHELDON, Horace Coles S3101
3103   SHELDON, Timothy S3103
3104   SHELDON, Lott S3104
3107   FRANCIS, Sophia S3107
3126   WATERMAN, Edward Palmer S3126
  S-313 Sheldon Sarah SHELDON, Sarah S-313
3146   SHELDON, Elizabeth S3146
3147   SHELDON, Joshua Willard, Hon. S3147
3147X1   SHELDON, Samuel Bellows, 2Nd. S3147x1
3147X1-1 SHELDON, Jushua Willard S3147x11
3147X112 SHELDON, Seward Willard S3147x112
3148   SHELDON, Samuel Bellows, Jr. S3148
3149   SHELDON, Lucy L. S3149
3150   SHELDON, Sarah Willard S3150
3157   SHELDON, Thomas, Col. S3157
3158   NELSON, David S3158
3158   SHELDON, Ruth S3158
3159   SHELDON, Mary S3159
3160   SHELDON, John S3160
3161   SHELDON, Thaddeus S3161
3162   SHELDON, Chloe S3162
3162X(11) FRARY, Orange S3162x{11}
3163   SHELDON, Thankfull S3163
3164   SHELDON, Moses S3164
3165   SHELDON, Chauncey S3165
3166   SHELDON, William, Dr. S3166
3168   SHELDON, Submit S3168
3169   SHELDON, Josiah S3169
  S-317 Sheldon Rebecca SHELDON, Rebecca S-317
3171   SHELDON, John S3171
3173   SHELDON, Mary S3173
3173X1   LEWIS, John S3173x1
3172X3   LEWIS, Luther S3173x3
3173X4   LEWIS, Eliza S3173x4
3173X5   LEWIS, Ann S3173x5
3176   SHELDON, David S3176
3177   SHELDON, Thomas S3177
3178   SHELDON, Ira, Dr. S3178
3179   SHELDON, Luther Rev. S3179
3180   SHELDON, Sarah S3180
3181   SHELDON, Calvin S3181
3182   SHELDON, Titus, Dea(?) S3182
3183   SHELDON, James S3183
3185   SHELDON, Cyrus D., Hon S3185
3186   HARMAN, Seth S3186
3188   HARMON, Rufus, Deacon S3188
3189   HARMAN, Lucy S3189
3190   HARMAN, Shadrach S3190
3193   HARMAN, Nancy S3193
3194   KEYES, Samuel W S3194
3195   KEYES, Sarah Bellows S3195
3196   KEYES, Stephen Sheldon S3196
3197   KEYES, William S3197
3198   KEYES, Elizabeth M. S3198
3204   CURTIS, Mary S3204
3206   CURTIS, Anna S3206
3206X1   DERBY, George S3206x1
3209   CURTIS, Betsey S3209
3210   CURTIS, Thomas S3210
3214   SHELDON, Charles S3214
3217   EASTMAN, Anna S3217
3224   SHELDON, Nancy S3224
3225   SHELDON, Susan S3225
3228   SHELDON, Mary S3228
3230   SHELDON, Harriet S3230
3233   WOOLWORTH, Thaddeus S3233
3234   WOOLWORTH, Chauncey S3234
3235   WOOLWORTH, Timothy S3235
3236   WOOLWORTH, Jasper S3236
3237   WOOLWORTH, Eunice S3237
3238   WOOLWORTH, S. Sheldon S3238
3239   WOOLWORTH, Alexander S3239
3240   WOOLWORTH, Content S3240
3241   WOOLWORTH, Mila S3241
3243   SHELDON, Henry, Dr. S3243
3244   SHELDON, Maria S3244
3245   SHELDON, Seth Pomeroy S3245
3246   SHELDON, Simeon S3246
3246X9   SHELDON, Frances Corinne S3246x9
3246X9-3 OLIVER, Jay Charles S3246x93
3247   SHELDON, Rhoda S3247
3251   SHELDON, Simeon S3251
3253   SHELDON, Horace S3253
3254   SHELDON, Mary S3254
3255   SHELDON, Seth S3255
3256   SHELDON, George S3256
3257   SHELDON, Eliza S3257
3260   GILLETT, Abigail S3260
3262   GILLETT, James S3262
3264   GILLET, Lucinda S3264
3266   GILLET, Rachel S3266
3267   GILLET, Huldah S3267
3275   SHELDON, Truman S3275
3276   SHELDON, Josiah Jr. S3276
3277   SHELDON, Paraclete S3277
3278   SHELDON, Mary "Polly" S3278
3278X1   PAGE, Lucy Louise S3278x1
3278X1-1 Mc Master, Hamilton Sheldon S3278x11
3278X3   HAMILTON, Flavilla S3278x3
3291   ATWATER, William, Dr. S3291
3312   LYMAN, George S3312
3315   LYMAN, Benjamin Sheldon S3315
3317   SHELDON, Benjamin, Dr. S3317
3318   SHELDON, William H. S3318
3321   SHELDON, Seth H. S3321
3324   WHITMORE, Eliza Hint S3324
3325   WHITTEMORE, Louisa M. S3325
3328   STOCKING, Mary S. S3328
3329   STOCKING, James M. S3329
3334   STOCKING, Phebe Tressa S3334
3337   PARSONS, Ira S3337
3339   PARSONS, Luther M. S3339
3343   SHELDON, Lyman Abbey B. S3343
3345   LORD, Erastus A. S3345
3348   SHELDON, William B. S3348
3349   SHELDON, Charles Dutcher S3349
3350   SHELDON, Mary S3350
3351   LORD, Mary Sheldon S3351
3353   LORD, Joseph Lymen Or Lynde S3353
3353X3   LORD, John Pierpont S3353x3
3353X4   LORD, Frances Ann S3353x4
3353X8   LORD, Eliza Gates S3353x8
3356   LORD, Henry Edwin S3356
3358   LORD, Ceo. Washington S3358
3360   LYMAN, Elizabeth S3360
3363   LYMAN, Samuel F. S3363
3364   LYMAN, Mary S3364
3365   LYMAN, Jane S3365
3370   LYMAN, Catharine Robbins S3370
3370X7   DELANO, Sarah "Sally" S3370x7
3371   WRIGHT, Silas S3371
3372   WRIGHT, Samuel S3372
3373   WRIGHT, Orinda S3373
3374   WRIGHT, Eleanor S3374
3374X2   BIGALOW, Paul Wright S3374x2
3374X3   BIGALOW, Silas Wright S3374x3
3375   WRIGHT, Crecy S3375
3376   WRIGHT, Daniel S3376
3377   SHELDON, Louice S3377
