• 23 and Me

    DNA testing and other services

  • American Ancestors

    A great website for genealogy research.

  • Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center

    The Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, IN has an extensive collection of Genealogy materials including an entire section of Sheldon related material donated by the Sheldon Family Association.

  • Ancestry.com

    A very popular tool for research and to house develop a family tree and get your DNA tested. ($)

  • Bible Rescue

    Bible Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit that has 3 primary missions: Rescue family Bibles, Record the family history information inside each Bible, Reunite each family Bible with living descendants. Since our founding, we have rescued over 1000 family Bibles with thousands of entries referencing names, birthdates, weddings, relationships, marriages, passings, and burials.

  • Cyndi's List

    A free resource containing a huge number of links to various genealogy sites.

  • Daughters of the American Revolution Genealogy

    The DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) is a free resource provided by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to aid general genealogical research and to assist with the DAR membership process. The GRS is a collection of databases that provide access to the many materials amassed by the DAR since its founding in 1890.

  • Family Search

    A very popular tool for research and to house develop a family tree and do your research.

  • Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

    DNA testing and other services

  • Find A Grave

    Find cemetery information that's been collected by users for many years. Why reinvent the wheel when the data is already available?

  • Godfrey Memorial Library

    The Godfrey is an independent, non-profit library specializing in genealogy, family history, and local history. They have unique collections not found online. They are conveniently located in central Connecticut. Their friendly staff can help you research your ancestors, on site or online.

  • Google Books

    Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. Many source document type books can be found here - where genealogical websites have "hints" about certain vital records and family histories, many times Google Books will have the entire book scanned and can be searched for specific words within the book.

  • Guild of One Name Studies

    This is a UK based site that has surname studies plus a lot of other information. We have registered the Sheldon surname.

  • HathiTrust Digital Library

    HathiTrust was founded in 2008 as a not-for-profit collaborative of academic and research libraries now preserving 18+ million digitized items in the HathiTrust Digital Library. They offer reading access to the fullest extent allowable by U.S. and international copyright law, text and data mining tools for the entire corpus, and other emerging services based on the combined collection. Their Records of the American Colonies Published documents--legislation, court proceedings, records, correspondence, etc.--from the 13 original colonies and their predecessors, may contain valuable information for Sheldon researchers.

  • Internet Archive

    Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. The ACPL partners with Internet Archive to scan genealogical documents, and some of the SFA's books, journals, and pamphlets reside here.

  • Many Roads…

    ManyRoads offers/provides free access to tens of thousands historical documents and genealogical sources, many genealogy self-help pages, all part of our library of images, texts, videos maps (over 500GB in total). As with all genealogical efforts, this site will be a work in progress, forever…

  • Wisconsin Historical Society

    The Wisconsin Historical Society connects people to the past by collecting, preserving, and sharing stories.