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The Sheldon Family Association (SFA) encourages
research and collection of data that may contribute to the greater
understanding of the extended SHELDON family. After careful consideration of
such works, SFA may choose to publish selected materials and to make them
available to its members. However, since it is not possible for SFA to vouch
for the accuracy of the content or opinion, the reader should understand
that SFA in no way implies blanket verification and certification of these

All prices US dollars.

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Sheldon Places … $8.50
by S4479x851 Rose Sheldon Newton. A Gazetteer of Places, Towns, Townships,
Mountains, Museums, Monuments, Homes, and Things that carry the name Sheldon
in the USA, with maps and illustrations to early Sheldon locations. The
author states “This collection is designed to help find lost Sheldon lineage
connections”. An important research tool with a detailed table of contents
and an every name index.

Survey of Sheldon Places and Towns in England … $6.00
by S4298x511 Steven Sheldon of Torquay Devon England, 40 pages. The
companion to the above volume. A Gazetteer of England, has maps locating
Sheldon towns and places in the counties of Derby, Warwick, West Midlands,
Worcestershire, Hereford and Oxfordshire. Learn more about Sheldon Towns in
England, Archbishop Gilbert Sheldon and the Sheldonian Theatre at Oxford,
Sheldon Manor (a castle) in Wiltshire. This booklet contains genealogy
charts with information for and about the Elizabethan Tapestry Weaving
Sheldons the first to bring the art to England, woven into the fabric of
historic events of the 16th century England impelling the migration to the
new world by later Sheldons.

Historical Sketch of the Sheldon Family … $5.00
by S7879 Henry Waters Sheldon of Yonkers, NY for the SFA reunion held August
8, 1912, in Rupert Vermont, 10 pages. In 1913 Roy Farrar Sheldon of
Schenectady, NY , published this sketch in book form. We present it in easy
to read print in manuscript form. Of particular interest to descendants of
S5 Isaac.

S5 Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, CT … $5.00
by S4760x32 Charlotte A. Hunt of Worcester, MA., 13 pages. A reprint of an
article published in the April, 1963 issue of N.E.G.H.R. A well-documented
treatise; includes a map of Windsor with a diagram of the lots owned by S5
Isaac and his neighbors; a reproduction of page 40 of the original Windsor
land record book, all of which is used to settle the question of S1 Isaac.

The Family of Thomas Woodford … $4.00, 9 pages

The Family of Robert Blott … $4.00, 11 pages
by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider. The author has saved you time and money
by reprinting this information from Various Ancestral Lines of James
Goodwin & Lucy (Morgan) Goodwin
by Frank Farnsworth Starr. This 1915
Genealogy is regarded as a classic by Donald Lines Jacobus. Descendants of
S5 Isaac will want a copy of both 6. and 7.

The Will of S5 Isaac Sheldon … $4.50

The Will of S46 Jonathan Sheldon $4.50
Transcribed by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider. These two wills have been
photocopied and include estate inventories.


John Sheldon and the Old Indian Homestead … $5.00
by Jennie Arms Sheldon, wife of S2981 George Sheldon, 21 pages. Considered
one of the best stories of the 1704 Deerfield Massacre. A paper read at the
annual meeting of the Pocumtuck Memorial Valley Association, August 12,

The Story of Remembrance Sheldon S113 … $4.00
transcribed by Matilda S. Hyde in 1920, 14 pages. Remembrance, a son of S35
John, was captured in the 1704 raid at Deerfield and taken to Canada when he
was eleven years old. Fourteen years later after being rescued by his
grandfather, Remembrance wrote this vivid, interesting narrative on the eve
of his wedding day.

Pertaining to S35 John Sheldon … $5.00
by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 6 pages. A collection of items, includes
a copy from a daguerreotype of the Old Indian House taken in 1848 shortly
before the house was razed, a brief biography of John while a resident of
Deerfield, a genealogical chart, a facsimile and transcription of his will,
information about the Ensign John Sheldon Chapter of the Colonial Dames.

