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Husband: Richard Sheldon

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Name: Richard (R) SHELDON
Sex: Male 
Individual Facts  
Birth est 1669 
SheldNo  S0022
CompNo  R1
1. Unknown spouse  
Children Thomas SHELDON (1728-    ) 
 Lemuel SHELDON (1730-    ) 
Notes: Richard (R) SHELDON
General: Source - The Sheldon Magazine, Vol. 1
References - R001,R006

S0022 Richard Sheldon is listed in the Sheldon Magazine, published in the 1800's in Volume I, page 1 as a descendant of S0008 John Sheldon of Providence, with a question mark.  This
is the only evidence of his existence.  There is no vital data given or to be found about him.  It would seem probable that Rev. H. O. Sheldon, when compiling the Sheldon Magazine, learned of Richard Sheldon as being the father of S0071 Thomas and S0072 Lemuel from a descendant of either Thomas or Lemuel.
There is no evidence at all in any of Rhode Island's archives of a Richard Sheldon being the son of S0008 John Sheldon.  Rev. H. O. Sheldon must have been searching for  information about S0022 Richard, did not know where to place him and, as a possibility, listed him in the Sheldon Magazine as the youngest son of S0008 John.  There he stayed, as a mystery still unsolved.  There is evidence of S0071 Thomas and S0072 Lemuel and their descendants being early in New Jersey and in New York City.
S8972x341 Keith M. Sheldon 08-04-1995
 1. The Sheldon Family Association 3x5 card files and correspondence files.