3378   SHELDON, Samuel S3378
3379   SHELDON, Mary S3379
3381   SHELDON, Sarah S3381
3382   SHELDON, Thomas S3382
3383   SHELDON, Edward S3383
3384   SHELDON, Lucina S3384
3384X6   SAUNDERS, Cornelia Jane S3384x6
3384X62   HYDE, Fred Warner S3384x62
3384X622 HYDE, Hazel Helen S3384x622
3384X6221 MAYHEW, Helen S3384x6221
3385   SHELDON, Whiting S3385
3386   SHELDON, Hannah S3386
3387   SHELDON, Huldah Maria S3387
3391   ROOT, Mary S3391
3399   SHELDON, Elizabeth S3399
3400   SHELDON, Mary S3400
3408   SHELDON, Ezekiel S3408
3409   SHELDON, Loretta S3409
3410   SHELDON, Frederick S3410
3411   SHELDON, Justin S3411
3412   SHELDON, Nathaniel S3412
3413   SHELDON, Lorenda S3413
3414   SHELDON, Daniel S3414
3414X3   SHELDON, Emily Avilda S3414x5
3415   SHELDON, Elizabeth S3415
3416   SHELDON, Jasper Saxton S3416
3417   SHELDON, Corydon S3417
3418   SHELDON, Elvira S3418
3419   SHELDON, Laura S3419
3420   SHELDON, Orramill S3420
3421   SHELDON, Abigail S3421
3422   SHELDON, Louisa S3422
3423   SHELDON, Benjamin S3423
3424   SHELDON, Amanda "Minerva" S3424
3428   SHEARS, Mary S3428
3429   SHEARS, Jay S3429
3431   SHELDON, Mary S3431
3432   SHELDON, Norman S3432
3434   SHELDON, Jane S3434
3447   SHELDON, John Stephens S3447
3448   TAYLOR, James S3448
3449   TAYLOR, Elisha Sheldon S3449
3450   TAYLOR, Emeline S3450
3451   CAMP, Samuel Sheldon S3451
3455   CAMP, Electa S3455
3456   CAMP, Edward S3456
3458   CAMP, Mehetable S3458
3460   KING, John Sheldon S3460
3461   KING, Elizabeth S3461
3464   SHELDON, Hervey S3464
3475   SHELDON, Oliver S3475
3475X1   SHELDON, Edward Arnold S3475x1
3475X11   SHELDON, Olive S3475x11
3475X111 DAVIDSON, Harriet Cochrane S3475x111
3476X2   SHELDON, Frederick Carlton S3476x2
3476X21   SHELDON, Carlton Wood S3476x21
3476X211 SHELDON, Helen Marion S3476x211
3476X2111 BROCKETT, Betty Sheldon S3476x2111
3477   SHELDON, Eunice Maria S3477
3478   SHELDON, Edmund Sears S3478
3478X4   SHELDON, Elizabeth Lombard S3478x4
3478X44   BOWLING, Bessie Sheldon S3478x44
3478X441 BOWLING, Raymond P., Jr. S3478x441
3483   SHELDON, Joseph Parsons S3483
3483X4   SHELDON, Henry Theodore S3483x4
3484   SHELDON, Corinthia Eunice S3484
3485   SHELDON, Seth Lyman S3485
3486   SHELDON, Sarah Strong S3486
3502   KING, Henry S3502
3506   KING, Earl Douglass S3506
3514   ASHLEY, Sophia S3514
3520   HARRIS, Ebenezer S3520
3527   SHELDON, Violet S3527
3528   SHELDON, Horatio S3528
3531   SHELDON, Asenath S3531
3532   SHELDON, Simeon S3532
3533   SHELDON, Elizabeth S3533
3544   RODMAN, Elizabeth W. S3544
3545   RODMAN, Thomas W. S3545
3546   RODMAN, Daniel S3546
3547   RODMAN, Lucy W. S3547
3548   RODMAN, Julia S3548
3549   RODMAN, William W. S3549
3551   SHELDON, Mary "Polly" S3551
3552   SHELDON, Ira S3552
3553   SHELDON, Ancil "Ansel" S3553
3553X6   SHELDON, Joseph S3553x6
3553X61   SHELDON, Anna Belinda S3553x61
3553X611 LANPHER, Arthur Frank S3553x611
3553X6113 LANPHER, Linda Jean S3553x6113
3553X6-4 SHELDON, Carl Sr. S3553x64
3553X6-4-1 SHELDON, Carl Jr. S3553x641
3553X6-4-2 SHELDON, Marion S3553x642
3554   SHELDON, Edmund S3554
3554X6   SHELDON, James Madison S3554x6
3554X6-1 SHELDON, Cora Belle S3554x61
3555   SHELDON, Albert S3555
3555X6   SHELDON, Oliver Proctor S3555x6
3555X6-1-1 SHELDON, Muriel A. S3555x611
3555X6-1-2 SHELDON, Thelma S3555x612
3555X6-4 SHELDON, Lodette S3555x64
3555X6-4-1 SHELDON, Groviene S3555x641
3555X6-5 SHELDON, Mable Choloe S3555x65
3555X6-6 SHELDON, Harold Bonaparte S3555x66
3555X6-6-1 SHELDON, Lawrence S3555x661
3555X6-6-2 SHELDON, Carlton S3555x662
3558   SHELDON, Angeline S3558
3560   SHELDON, Sarah Ann S3560
3575   SHELDON, Reuben S3575
3576   SHELDON, Ahira S3576
3578   SHELDON, Juliet S3578
3582   SHELDON, Franklin L. S3582
3604   FOX, George S3604
3609   FOX, Maria S3609
3613   GARLINGHOUSE, Leman Benton S3613
3613X6   GARLINGHOUSE, Walter Sheldon S3613x6
3613X62   GARLINGHOUSE, Walter Sheldon, Jr. S3613x62
3613X622 GARLINGHOUSE, Charles Albert S3613x622
3613X6221 GARLINGHOUSE, Gail Wilma S3613x6221
3625   SHELDON, Joanna S3625
3626   SHELDON, Benajah, Capt. S3626
3627   SHELDON, Catharine S3627
3628   SHELDON, Mary S3628
3629   SHELDON, Samuel H. S3629
3629x6   SHELDON, Arthur Alexander S3629x6
3629X61   SHELDON, Harlan Daniel S3629x61
3629X614 SHELDON, Donald Quinlan S3629x614
3630   SHELDON, Lois S3630
3631   SHELDON, John Huzer S3631
3631X2   SHELDON, William A. S3631x2
3631X21   SHELDON, John Burton S3631x21
