DNA has become an excellent tool for genealogists and the science behind it is constantly evolving.   Below are some links to excellent sources of DNA information.   As with all science, the facts can be irrefutable but the opinions surrounding those facts may not be.  It’s important to understand the difference between factual data and assumptions or guesswork based on that factual data. 

  • Sheldon DNA Tracking Maps

    Sheldon tracking maps created using the SNP Tracker listed below. Here you can see how our Sheldon lineage tracks back to ancient times using DNA.

  • FTDNA Project

    The SHELDON DNA project on FTDNA aims to study the DNA of SHELDONs worldwide and discover common ancestors. The goal of the project is to see if DNA testing can discover links between SHELDONs in various parts of the globe and connect them to one another. The project was started in 2006 by the SFA under the guidance of member Bruce Robertson and has been partially funded by the SFA. Unfortunately, it was taken over by another group not affiliated with the SFA and is no longer managed by the SFA.

  • Tracking Back--Online DNA Tools

    A fabulous site by scientist, Rob Spencer, that allows you to take your DNA information and plug it in to easily trace your origins, by yourself. Learn more about DNA so you can come to your own conclusions.

  • SNP Tracker

    An excellent tool created by scientist, Rob Spencer that allows you to enter Y-DNA SNP info and immediately see your origins traced on a map.

  • Case Studies in Macro Genealogy

    An excellent slide presentation by scientist, Rob Spencer, detailing macro genealogy that provides much information about DNA.

  • Y DNA for Genealogists (Video Presentation)

    A very comprehensive video presentation that explains Y DNA in an easy (or easier) to understand way. Presented by scientist, Dr. Paul Dunn

  • The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Y-DNA Testing

    An easy to understand explanation of YDNA and it's use in genealogy.

  • DNA and Genealogy: The Basics

    An easy to understand presentation on the basics of DNA and its use in genealogy. Presented by Beth Taylor of Family Search

  • Eupedia (genetics)

    An excellent collection of information about European genetics.