Do you have someone in your family that you feel should be enshrined into the history of the Sheldon Family Association?

A few years ago, a family member thought that the amount of effort put forth by a relative (Marie Sheldon Hine) significantly moved forward the purpose and efforts of the Sheldon Family Association (SFA). Marie hosted two very successful Sheldon Reunions in Bennington, Vermont, a task that is a major effort given the rich and overwhelming family history in the area.

The family took it upon themselves to create a memorial plaque and upon it inscribed Marie’s name. They then contributed the plaque to the SFA with the intention of having the SFA display the plaque at its Annual Reunions and to have either the Board of Directors or other members to place additional names to the plaque to make a sort of Hall of Fame list.

This year the SFA Board took upon itself the task to make the “Memorial Plaque” a reality. As a starting point it looked at similar programs and their processes. SFA’s Board has adopted a process and put it in place in order to achieve the mission set forth by Marie’s family.

Like other memorials such as putting a stone with a name on a walkway, a plaque with a name on a park bench or a name on a wall, SFA is asking families to nominate their individual by submitting a completed application along with a gifted contribution to help underwrite the costs. The SFA Board has the responsibility to review the application for all the proper criteria and when approved will add the name to the plaque, as well as, putting the information about the honoree on the SFA website.

Download the SFA Recognition Form along with step by step instruction on what and where to submit the information.  Return the form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Like the Sheldon Family Association, the focus of the memorial is to recognize the efforts of an individual who has advanced the cause and history of the Sheldon name either by their research work or a lifetime achievement. The individual you want to memorialize can be a worthy deceased Sheldon or Sheldon relative such as a spouse, cousin or immediate in-law.

So, give it some thought about someone in your family or someone you know that helped the Sheldon history.

Many people believe Ellis Island gave new names to many of the immigrants coming into America.  The linked article claims otherwise.  Be sure to read the many comments after the article.  I love this kind of debate.  Do you believe your family name was changed?


On the other hand, people have changed their names for many reasons.  Read the following article to get another opinion, but be sure to read the last section about Ellis Island.


The Sheldon Family Association (SFA) database has over 125,000 people listed.  The names and relationships were  accumulated over the last 150 years starting with H.O.Sheldon in 1855.  In 1955 the SFA was refounded and started writing letters to all people named Sheldon to prove or disprove the genealogy collected 100 years earlier. They collected over 200,000 family letters discribing what people thought were their own ancestors.  There were so many people and letters the data was transfered to index cards while new family members got extension numbers off the original printed genealogy tree.  In 1985 the data was tediously transfered to a computer program from the index cards.  In 2013 the data finally was converted to a real genealogical program.

Going to the library is becoming a thing of the past!  With more books being scanned and put on the net, you can do great research from home.  I just discovered this great resource.  See if you can find your relatives by using it.  Type "Sheldon Magazine" in the Title search box and find all volumes of The Sheldon Magazine along with Extension Corrections.  WOW! ?

Genealogy Gophers - Click the link to the left and don't get dressed to go to the library.


Have you ever wondered how many websites are dedicated to genealogy on the internet?  Cyndi's List has kept track of most of them.  You can see all the sites she has collected by category at:

Genealogy Categories at Cyndi's List

She has collected almost 337,000 websites dealing with genealogy.  In the United States alone there are over 166,000 websites.  You can click on the link above and pick a state and then on a link to see any site.  This might help you find a group or person close to your research needs.  Seeing this list makes our site look pretty small.  I hope we can help our Sheldon/Shelden families find their ancestors.