3631X212 SHELDON, Olive Belle S3631x212
3631X2121 MILLER, Marylyn Claire S3631x2121
3631X2123 MILLER, Mildred "Kay" S3631x2123
3631X213 SHELDON, Lawrence Burton, Dr. S3631x213
3631X214 SHELDON, Margaret Wilna S3631x214
3631X2141 LEISTER, Linda Sue S3631x2141
3631X2142 LEISTER, Stephen L. S3631x2142
3631X22   SHELDON, Harry L. S3631x22
3631X23   SHELDON, Frank Clyde S3631x23
3631X231 SHELDON, Vivian Mable S3631x231
3631X2311 NELSON, Mary S3631x2311
3631X232 SHELDON, Doris Mae S3631x232
3631X233 SHELDON, Roland Clyde S3631x233
3631X24   SHELDON, Wilna Leone S3631x24
3631X244 CLARKE, Lois Gail S3631x244
3631X4   SHELDON, Samuel Huzer S3631x4
3634   SHELDON, Potter S3634
3636   SHELDON, Samuel Foster S3636
3637   SHELDON, William S3637
3640   SHELDON, Asa S3640
3641   SHELDON, Sarah S3641
3642   SHELDON, Mary S3642
3643   SHELDON, Thomas S3643
3645   SHELDON, Susanna S3645
3649   BUTTON, Charles Sheldon S3649
3651   SHELDON, Francis S3651
3661   SHELDON, Azariah S3661
3669   SHELDON, Editha S3669
3669X3   KENYON, Charles S3669x3
3670   SHELDON, Mary Ann S3670
3670X2   BAYNE, Frank S3670x2
3670X3   BAYNE, Anna S3670x3
3671   SHELDON, Lucia Louisa S3671
3671X3   COON, Mortimer, Dr. S3671x3
3671X31   COON, Margaret Louise S3671x31
3671X32   COON, Mary Cecelia S3671x32
3716   KING, Julia S3716
3716X2   EDWARDS, Elisha Austin S3716x2
3716X3   EDWARDS, Julia Anna S3716x3
3716X4   EDWARDS, Charles L. S3716x4
3716X5   EDWARDS, Elizabeth S3716x5
3716X53   GAYLORD, Winfred M. S3716x53
3718   KING, Emily S3718
3720   SHELDON, Aaron S3720
3732   PHELPS, Albert Sheldon S3732
3733   PHELPS, Ruth Maria S3733
3734   PHELPS, Louice S3734
3751   SHELDON, Paul Warner S3751
3753   SHELDON, Deborah Bundy S3753
3753X2   DEVENNEY, Emma A. S3753x2
3753X2-2 ROBINSON, Hubert Devenney S3753x22
3760   SHELDON, Israel Bates S3760
3760X1   SHELDON, Arthur Bates S3760x1
3760X12   SHELDON, Glen Gleason S3760x12
3760X123 SHELDON, John Glenn S3760x123
3771   SHELDON, Flavel King S3771
3773   SHELDON, Julia Edwards S3773
3774   CLAPP, Silas W., Dr. S3774
3786   SHELDON, Hiram G., Dr. S3786
3789   SHELDON, James Kingsburg S3789
3790   SHELDON, Esther C. S3790
3792   SHELDON, Henry Sidney S3792
3805   DOWNING, Elizabeth B. S3805
3812   SHELDON, Sarah A. S3812
3813   SHELDON, Miriam Pauline S3813
3814   SHELDON, Harriet S. L. "Seneldia" S3814
3819   SHELDON, Homer A. S3819
3820   SHELDON, Horace "Walter" S3820
3821   SHELDON, Harmon Alexander S3821
3821X6   SHELDON, Samuel S3821x6
3822   SHELDON, Henry Luther S3822
3831   SHELDON, Sarah Amanda S3831
3832   SHELDON, Sidney Whipple S3832
3834   SHELDON, Martha A (Margaret?) S3834
3835   SHELDON, Tabitha S3835
3835X3   TABOR, James Martin S3835x3
3837   SHELDON, David Henry S3837
3839   SHELDON, Samuel S3839
3839X3   SHELDON, William Elmer S3839x3
3840   SHELDON, Simon S3840
3841   SHELDON, John Henry S3841
3841X2   SHELDON, Mary Elizabeth S3841x2
3841X21   HAYDEN, Robert Sheldon, Dr. S3841x21
3848   GREEN, Sarah Marsh S3848
3851   CORLISS, Mary F. S3851
3852   CORLISS, George Henry S3852
3867   SHELDON, Charlotte E. S3867
3869   SHELDON, Dothy H S3869
3871   SHELDON, George Justus S3871
3873   SHELDON, Richard Baxter S3873
3874   SHELDON, Henry Wave S3874
3874   SHELDON, Matilda Wood S3874
3874X3   SHELDON, Lilly "Lillie" Bates S3874x3
3874X4   SHELDON, Justus Henry S3874x4
3874X5   SHELDON, Saline Annette S3874x5
3874X6   SHELDON, Alice Jane S3874x6
3874X7   SHELDON, Harriet Submit S3874x7
3874X7-1 BOUNDS, Gertrude Helen S3874x71
3874X7-3 BOUNDS, Edra May S3874x73
3893   SHELDON, Dorcas Elizabeth S3893
3894   SHELDON, William "George" S3894
3894X1   SHELDON, Edwards Lyman S3894x1
3894X11   CAMP, Hestor Truslow S3894x11
3894X12   SHELDON, George William, 3Rd S3894x12
3894X121 SHELDON, Ann S3894x121
3894X1-2-2 SHELDON, George William, 3Rd. S3894x122
3894X2   SHELDON, Raymond S3894x2
3894X21   SHELDON, Edward Wright Ii S3894x21
3894X3   SHELDON, Harold S3894x3
3894X31   SHELDON, Huster Truslow S3894x31
3894X32   SHELDON, Katherine Edwards S3894x32
3894X5   SHELDON, Bayard S3894x5
3894X51   SHELDON, Dorothy Edwards S3894x51
3894X5-1-1 ADIORNE, David Walle S3894x511
3894X52   SHELDON, Mabel Raymond S3894x52
3894X522 FRANCIS, Dorothy Bleeker S3894x522
3901   SHELDON, Jonathan S3901
3901X1   SHELDON, Elizabeth S3901x1
3901X14   WHITTIER, Martha Elizabeth S3901x14
3901X143 COX, Ward William S3901x143
3901X1431 COX, Leith Lucille S3901x1431
