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The Sheldon Family Association (SFA) encourages research and the collection of data that may contribute to the greater understanding of the extended SHELDON family. After careful consideration of such works, SFA may choose to publish selected materials and to make them available to its members. However, it is not possible for SFA to verify the accuracy of the content or opinion, the reader should understand that SFA in no way implies blanket verification and certification of these publications.

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New Numbering System for Sheldon Publications

A new numbering system has been developed for our SFA publications. The new system provides additional information on the content of the publications. The new numbering system begins with an alpha letter for the name of one of the 4 original Sheldon progenitors. (There are no publications available on Richard because so little is known about him.) The alpha designations are: I = Isaac; G = Godfrey; J8 = John 8, J13 = John 13 and SFA is a designation for a publication of general interest to all SFA members. Then follows a hyphen (-) and a three digit number. Two sequences of number are used: 100 and 200.The 100 series indicates publications about the actual Sheldon progenitor. The 200 series indicates publications about a relative or descendant of the progenitor. Thus, the designation “I-101”, titled S5 Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, CT is, surprisingly, about S5 Isaac Sheldon. The publication designated “SFA- 201” is titled Sheldon Places, Rose Sheldon Newton’s paper about Sheldon people and places in the United States. The new system gives additional information on the main subject of the publication and whether or not it is specifically about a founding Sheldon or his relatives.



Survey of Sheldon Places and Towns in England … $6.00
by S4298x511 Steven Sheldon of Torquay Devon England, 40 pages. The companion to the above volume. A Gazetteer of England, has maps locating Sheldon towns and places in the counties of Derby, Warwick, West Midlands,Worcestershire, Hereford and Oxfordshire. Learn more about Sheldon Towns in England, Archbishop Gilbert Sheldon and the Sheldonian Theatre at Oxford, Sheldon Manor (a castle) in Wiltshire. This booklet contains genealogy charts with information for and about the Elizabethan Tapestry Weaving Sheldons, the first to bring the art to England, woven into the fabric of historic events of the 16th century England impelling the migration to the new world by later Sheldons.


Sheldon Family Association:  A 50 Year History 1939 – 1989 … $8.00
Compiled by Keith M. Sheldon, 50 pages. This publication is a must for every SFA member. Keith has consolidated, in time-sequence, pertinent facts on the Sheldon Family Association into one accessible source to commemorate the SFA’s 50th year. The information compiled for this history was gleaned from letters, reports, programs, newspaper stories and genealogical records. A number of the sources for the information are reproduced and included as exhibits.


Daniel Sheldon of Woolwich, Co. Kent, England, Last Will & Testament … $4.00
by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 12 pages. The author includes a reproduction of the Will of Daniel Sheldon and then provides a brief lesson in paleography (the study and deciphering of ancient writings) including acopy of the general alphabet of the Old Law Hand. A transcription of the Will is included.


Richard Sheldon, Gentleman, of Monyash, Derbyshire, England …$4.00
by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 16 pages. The Last Will and Testament of Richard Sheldon is reproduced along with a transcription, an inventory and transcription of the inventory, a chart of the ancestry and descendants of No. 4 Hugh Sheldon of Monyash, and the ancestry and descendants of No. 5 John Sheldon of Monyash and Ashford. The author does not discuss the “Isaac connection”, but in her preface, states, “Because much of the very early Sheldon family information that is on the two charts included with this report is there because of information given in 1662 by No. 10 Richard Sheldon to the Heralds during their Visitation to Derbyshire, it was thought worthy of notice on that count alone to publish the pedigree charts and his will.” [Note: The numbers used in this description are not Sheldon Numbers, rather they indicate the numbers assigned by J. Gardner Bartlett in his “The Sheldons of Derbyshire and of New England.”]


In Defense of J. Gardner Bartlett … $4.00
(Companion to Below) by S9309x322 Shirley Sheldon Rider, 7 pages. In 1926, Gardner Bartlett’s landmark study on the English origin of S5 Isaac Sheldon was published. It was the culmination of two years of research in England. As the author notes “Debate and dissension within the Sheldon Family Association hierarchy and membership have raged ever since”. Probably no publication has been subjected to more study and comment than Bartlett’s work. The author lists the major objections that have been raised over the years to Bartlett’s conclusions, then forcefully argues her position.


Souvenir Program from the 55th Sheldon Family Reunion, Deerfield, Massachusetts, July1994….$3.00
by S4479x851 Rose Sheldon Newton, 15 pages. This is  55th Anniversary Commemorative booklet of the Sheldon Family Association.  It is dedicated to those “cousins” who have made The Sheldon Family Association what it is today, a family that cares for and preserves its past and has become a leader in Family Association Genealogy Preservation in our country. In addition to the meeting schedule and agenda, this booklet contains epitaphs of Sheldon graves and burial sites in Deerfield, MA., and location of Sheldon lots in Center Cemetery, Southampton, MA.


Pioneer Sheldon Women of the Western Reserve … $5.00
Researched by Shirley Sheldon Rider and Keith M. Sheldon, 34 pages.
Extracted from Memorial to the Pioneer Women of the Western Reserve, which was originally published in 1896.  Sheldons in the Memorial have been identified and their Sheldon ancestors are listed. This is an important work for anyone doing research on Sheldons in the Western Reserve. Contains an all name index and a map of the Western Reserve.


Sheldons of Suffield Connecticut, Their Homes and Their Graves……$4.00

Compiled by Marge Phelon and Mrs. Henry Clark,13 pages. Prepared as a handout for the SFA meeting in Windsor Locks in 1998, this publication describes houses owned by Sheldons in Suffield and West Suffield, Connecticut.  The houses are keyed to a map of the area. There is a list of Sheldons in Suffield cemeteries including death date, age and plot location. This publication also includes photos of S#46 Jonathan Sheldon’s house, Jonathan and wife Mary Southwell’s grave marker, and the memorial stone of early Sheldons in the West Suffield Cemetery.


Sheldons Met by H.O. Sheldon In His Travels … $4.00
by S4479x851 Rose Sheldon Newton, 10 pages. A list giving Last Name, First Name, date met, location, capsule review. ex: “Sheldon, Isaac 23 JAN 1844 HOS vis with Joseph I. S, Rupert VT.” A guide to your ancestors in the HOS journals 1817 – 1845. 18



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