Sheldon the Fighting Quaker.” … $4.00
by Maj. Alex Well, 8 pages. Published in the New York Knickerbocker Press in 1929 on Sept. 22, this article tells the story of S8050 Capt. Jonathan
Sheldon of Rhode Island, descendant of the Pawtuxet-Providence S8 John.
Ancestral charts included.

The (Sheldon) Ship “Hanover” of Providence RI … $4.00
by S5720x23 Irving Chase Sheldon, 10 pages. An account based on logs and
records kept by S2350 Capt Pardon Sheldon, owner and master of the Hanover,
of his voyage in 1838 from Providence, RI to St. Petersburg, Russia and
return. This paper is illustrated with a chart of the voyage, a picture of
the Hanover, and a genealogical chart. As an added bonus, the paper offers
information about early shipbuilding and navigation.

An 8″ x 10″ Color Reproduction of ship “Hanover” … $6.00
Suitable for Framing.

The Last March of the Army of Robert E. Lee … $4.00
by S5720 Maj. James Rhodes Sheldon, 15 pages. An eyewitness account of the
final days of the Civil War. With pictures, maps and genealogical charts.
From this moving paper, learn how James R. Sheldon, a native of RI became a
Major in the Confederate Army. Previously available for public reading only
at the Virginia Historical Society Library in Richmond, VA., we are able to
provide this to a wider audience through the generosity of his grandson,
Irving C. Sheldon.

Sheldons in the Salem Witch Trials … $4.00
by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 16 pages. An illustrated booklet
bringing together in one source all the testimony of Susannah Sheldon and
S151 Ephraim in the Salem trials of 1691-92. Contains an indexed map showing
all landowners in Salem Village (Now Danvers) in 1692, has background
material for events leading up to the trials and includes one complete trial
from the indictment to execution. Written for the 1987 Sheldon Family
meeting in Salem.

Stories of Early Days of the Settlement of Aurora, Ohio … $4.00
10 pages. The story of “going west” in 1800 when S627 Capt. Ebenezer Sheldon
emigrated from Suffield, CT to Aurora, Portage Co., Ohio. We present this to
our readers through the kindness of Gertrude McDonald a descendant living in

Charles and Lydia (Taft) Sheldon, A Colonial Couple … $4.00
by S7295x513 Frances S. Russell, 6 pages. This is the story of S358 Charles
and Lydia, parents of S1047 Ephraim, a soldier of the Revolutionary War.
From this well written article learn how Lydia Taft and President Taft share
the same American ancestor; and follow the family’s emigration across the
United States from Massachusetts to Claremont, California, where Charles
Burt Sheldon became one of the original trustees and the first treasurer of
Pomona College.

S1047 Ephraim Sheldon, Soldier of the Revolution … $4.00
by S7295x513 Francis S. Russell, 13 pages. This study includes biographical
and historical background information, a copy of Ephraim’s pension
application and transcription, maps of the battles Ephraim was in, and a
family group sheet. This article is a good example of how to present a part
of one’s family history in an interesting way.

Sheldon Family Assoc. A 50 Year History 1939 – 1989 … $8.00
Compiled by Keith M. Sheldon, 50 pages. This publication is a must for every
SFA member. Keith has consolidated, in time-sequence, pertinent facts on the
Sheldon Family Association into one accessible source to commemorate the
SFA’s 50th year. The information compiled for this history was gleaned from
letters, reports, programs, newspaper stories and genealogical records. A
number of the sources for the information are reproduced and included as

Sheldons Met by H.O. Sheldon In His Travels … $4.00
by S4479x851 Rose Sheldon Newton, 10 pages. A list giving Last Name, First
Name, date met, location, capsule review. ex: “Sheldon, Isaac 23 JAN 1844
HOS vis with Joseph I. S, Rupert VT.” A guide to your ancestors in the HOS
journals 1817 – 1845. 1845 – 1867 next project.