3901X4   SHELDON, Jonathan S3901x4
3902   SHELDON, Rosanna S3902
3903   SHELDON, Gad S3903
3904   SHELDON, Abigail S3904
3906   SHELDON, Lydia S3906
3906X8   PEASE, Rosanna S3906x8
3907   SHELDON, James S3907
3908   SHELDON, Cynthia S3908
3909   SHELDON, Luther S3909
3911   SHELDON, Loomis S3911
3912   SHELDON, James S3912
3913   SHELDON, Odiah L. S3913
3914   SHELDON, Horace S3914
3916   SHELDON, Gad S3916
3917   SHELDON, Francis S3917
3917X4   SHELDON, Henry Arastus S3917x4
3917X41   SHELDON, Francis Henry "Frank" S3917x41
3917X412 SHELDON, Margaret Preston S3917x412
3917X43   SHELDON, Alice Edith S3917x43
3918   SHELDON, Caroline Julia S3918
3920   SHELDON, Eliza A. S3920
3922   SACKETT, Clarissa S3922
3923   SACKETT, Gad Sheldon S3923
3924   SACKETT, Abigail S3924
3925   SACKETT, Lydia S3925
3926   SACKETT, Lucy S3926
3928   SHELDON, Butler S3928
3931   SHELDON, Ferando Cortez S3931
3932   SHELDON, Elam S3932
3933   SHELDON, Betsey S3933
3934   SHELDON, Silas S3934
3934X6   SHELDON, Henry Silas S3934x6
3936   SHELDON, Sabrina S3936
3938   SHELDON, Calista S3938
3944   WOODBRIDGE, Lucy S3944
3945   WOODBRIDGE, Sarah S3945
3946   WOODBRIDGE, Dudley S3946
3947   WOODBRIDGE, Gov. William S3947
3949   WOODBRIDGE, John S3949
3951   SHELDON, Isaac Newton S3951
3952   SHELDON, Rufus Harmon S3952
3953   SHELDON, De Witt Clinton S3953
3954   SHELDON, Harvey Newton S3954
3954X1   SHELDON, Charles M. S3954x1
3954X2   SHELDON, Philo A. S3954x2
3954X25   SHELDON, Henry S. S3954x25
3955   SHELDON, Orson Beeman S3955
3955X1   SHELDON, Alice Mae S3955x1
3955X13   STREETER, Maude Lena S3955x13
3955X134 BEADLE, Edith S3955x134
3955X14   STREETER, Edwin Henry S3955x14
3962   KEYES, Maria S3962
3964   KEYES, Peabody S3964
3966   KEYES, Chester Williams, Dr. S3966
3967   KEYES, Sarah Bellows S3967
3968   KEYES, Stephen Elnathan S3968
3969   KEYES, Elizabeth G. S3969
3970   KEYES, Hetty Mary S3970
3971   SHELDON, Elisha S3971
3971X5   SHELDON, Alva Sabine S3971x5
3971X56   SHELDON, James Elbridge S3971x56
3971X561 SHELDON, Rebecca "Rena" S3971x561
3971X7   SHELDON, Maria Evelyn S3971x7
3971X73   RAWSON, Solon Bass, Jr. S3971x73
3971X735 RAWSON, Edward Winston S3971x735
3971X8   SHELDON, Willard S3971x8
3971X82   SHELDON, Samuel B. S3971x82
3971X83   SHELDON, John F. S3971x83
10193X231 SHELDON, Bessie S3971x831
3971X831 SHELDON, Bessie E. S3971x831
3972   SHELDON, Samuel Bellows S3972
3972X1   SHELDON, Nelson S3972x1
3972X13   SHELDON, Eleazer D. S3972x13
3972X132 SHELDON, Evan Marion S3972x132
3972X1321 SHELDON, Donald Markham S3972x1321
3972X13211 SHELDON, Donald Thomas S3972x13211
3972X1-3-2-2 SHELDON, Kenneth Evan S3972x1322
3972X1-3-2-4 SHELDON, Douglas S3972x1325
3972X1-3-2-6 SHELDON, Orpha S3972x1326
3972X1-3-2-7 SHELDON, Helen M. S3972x1327
3972X1328 SHELDON, Perry Valentine S3972x1328
3972X14   SHELDON, Samuel S3972x14
3972X141 SHELDON, Nettie S3972x141
3972X15   SHELDON, Julia S3972x15
3972X16   SHELDON, Homer Giles S3972x16
3972X161 SHELDON, William Wallace S3972x161
3972X1611 SHELDON, Cecil Gordon S3972x1611
3972X163 SHELDON, Bertie Lee S3972x163
3972X17   SHELDON, George Nelson S3972x17
3972X173 SHELDON, Otis Murth S3972x173
3972X1731 SHELDON, Kenneth S3972x1731
3972X1732 SHELDON, George Otis S3972x1732
3972X1733 SHELDON, Stacy S. S3972x1733
3972X1734 SHELDON, Inez S3972x1734
3972X174 SHELDON, Loyal Philo S3972x174
3972X177 SHELDON, Ruth Evelyn S3972x177
3972X1776 KLEMZ, Marvin G. S3972x1776
3972X3   SHELDON, Harmon B. S3972x3
3972X33   SHELDON, William Joseph S3972x33
3973   SHELDON, George S3973
3973X6   SHELDON, Ruth Ann Mildred S3973x6
3973X62   CRITCHETT, Lucy Hepsibeth S3973x62
3973X623 ALLBEE, Robert Roy S3973x623
3973X6232 ALLBEE, Cecil Richard S3973x6232
3973X62321 ALLBEE, Audrey Ann S3973x62321
3973X7   SHELDON, Anson Jesse S3973x7
3973X76   SHELDON, George Freeman S3973x76
3973X761 SHELDON, Margia S3973x761
3973X7611 SCHONE, Richard Deane S3973x7611
3974X10A SHELDON, Chauncy C. S3974x{10}A
3974X11   SHELDON, Lizzie S3974x{11}
3974X3   SHELDON, Giriles Or Giles S3974x3
3974X3-1 SHELDON, Minnie Maria S3974x31
3974X3-3 SHELDON, Leon P. (Lee) S3974x33
3974X8   SHELDON, Laura S3974x8
3974X81   JEWETT, Jane Margaret S3974x81
3974X811 PAXMAN, Alton Henry S3974x811
3974X8111 PAXMAN, Philo William S3974x8111
3974X811111 PAXMAN, Charles James S3974x811111
3975   SHELDON, John G. S3975
3975X2   SHELDON, Sanford Smith S3975x2
