I-211 The Sheldons of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England, and Isaac Sheldon of New England



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(Companion to SKU I-103) by J. Gardner Bartlett, 27 pages.

This is the reprint from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register of October 1926, that created the debate and dissension within the Sheldon family Association hierarchy and membership since its publication. This item was originally reprinted by the Genealogical Committee in 1962 and has been out of print for many years. Now available, it is of interest to all Sheldons and is the subject of Shirley Rider’s publication “Defense”.

Please note: When each SFA publication was written, it was believed to be accurate to the writer at the time of publishing. With the advent of scanned online sources, mass accessibility of records, and DNA testing, the information set forth in SFA Publications may now be proven to be different than originally written. Therefore, it is not possible for SFA to verify the accuracy of the content or opinion, the reader should understand that SFA in no way implies blanket verification and certification of these publications.

IMPORTANT: This document’s author, J. Gardner Bartlett, claims that Isaac S0005 was born in Derbyshire and, therefore, a member of the Derbyshire Sheldons. This claim has since been disproven via DNA test results from descendants of Isaac S0005. However, the author was a prominent American genealogist, and there is still much good information to be gleaned from this book.  Many old genealogy books contain erroneous information based on the knowledge of the time, but they can still be helpful for researchers. Even The Sheldon Magazine, used extensively over the years for Sheldon genealogical research, contains some errors, yet it is still an essential document for Sheldon researchers. For these reasons, the Sheldon Family Association continues to offer this book. As with all genealogical information, including DNA data, use the information but use it judiciously.


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