S4 Godfrey Sheldon, Planter, of Bakewell Parish,
Co. Derby, England & Scarborough, York Co. Maine … $5.00

by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 28 pages. The author states “The
intention of this report is to bring together in one place all the records
that have so far been found for S4 Godfrey Sheldon in order that work once
done need not be repeated by others and to make this information available
to interested members”. This handsomely detailed booklet is the first of a
series of progenitor reports. This compilation of information on S4 Godfrey
Sheldon contains a chronology, family chart, narrative account, copy and
transcription of the will of Godfrey Sheldon, map of Sheldon property in
Scarborough, Me., as well as a list of records consulted, researchers and

S4760 Edward Austin Sheldon, An Extract from His Autobiography,
1896 and Domestic Activities on the Farm 1830 – 1850 … $4.00

by S4759 Dorliska Elizabeth Sheldon, 7 pages. Edited by Mary Sheldon Barnes
and Frances Elizabeth Sheldon Alling, daughters of Edward Austin Sheldon,
this extract from the autobiography of Edward Austin Sheldon is from a book
printed in 1911. Dorliska Sheldon’s composition Domestic Activities was given to the Penfield Library of the State University of New York at
Oswego by Frances Davis in 1961. The College has granted permission in 1991
to The Sheldon Family Association Inc. to add it to their publications sold
to Sheldon descendants for historic study.

S14 William Sheldon of Bakewell Parish, Co.
Derby, England, Scarborough, York Co., Maine & Salem Village, Essex Co.,
Massachusetts both in the province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England
… $5.00

by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 31 pages. The author takes on the issue
of whether there were one or two William Sheldons in Salem, and addresses
the validity of the statement found on page 1 of the Sheldon Magazine that S3 William came “With Gov. Endicott to Boston, Mass.” The author
discusses the source of the problems, the resolution, and offers proof to
support her conclusions by reproducing various records, maps and wills.

S5 Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, Hartford Co.,
Connecticut & Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts … $5.00

by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider and S4479x851 Rose Sheldon Newton, 30
pages. The authors decided to take up the life of Isaac Sheldon with his
appearance in 1652 in records at Windsor, Connecticut, rather than answer
the age-old and controversial question “Is Isaac Sheldon of Windsor &
Northampton the same Isaac Sheldon found in Ashford, Co. Derby, by J.
Gardner Bartlett?” The authors present material found in the writings of
Rev. Solomon Clark, James Russell Trumbull and include the chapter entitled
“The Family of Isaac Sheldon” from Frank Farnsworth Starr’s genealogical
classic, Goodwin-Morgan Ancestral Lines, because as they state “The
documentation is flawless; the writing style still fresh and worthy of
emulation.” This booklet contains articles on Mehitable (Gunn) Ensign, a
brief history of Northampton, Sheldon homestead and property in Northampton,
family charts, a copy and transcription of Isaac’s will, and an inventory of
his estate. Included is a glossary and illustrations of some of the items
mentioned in Isaac’s will (Do you know the difference between a “maul” and a
“beetle”?). This booklet is a must for every Isaac descendent.

Daniel Sheldon of Woolwich, Co. Kent, England, Last Will &
Testament … $4.00

by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 12 pages. The author includes a
reproduction of the Will of Daniel Sheldon and then provides a brief lesson
in paleography (the study and deciphering of ancient writings) including a
copy of the general alphabet of the Old Law Hand. A transcription of the
Will is included for the impatient.