3975X22   SHELDON, Jennie Luella S3975x22
3975X221 COOPER, Eleanore S3975x221
3976   SHELDON, Sarah S3976
3976X6   MARTIN, Henry M. S3976x6
3976X63   MARTIN, Amanda S3976x63
3976X635 OSGOOD, Evva Pearl S3976x635
3976X6352 JOHNSON, Dortha Mae S3976x6352
3976X63522 SWANEY, Sue S3976x63522
3977   SHELDON, Louisa S3977
3978   SHELDON, Lucy Willard S3978
3978X10   WHITNEY, John S3978x{10}
3978X11-1 WHITNEY, Joel Judson S3978x{11}1
3978X11-1-6 WHITNEY, Helen S3978x{11}16
3978X11-1-6-1 MINKLER, Ward Whitney S3978x{11}161
3978X11-3 WHITNEY, Lucy S3978x{11}3
3978X11-3-2 ROSE, Myrtle S3978x{11}32
3978X1   WHITNEY, Lois S3978x1
3978X1-1 BLISS, Lucy S3978x11
3978X11   WHITNEY, Clark G. S3978x11
3978X6   WHITNEY, Stephen Beach S3978x6
3978X7   WHITNEY, Elizabeth S3978x7
3978X8   WHITNEY, Eunice Callup S3978x8
3979   SHELDON, Henry "Harry G." S3979
3979X1   SHELDON, Edward W. S3979x1
3979X1-1 SHELDON, Frank J. S3979x11
3979X12   SHELDON, George H. S3979x12
3979X1-3 SHELDON, William Clark S3979x13
3979X131 SHELDON, Marion Elizabeth S3979x131
3979X6   SHELDON, Christopher M. S3979x6
3982   SHELDON, Joshua S3982
3983   SHELDON, John S3983
3985   SHELDON, Sally 'Sarah' S3985
3986   SHELDON, Amos S3986
3987   SHELDON, Susan S3987
3988   SHELDON, Jesse S3988
3989   SHELDON, Olivia S3989
3990   SHELDON, Isreal S3990
3991   SHELDON, David S3991
3992   SHELDON, Eli S3992
3994   SHELDON, Edwin S3994
  S3995 Sheldon Maria SHELDON, Maria S3995
3995   SHELDON, Maria S3995
3997   SHELDON, Sarah (2Nd Sally) S3997
  S4 x 6245 10 134 Johnson Hila M Malad Idaho JOHNSON, Hila Maxine S4
  S-4 Sheldon Godfrey Line Corrections To Magazine SHELDON, Godfrey S-4
  S-4 Sheldon Godfrey Scarborough MEa SHELDON, Godfrey S-4
4001   SHELDON, John Dwight S4001
4002   SHELDON, Lydia S4002
4002   SHELDON, Lydia (Ext.) S4002
4003   SHELDON, Parker The Hon. S4003
  S-4003 Sheldon Parker SHELDON, Parker S-4003
4003X-10- SHELDON, Lucia Osgood S4003x{10}
4003X-10-2 JOHNSON, Daniel Alley S4003x{10}2
4003X3   SHELDON, William Hooper S4003x3
4003X4   SHELDON, John Parker S4003x4
4003X43   SHELDON, Mary Grace S4003x43
  S4003x431 Riveroll Sheldon E RIVEROLL, Sheldon E. S4003x431
4003X431 RIVEROLL, Sheldon E. S4003x431
4003X5   SHELDON, Mary Jones Or Lane S4003x5
4003X6   SHELDON, Jane Bradley "Jennie" S4003x6
4004   SHELDON, Kittridge S4004
4007   SHELDON, Hezekiah Flint S4007
4009   SHELDON, Fanny (Fanna) S4009
4010   SHELDON, Elizabeth (Betsey) S4010
4011   SHELDON, Elbridge Gerry S4011
4012   SHELDON, Lucinda (Lucindy) S4012
4013   SHELDON, Samuel Holton S4013
  S4014 Sheldon Asa Goodell Woburn MA SHELDON, Asa Goodall S4014
4014   SHELDON, Asa Goodall S4014
4018   SHELDON, Sophia S4018
4019   FULLER, George S4019
4022   FULLER, William Franklin S4022
4022X7   FULLER, Adelaide Jewitt S4022x7
4022X75   CHAMBERLAIN, Lynn Closser S4022x75
4022X752 CHAMBERLAIN, (Carol) Louise S4022x752
4022X7521 PHILP, Alison Chamberlain S4022x7521
4025   FULLER, Mary S4025
4101   SHELDON, Sarah S4101
4102   SHELDON, Harvey S4102
4103   SHELDON, Hiram, Dr. S4103
4104   SHELDON, Ira S4104
4105   SHELDON, Cornelia S4105
4106   SHELDON, David E. S4106
4108   SHELDON, Ezra R. S4108
4109   SHELDON, Henry A. S4109
4113   SHELDON, Atla S4113
4114   SHELDON, Albert S4114
4116   SHELDON, Hiram B. S4116
4117   SHELDON, Mary S4117
4119   SHELDON, O Jane S4119
4120   SHELDON, Amos C. S4120
4121   SHELDON, Alfred S4121
4122   SHELDON, Asa U. S4122
4124   SHELDON, Lucina S4124
4128   SHELDON, Hiram Fitch S4128
4130   SHELDON, Angeline Fedelia S4130
4132   SHELDON, Philo Curtis S4132
4136   SHELDON, Charlotte T. S4136
4137   SHELDON, Harriet Newell S4137
4138   SHELDON, Joel H. S4138
4139   SHELDON, William B. S4139
4139X1   SHELDON, Alta Maria S4139x1
4139X2   SHELDON, Harry Grisworld S4139x2
4139X22   SHELDON, William Huff S4139x22
4140   SHELDON, Thaddeus D. S4140
4140X1   SHELDON, Franc Wilbur S4140x1
4140X13   SHELDON, Josephine Sophia S4140x13
4152   SHELDON, Pamelia A. S4152
4153   SHELDON, Almeda S4153
4172   SHELDON, Henry H. S4172
4175   SHELDON, Charity S4175
4175X1   CROFF, William H. S4175x1
4175X15   CROFF, Gilbert E. S4175x15
4175X155 CROFF, Ernest G. S4175x155
4232   HULBURT, Olive S4232
4232X7   BLACKMAN, Dewitt Clinton S4232x7
4232X71   BLACKMAN, Claron Sidney S4232x71
4232X711 BLACKMAN, Helen Field S4232x711
4232X7111 HAMMOND, Jessie A. S4232x7111
4233   HULBURT, Lucina S4233
4255   KENT, Samuel Benajah S4255
