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S#13 John Sheldon Family Group Sheet
Known as John Sheldon of Kingstown, RI
(Also known as the William Line)

As of December 29, 2015, the SFA has 18,739 descendants of John 13 in our database

Name: John (W) SHELDON
Sex: Male 

Individual Facts  
Birth 1630 
SheldNo  S0013
CompNo  W1

1. Sarah  (1632-    )  
Children John SHELDON (1660-1705) 


General: Comment – Considered an Original Progenitor in USA.
Source – SFA Card Files
References – W001,W002,W003,W004
S0013 John SHELDON of South Kingston, RI is considered to be the progenitor of the Sheldon line called William in the Sheldon Family Association Database.  According to the Sheldon Magazine, S0013 John SHELDON’s father was William SHELDON (SOOO3), born in 1611, and came to Boston, MA with Gov. Endicott.  To date, William’s residence in Boston or his association with Gov. Endicott has not been authenticated and/or documented by the Sheldon Family Association. Anyone finding same is encouraged to file it with us.  Therefore S0013 John SHELDON has been used as the progenitor of this line.  The use of William (W)  to designate the line has been done to differeniate the two John lines tracked by the Sheldon Family Association.  These lines are known as the John of Providence (J)  and John of South Kingston (W) lines respectively.
Taken from: (Rhode Island Court Records, 1647-62, Vol. I, p.37)
“John Sheldon Beinge by Recognzence bownd to this Court and by the Genrl Aturny indicted for an afray by Disorderly Carridges acted in and at Thomas Goulds howse on the 6th janr 1657. The jurry impanelled: upon the Traverce pleads not guilty And refferrs him Selfe to god and Cuntry for Tryall.
The jury returned and their answer is that the indictments came not Soe orderly to them as to justify them to give in A verditt because it had not beine passed on by A grand in quest before hand.
Thomas Gould Robert Griffin Edmund Audly John Sheldon and Thomas Winterton all of newptt Beinge bownd over to this Court for Disorders Done at Thomas Goulds house on Wedensday night the sixt of january last and the Court haveinge had A verry strict and a Searious hereinge and inquiry into the matter are convinced that the sayd persons in their then drinkinge helths intended nothinge against the dignity of his highnes the lord protector, & cr thay also Solemly Denyinge any indignity intended in the same, and also confesinge their sorrow for their Rude and unorderly Caridges at the afore-sayd time and place, and of makeinge soe much disturbance therby and promisinge every one of them to Endeavour to avoyd the licke Disorderly actions againe, the Court are pleased noe longer to continue the sayd persons to stand bownd but upon paying Fees due to officers of Court thay are Discharged by proclomation in open Court.”
From: (Rhode Island Land Evidences Abstracts, Vol. I, pp.229-230.)
4 July 1693. Henry Hall of Westerly, weaver, deeds to John Sheldon of Kingstown, planter, 200 acres northwest from John Sheldon’s dwelling house that Henry Hall purchased from Coganaquoant. (John Sheldon had previously purchased on 20 Oct. 1683 230 acres from Benjamin Congdon near the Pettaquamscutt Purchase (Austin, p.176), hence the reference to his dwelling house in this deed.)
Ibid, pp.6-7: 19 Jany. 1664. Indian chief Cogamaquoant sells two square miles of land in Narragansett Country to Richard Knight and Henry Hall, both of Newport, RI. (This was the Hall-Knight Purchase which bordered on the Pettaquamscutt Purchase.)
Ibid, p.76: 13 Oct. 1652. John Sheldon and Richard Knight witness a covenant between Peter Easton and Henry Stevens, both of Newport, RI.
From: (Colonial Records of RI, Vol. III, pp.58-60, J.R. Bartlett)
29 July 1679. A Petition of Narragansett Country inhabitants to King Charles II included John Sheldon and John Sheldon, Jr. – “that he would put an end to these differences about the government there, which had been so fatal to the prosperity of the place-anomosities still rising in peoples minds, as they stand affected to this or that government.” This petition was honored and granted and the area where John Sheldon lived was annexed to Kings rovince.  At the signing of the above petition, S0013 John would have been about 49 years old – his son S0023 John – 17.  In 1723 Kings Province became too large and the area was split into two towns — South Kingstown and North Kingstown.  North Kingstown then became the older town and was given all of the early records.  John Sheldon lived in the area that became South Kingstown.  In 1899 Narragansett became a district and in 1901 it became a town.  Prior to that time it was part of South Kingstown. 
Bio notes amended by S8425x22461 Doris Sheldon Blaney 02/28/2002
Publication #43 by Margaret Brosious Jones “Sheldons of South Kingstown, The First Two Generations” by Margaret Brosious Jones Phd. SFA Vice President is available 2004 from SFA Publications listed in the Sheldon Family Association Quarterly and on the Association web site.

Rose Sheldon Newton  SFA Genealogist

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