Richard Sheldon, Gentleman, of Monyash, Derbyshire, England …

by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 16 pages. The Last Will and Testament of
Richard Sheldon is reproduced along with a transcription, an inventory and
transcription of the inventory, a chart of the ancestry and descendants of
No. 4 Hugh Sheldon of Monyash, and the ancestry and descendants of No. 5
John Sheldon of Monyash and Ashford. The author does not discuss the “Isaac
connection”, but in her Preface, she states “Because much of the very early
Sheldon family information that is on the two charts included with this
report is there because of information given in 1662 by No. 10 Richard
Sheldon to the Heralds during their Visitation to Derbyshire, it was thought
worthy of notice on that count alone to publish the pedigree charts and his
will. [Note: The numbers used in this description are not Sheldon Numbers,
rather they indicate the numbers assigned by J. Gardner Bartlett in his “The
Sheldons of Derbyshire and of New England.”]

In Defense of J. Gardner Bartlett … $4.00 (Companion to
by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 7 pages. In October 1926, the N.E.G.H. &
G.R. published J. Gardner Bartlett’s landmark study on the English origin of
S5 Isaac Sheldon. Bartlett’s publication was the culmination of two years of
research in England. As the author notes “Debate and dissension within the
Sheldon Family Association hierarchy and membership have raged ever since”.
Probably no publication has been subjected to more study and comment than
Bartlett’s work. The author lists the major objections that have been raised
over the years to Bartlett’s conclusions, then forcefully argues her

The Sheldons of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England,
and Isaac Sheldon of New England ……….$5.00
(Companion to
by J. Gardner Bartlett, 27 pages. This is the reprint from The New England
Historical and Genealogical Register of October, 1926, that created the
debate and dissension within the Sheldon family Association hierarchy and
membership since its publication. This item was originally reprinted by the
Genealogical Committee in 1962 and has been out of print for many years. Now
available, it is of interest to all Sheldons and is the subject of Shirley
Rider’s “Defense” (item 30 above).

Souvenir Program from the 55th Sheldon Family Reunion, Deerfield,
Massachusetts, July 1994………….$.00

by S4479x851 Rose Sheldon Newton, 15 pages. This 55th Anniversary
Commemorative booklet of the Sheldon Family Association is dedicated to
those “cousins” who have made The Sheldon Family Association what it is
today, a family that cares for and preserves its past and has become a
leader in Family Association Genealogy Preservation in our country. In
addition to the meeting schedule and agenda, this booklet contains epitaphs
of Sheldon graves and burial sites in Deerfield, MA., and location of
Sheldon lots in Center Cemetery, Southampton, MA.

Work In Progress…………$6.00
by John Plummer, Typesetting and Digitization by Rose Sheldon Newton, 33
pages. John Plummer has written about the family of Alice Frost, wife of S-4
Godfrey Sheldon of Bakewell Parish, Derbyshire, England; and Scarborough,
York county, Maine. From the wills of George Frost, Ellen (Frost) Goodall,
Francis Frost and David Frost, and the inventories of their estates, Plummer
sketches the descendants of George Frost of Bakewell Parish. The most
intriguing section of the work is titled “A Possible Sheldon Line”. He forms
a very tentative pedigree for our S4 Godfrey Sheldon which links up with the
well known J. Gardner Bartlett pedigree (see Item 31 above) for our S-5
Isaac Sheldon.

3 Record Book of S#1740 Gaylor Sheldon & Family…………$5.00
a transcription by Rose Sheldon Newton, 16 pages. While looking through her
files, Rose found a diary in a brown envelope. Realizing that the Sheldons
in this lineage are of interest to all Sheldons and the information can be
used as a teaching tool, Rose decided to transcribe the data. Contains
numerous obituaries and hand written notes and memos.