4255X1   KENT, Sidney Benajah S4255x1
4255X11   KENT, Joseph Braman S4255x11
4255X118 KENT, Harrison S4255x118
4255X3   KENT, George Washington S4255x3
4255X33   KENT, George Francis S4255x33
4255X3323 BROWER, Vita S4255x3323
4255X337 KENT, Jessie Gertrude S4255x337
4284   SHELDON, Tryphosa Jane S4284
4284X7   BORIGHT, Sheldon S4284x7
4298   SHELDON, Eli S4298
4298X1   SHELDON, Cora S4298x1
4298X2   SHELDON, Albert S4298x2
4298X3   SHELDON, Laura Annette S4298x3
4298X31   BARNHART, Grace Irene S4298x31
4298X32   BARNHART, Edna Lee S4298x32
4302   SMITH, Hiram Sheldon S4302
4302X7   SMITH, Mary S4302x7
4303   SMITH, Nancy S4303
4306   SMITH, David Brainard S4306
4306X1   SMITH, Marcia A. S4306x1
4306X13   RICE, Julia Caroline S4306x13
4306X132 HOLLISTER, Kinner S4306x132
4306X1322 HOLLISTER, Virginia S4306x1322
4306X13221 WENZEL, Gregory S4306x13221
4318   SHELDON, Julia S4318
4319   SHELDON, Joseph S4319
4320   SHELDON, Harmon S4320
4321   SHELDON, Emaline S4321
4323   SHELDON, Betsey Elizabeth S4323
4324   SHELDON, John Preston S4324
4325   SHELDON, Lydia Louise S4325
4327   SHELDON, Harmon Joseph "Joseph" S4327
4327X2   SHELDON, Mary Amelia S4327x2
4327X21   GILL, Islay Van Horn S4327x21
4327X211 GILL, Nancy S4327x211
4327X22   GILL, Sheldon Bailey S4327x22
4327X221 GILL, Mary Sheldon S4327x221
4328   SHELDON, Anna Maria S4328
4329   SHELDON, John Murdock S4329
4329X1   SHELDON, Joseph Harmon S4329x1
4329X11   SHELDON, Jay Anson S4329x11
4329X111 SHELDON, Gordon Randolph S4329x111
4329X13   SHELDON, Rose Fidelia S4329x13
4329X3   SHELDON, Eliza Anna S4329x3
4329X4   SHELDON, George William S4329x4
4329X42   SHELDON, Evra S4329x42
4329X7   SHELDON, Edgar James S4329x7
4329X71   SHELDON, Mabel Grave S4329x71
4329X72   SHELDON, Lena Eliza S4329x72
4329X73   SHELDON, Erma S4329x73
4331   SHELDON, Harriet Elvira S4331
4331X2   HOLBROOK, Chas Edgar S4331x2
4331X4   HOLBROOK, Ella Marie S4331x4
4333   SHELDON, Franklin Wellman S4333
4333X2   SHELDON, Warren Jerome S4333x2
4333X22   SHELDON, Burton Warren S4333x22
4333X23   SHELDON, Atla Bula S4333x23
4334   SHELDON, Melissa S4334
4335   SHELDON, Lafayette S4335
4336   SHELDON, Israel Gustavus S4336
4336X3   SHELDON, Kirke White S4336x3
4337   SHELDON, Caroline Frances S4337
4342   SHELDON, Samuel Richardson S4342
4342X1   SHELDON, Isaac Eber (Md.) S4342x1
4342X7   SHELDON, Quincy Gilmore S4342x7
4342X7-1 SHELDON, Josephine Ella S4342x71
4342X72   SHELDON, Ever Moses S4342x72
4342X721 SHELDON, Mona Ainslie S4342x721
4342X723 SHELDON, Wilber Forest S4342x723
4342X76   SHELDON, Mary Lucile S4342x76
4342X7-6-1 SPALDING, Orin S4342x761
4342X7-6-2 SPALDING, Lanelle Sheldon S4342x762
4332X7-6-3 SPALDING, Coit J. S4342x763
4344   SHELDON, Anna Sarah S4344
4344X3   PORTER, William Rurio S4344x3
4344X7   PORTER, Nathaniel Silas S4344x7
4346   SHELDON, Martin S4346
4346X2   SHELDON, Frederick Martin S4346x2
4346X22   SHELDON, Elizabeth S4346x22
4346X23   SHELDON, Ralph Wells S4346x23
4351   SMITH, George S4351
4353   SMITH, Diantha S4353
4355   SMITH, William Sheldon S4355
4355X3   SMITH, Sarah S4355x3
4357   SMITH, Benjamin S4357
4357X1   SMITH, William Nace S4357x1
4357X11   SMITH, Roger Peck S4357x11
4357X12   SMITH, Marion Frances S4357x12
4357X2   SMITH, Anna Mcclure S4357x2
4358   SMITH, Adam S4358
4358X1   SMITH, Elizabeth S4358x1
4358X2   SMITH, Lydia Katherine S4358x2
4358X4   SMITH, George Howard S4358x4
4359   SMITH, Julia S4359
4370   SHELDON, Oglivie L. S4370
4372   SHELDON, Octavius Ceasar S4372
4372X5   GAILOR, Octavius S4372x5
4372X51   SHELDON, Charles Ezra S4372x51
4372X511 SHELDON, Charles Ward S4372x511
4372X512 SHELDON, Donna Gail S4372x512
4372X53   SHELDON, Elwood Hayes S4372x53
4372X531 SHELDON, Judy Lynn S4372x531
4374   SHELDON, Thaddeus Spencer S4374
4374X1   SHELDON, Charles Calhoun S4374x1
4374X11   SHELDON, James Calhoun S4374x11
4374X111 SHELDON, Luciele Calhoun S4374x111
4374X112 SHELDON, Donald Calhoun S4374x112
4374X2   SHELDON, Rosa Agnes S4374x2
4376   SHELDON, Martin Luther S4376
4380   SHELDON, Mary Edna S4380
4381   SHELDON, Alexander S4381
4381X2   SHELDON, Henry A. S4381x2
4383   SHELDON, Carlton Williams S4383
4383X1   SHELDON, Charles Ernest S4383x1
4383X11   SHELDON, Mary Penfield S4383x11
4383X12   SHELDON, Margaret S4383x12
4383X13   SHELDON, Elizabeth Harriet S4383x13
4383X134 SMITH, Shaler Gordon, Jr. S4383x134
4383X15   SHELDON, Janet Barbara S4383x15
