GoFundMe for the Sheldon Store in Rupert, VT

From Frank S. Sheldon - 4 Dec 2018

The Sheldon Store has been a landmark in the area since the late 1800. From the link below you can see they are trying to preserve its existence and make it into an historical site and meeting place for the community. As you read they are looking for donations to buy and develop the site. They asked me if SFA could help in any way.  I told them I would ask the Board if it would be possible to put the information on  the SFA web page and Facebook. If there are any other ways the Association can help them I’m sure they would appreciate the suggestions.   

For the link to help fund the Sheldon Store click on - Sheldon Store GoFundMe.

For an in depth discription of the information click on - Sheldon Store Rupert VT.

Did you know we have 631 "Rupert, VT" events in our SFA database?  That includes 322 birth, 187 deaths and 63 marriages.