Pioneer Sheldon Women of the Western Reserve……………$5.00
Researched by Shirley Sheldon Rider and Keith M. Sheldon, 34 pages.
Extracted from Memorial to the Pioneer Women of the Western Reserve,
which was originally published in 1896. Shirley and Keith have identified
Sheldons in the Memorial and listed their Sheldon ancestors.
This is an important work for anyone doing research on Sheldons in the
Western Reserve. Contains an all name index and a map of the Western

Smedley and Sheldon Ancestors in Early Williamstown,

by S7295x513 Frances Sheldon Russell, 19 pages. This well-written, carefully
documented paper traces includes a brief history of Williamstown, MA., and
the connection of the Smedley/Sheldon/Prentice families. The focus is on
S7295 Charles Burt Sheldon (1821-1895), from the S5 Isaac Sheldon line. The
paper traces his early life, his marriage to Mary Keziah Prentice and his
journeys to Ohio, Minnesota, and, eventually, California. In 1887 he was one
of the founders of Pomona College and served as its first treasurer and one
of the original trustees. Included is a genealogical summary covering four
generations and a bibliography.

38. Yankee Drover, Being the Unpretending Life of ASA SHELDON, Farmer,
Trader, and Working Man, 1788-1870.

Out of Print

39. The Bonner Foundation at Sheldon House……$6.00, by William
K. Selden, 33 pages.
There are two stories here, one describing the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner
Foundation and one on the Sheldon house, the foundation’s headquarters. The
Bonner Foundation was incorporated in 1980 as a national philanthropic
organization as a means of contributing to various worthy causes.

S-8 John Sheldon of Providence, Rhode
, Compiled by Shirley Sheldon Rider and Rose Sheldon
Newton, 17 pages. This is the third and probably final report on the
progenitor series. (There is still S-13 John but so little is known of his
life–all the early records of his town were destroyed in Indian raids–that
it is unlikely we can ever issue a report on his life.) This report begins
with a brief history of Pautuxet during the lifetime of John Sheldon, then
follows the known records of his life. Much remains unknown on John, for
example his place of origin in England and his exact death date. The authors
have carefully documented what is known and provide an extensive list of
references. They also discuss some of the popular theories on John, such as
he is the nephew of Gilbert Sheldon, and that he came incognito to New
England to escape complicity in the 1649 plot to murder King Charles I. The
authors conclude that both of these theories are likely incorrect.

A Patriot Family at War: The Military Service of
S0376 Amasa Sheldon and Five Sons in the American Revolution … $6.00,
by S7386x2131, Donald A. Johnston,  43 pages.
The author traces the American Revolutionary military service of S0376 Amasa
Sheldon and his five sons; S1051 Amasa, S1052 Reuben, S1053 Arad, S1054
Elihu, S1055 Elisha. This well documented piece is a must for any
descendants of S0376 Amasa. In addition, the author’s discussion on the
organization of the early militia, simplifying a baffling array of military
organizations, and his review of some of the important military campaigns of
the American Revolution are of general interest. The author lives in Grand
Rapids, Michigan, where he is a Judge of the Circuit Court for the 17th
Judicial Circuit of Michigan.

Sheldons of Suffield Connecticut, Their Homes and
Their Graves……$4.00
, Compiled by Marge Phelon and Mrs. Henry Clark,
13 pages. Prepared as a handout for the SFA meeting in Windsor Locks in
1998, this publication describes houses owned by Sheldons in Suffield and
West Suffield Connecticut keyed to a map of the area. There is a list of
Sheldons in Suffield cemeteries including death date, age and plot location.
Also includes photos of S#46 Jonathan Sheldons house, Jonathan’s and wife
Mary Southwell’s grave marker, and the memorial stone of early Sheldons in
the West Suffield Cemetery.

Sheldons of South Kingstown, The First Two
Generations …… $4.00
, A paper prepared for The Sheldon Family
Association Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island, August 2002 by Margaret B.
Jones, Ph.D. , 7 pages. The author meticulously documents the trail of John
Sheldon of South Kingstown; discusses events of the day that may have
affected his life, such as King Philip’s War and the land dispute between
Connecticut and Rhode Island; and offers an insight to the Sheldons way of
life based on an inventory taken at the time of John Jr’s death in 1705.
Included is a map of the Northwest quadrant of South Kingstown showing
modern day roads in relation to John Sheldon’s farm.

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