4384   SHELDON, Porter Philetus S4384
4384X1   SHELDON, Cora S4384x1
4384X2   SHELDON, Ralph Crowley S4384x2
4421   SHELDON, Alexander G. S4421
4423   SHELDON, Sarah Ann S4423
4423X1   PHELON, Joseph Stacy S4423x1
4423X12   PHELON, Katherine Elizabeth S4423x12
4423X1-2-1 PIAGET, Kenneth Churchill S4423x121
4423X122 PIAGET, Katherine Elizabeth S4423x122
4423X1222 ALEVRAS, Ronald Allen S4423x1222
4423X124 PIAGET, Eleanor Louise S4423x124
4423X1244 SEALS, Jane Louise S4423x1244
4423X125 PIAGET, Jeanette Augusta S4423x125
4423X126 PIAGET, Particia Ann S4423x126
4424   SHELDON, John Dewitt S4424
4424X3   SHELDON, James Boardman S4424x3
4424X31   SHELDON, Cladys Rodney S4424x31
4424X311 POOLEY, Sheldon George S4424x311
4424X3112 POOLEY, Catherine Elizabeth S4424x3112
4424X312 POOLEY, Janet S4424x312
4424X3122 FRANKS, Caroline Susan S4424x3122
4425   SHELDON, Augustus S. S4425
4425X1   SHELDON, Clinton Jackson S4425x1
4425X1-1 SHELDON, Clinton Jackson S4425x11
4425X112 SHELDON, Clinton V. A. S4425x112
4428   SHELDON, Clarence Dow S4428
4429   SHELDON, Eliza Danforth S4429
4439   SHELDON, Isaac Esleeck S4439
4439X1   SHELDON, Janet Morrison S4439x1
4439X2   SHELDON, Annie Esleeck S4439x2
4441   SHELDON, Alexander S4441
4441X2   SHELDON, Alexander Esleeck S4441x2
4441X22   SHELDON, Alexander Esleeck, Jr. S4441x22
4441X23   SHELDON, Catherine S4441x23
4441X3   SHELDON, Porter Farley S4441x3
4441X31   SHELDON, Portex Farley S4441x31
4445   JACKSON, Rev. Sheldon S4445
4478   SHELDON, Marson R. S4478
4478X2   SHELDON, Charles Elliott S4478x2
4478X21   SHELDON, Earnest Lee S4478x21
4478X22   SHELDON, True William S4478x22
4478X23   SHELDON, Irene Alberta S4478x23
4479   SHELDON, Charles Gilbert S4479
4479X1   SHELDON, Harry A. S4479x1
4479X2   SHELDON, Hattie Almira S4479x2
4479X3   SHELDON, Fannie Elizabeth S4479x3
4479X5   SHELDON, Rose Emma S4479x5
4479X6   SHELDON, Sarah Frances S4479x6
4479X7   SHELDON, James Alvin S4479x7
4479X8   SHELDON, Louis Arthur S4479x8
4479X85   SHELDON, John Gilbert S4479x85
4479X851 SHELDON, Rose Marie S4479x851
4487   SHELDON, Eunice S4487
  S4488 Sheldon Rebecca SHELDON, Rebecca S4488
4488   SHELDON, Rebecca S4488
4488X3   FLAGG, Eliab S4488x3
4488X35   FLAGG, Charles H. S4488x35
4488X354 FLAGG, Minnie Ora S4488x354
4488X3543 MANSFIELD, Finis Edna "Evelyn" Or "Phyliss" S4488x3543
4489   SHELDON, Mary S4489
4490   SHELDON, Sarah (Or Sally) S4490
4491   SHELDON, Ephraim S4491
4493   SHELDON, Pamelia S4493
4494   SHELDON, Hannah S4494
4494X2   ALLEY, Catherine L. S4494x2
4494X21   POUSLAND, Kate Alley S4494x21
4497   SPENCER, Morton S4497
4516   SHELDON, Henry Newton S4516
4516X2   SHELDON, Wilmon H. S4516x2
4516X22   SHELDON, Sarah Morse S4516x22
4516X23   SHELDON, Caroline Crocker S4516x23
4517   SHELDON, Edward Stevens S4517
4518   SHELDON, Chauncey Cooley S4518
4518X2   SHELDON, Russell Firth S4518x2
4518X21   SHELDON, Louisa S4518x21
4518X22   SHELDON, Russell Hewey S4518x22
4518X23   SHELDON, Edward Firth S4518x23
4562   SHELDON, Amos S4562
4563   SHELDON, Hiram S4563
4563X5   SHELDON, Amos Delos S4563x5
4563X51   SHELDON, May Elvira S4563x51
4563X511 BRYANT, Hazel Grace (Phelps) S4563x511
4563X5112 BRYANT, Philip Landon S4563x5112
4563X5113 BRYANT, Marjorie Helen S4563x5113
4563X513 PHELPS, Donald Evan S4563x513
4563X53   SHELDON, Burt/Bert Charles S4563x53
4563X532 SHELDON, Harold Charles S4563x532
4563X5321 SHELDON, Sandra Jean S4563x5321
4563X5322 SHELDON, Shirley Ann S4563x5322
4563X54   SHELDON, William Hiram S4563x54
4563X542 SHELDON, Lois Mae S4563x542
4563X55   SHELDON, Bessie Belle S4563x55
4563X554 HALLIWILL, Dorothy G. S4563x554
4564   SHELDON, Isaac S4564
4568   SHELDON, Ann S4568
4572   SHELDON, Eli S4572
4575   SHELDON, Seth S4575
4576   SHELDON, Cynthia J S4576
4577   SHELDON, George S4577
4577X2   SHELDON, George Lemmon S4577x2
4577X21   CARNEY, Chester Sherman S4577x21
4577X216 CARNEY, Ruth Elizabeth S4577x216
4577X2162 SPAETH, Ruth Nancy (Robin) S4577x2162
4579   SHELDON, Chavity S4579
4579X2   COOLEY, Sarah Lorion S4579x2
4579X21   FITCH, Carrie Burns S4579x21
4579X212 CAMPBELL, Lorion S4579x212
4579X217-1 BASSETT, Elizabeth Ann S4579x2121
4579X2113 BASSETT, Dorothy Lorion S4579x2123
4579X3   COOLEY, Elizabeth Adell S4579x3
4580   SHELDON, Lorion S4580
4583   REMINGTON, Abijah S4583
4595   MOSES, Samuel Allen S4595
4595X3   MOSES, Harriet Alice S4595x3
4595X31   FRANCIS, Allie Viola S4595x31
