I-103 S5 Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, Hartford, CT. & Northhampton, Hampshire, CO, MA.


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by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider and S4479x851 Rose Sheldon Newton, 30 pages.

The authors decided to take up the life of Isaac Sheldon with his appearance in 1652 in records at Windsor, Connecticut, rather than answer the age-old and controversial question “Is Isaac Sheldon of Windsor & Northampton the same Isaac Sheldon found in Ashford, Co. Derby?”, by J.Gardner Bartlett. The authors present material found in the writings of Rev. Solomon Clark, James Russell Trumbull and include the chapter entitled “The Family of Isaac Sheldon” from Frank Farnsworth Starr’s genealogical classic, Goodwin-Morgan Ancestral Lines, as they state, “The documentation is flawless; the writing style still fresh and worthy of emulation.” This booklet contains articles on Mehitable (Gunn) Ensign, a brief history of Northampton, Sheldon homestead and property in Northampton, family charts, a copy and transcription of Isaac’s will, and an inventory of his estate. Included is a glossary and illustrations of some of the items mentioned in Isaac’s will (Do you know the difference between a “maul” and a “beetle”?). This booklet is a must for every Isaac descendent.

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