I-212 3 Record Books of S#1740 Gaylor Sheldon & Family


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This is a transcription by Rose Sheldon Newton, 16 pages.

While looking through her files, Rose found a diary in a brown envelope. Realizing that the Sheldons in this lineage are of interest to all Sheldons, the information can be used as a teaching tool.  The transcribed data contains numerous obituaries and handwritten notes and memos.

Please note: When each SFA publication was written, it was believed to be accurate to the writer at the time of publishing. With the advent of scanned online sources, mass accessibility of records, and DNA testing, the information set forth in SFA Publications may now be proven to be different than originally written. Therefore, it is not possible for SFA to verify the accuracy of the content or opinion, the reader should understand that SFA in no way implies blanket verification and certification of these publications.


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