4595X312 WATSON, Beatrice Knight S4595x312
4595X3121 PURCHASE, Carolyn Ruth S4595x3121
4601   SHELDON, Calvin E. S4601
4601X8   SHELDON, Aaron Eastman S4601x8
4601X9   SHELDON, Dwight Warren S4601x9
4601X9-3 SHELDON, Charles Truman S4601x93
4601X934 SHELDON, Delbert Truman S4601x934
4606   SHELDON, Aaron S. S4606
4608   SHELDON, Betsey S4608
4608X7   PECK, Fred S4608x7
4608X73   PECK, Ella S4608x73
4608X731 CLARK, Bernard Cyril S4608x731
4608X7312 CLARK, Rita Rae S4608x7312
4611   SHELDON, Lucina "Lucinda" S4611
4612   SHELDON, Jane Ann S4612
4613   SHELDON, Elizabeth S4613
4615   SHELDON, William Elliot S4615
4615X1   SHELDON, Henry Ward S4615x1
4615X11   SHELDON, Henry Gillespie S4615x11
4616   SHELDON, Addison Curtis S4616
4617   SHELDON, Rolland Fuller, M.D. & D.D. S4617
4617X2   SHELDON, Addison Erwin S4617x2
4617X23   SHELDON, Philip Lisle S4617x23
4617X231 SHELDON, Keith Walker S4617x231
4617X232 SHELDON, Joan Walker S4617x232
4619   SHELDON, Abraham C. "Lineus" S4619
4619X1   SHELDON, Arthur Lasalle S4619x1
4619X12   SHELDON, Warren Blakesle E S4619x12
4619X13   SHELDON, Lynn S4619x13
4621   SHELDON, Jonathan S4621
4621X1   SHELDON, Mary Priscilla S4621x1
4621X14   OVIATT, Elga Belle S4621x14
4621X141 REDMOND, Robert L. S4621x141
4621X61   KAY, Willis Charles S4621x61
4621x612 KAY, Doris Helise S4621x612
4621X6121 SNELDING, Radford Kay S4621x6121
4641   CURTIS, John B. S4641
4644   SHELDON, John Horace S4644
4645   SHELDON, Mary S4645
4647   JOHNSON, Julius S4647
4650   JOHNSON, Sheldon Dr. S4650
4651   SHELDON, Hezekiah Spencer S4651
4654   SHELDON, Martin J. S4654
4662   SHELDON, Adaline S4662
4665   SHELDON, Sophia Harmon S4665
4667   SHELDON, Mariette S4667
4668   SHELDON, Oscar S4668
4668X1   SHELDON, Millard Sylvester S4668x1
4668X11   SHELDON, Guy Elmer S4668x11
4668X111 SHELDON, Millard Theodore S4668x111
4668X1111 SHELDON, Ruth Carolyn S4668x1111
4668X1112 SHELDON, Millard Theodore Jr. S4668x1112
4668X11121 SHELDON, Michelle Renee S4668x11121
4668X112 SHELDON, Bruce Elmer S4668x112
4668X12   SHELDON, Oscar John S4668x12
4668X121 SHELDON, Bernard James Millard S4668x121
4668X122 SHELDON, Bernice Jennie Mary S4668x122
4668X1221 LARSON, Louis S4668x1221
4668X12211 LARSON, Louis Ii S4668x12211
4668X12212 LARSON, Raymond Cloyd S4668x12212
4668X1222 LARSON, Charles Bernard S4668x1222
4668X12221 LARSON, Leonard Leland S4668x12221
4668X12222 LARSON, Pauline Jean S4668x12222
4668X12223 LARSON, Charles Henry S4668x12223
4668X12224 LARSON, Dororthy Ann S4668x12224
4668X12225 LARSON, Deborah Marie S4668x12225
4668X12226 LARSON, Tammy Dee S4668x12226
4668X12227 LARSON, Lee Ann S4668x12227
4668X123 SHELDON, Verl Oscar S4668x123
4668X124 SHELDON, Mary Viola S4668x124
4668X1241 THUNE, Bartley Douglas S4668x1241
4668X1242 THUNE, Stephen Sydney S4668x1242
4668X125 SHELDON, Merle Harlyn S4668x125
4668X1251 SHELDON, Susan C. S4668x1251
4668X1252 SHELDON, Cynthia Kim S4668x1252
4668X1253 SHELDON, Todd John S4668x1253
4668X13   SHELDON, Albert Lyle S4668x13
4668X131 SHELDON, Ester Loraine S4668x131
4668X1311 KISSLING, Roberta Jean S4668x1311
4668X1312 KISSLING, Joanne S4668x1312
4668X1313 KISSLING, Ruth Jeanette S4668x1313
4668X1314 SHELDON, Kissling Rita Janelle S4668x1314
7932X1-6 SHELDON, Kittie A. S4668x1314
4668X132 SHELDON, Harlan Marsh S4668x132
4668X133 SHELDON, Alvin Dale S4668x133
4668X134 SHELDON, Lyle Albert S4668x134
4668X1341 SHELDON, Barbara Lynn S4668x1341
4668X14   SHELDON, Mable Alice S4668x14
4668X141 COMFORT, Kenneth Jay S4668x141
4668X143 COMFORT, Donald Wayne S4668x143
4668X144 COMFORT, Dorothy Mae S4668x144
4668X1442 HEINS, Gregory Russell S4668x1442
4668X1443 HEINS, Douglas Edward S4668x1443
4668X145 COMFORT, Ella Louise S4668x145
4668X1451 COMFORT, Jeanie Louise S4668x1451
4668X1452 KNOX, John David S4668x1452
4668X1453 KNOX, Robert Earl S4668x1453
4668X2   SHELDON, Eugene Waite S4668x2
4668X23   SHELDON, Sidney Gaylord S4668x23
4668X231 SHELDON, Nellie May S4668x231
4668X235 SHELDON, Grover Linwood S4668x235
4668X4   SHELDON, Elmer Ellsworth S4668x4
4670   SHELDON, Smith S4670
4671   SHELDON, Mary Jeanette S4671
4672   SHELDON, Octavia S4672
4673   SHELDON, Elon S4673
4676   SHELDON, George Emel S4676
4676X2   SHELDON, George Aaron S4676x2
4676X21   SHELDON, Elon Russell S4676x21
4676X24   SHELDON, Mildred S4676x24
4676X242 SHELDON, Janet S4676x242
4676X4   SHELDON, Harriet S4676x4
4676X41   VICKERS, Alida S4676x41