2023 Sheldon Annual Meeting/Reunion - Fort Wayne, IN.

The Sheldon Family Association’s Annual Meeting and Reunion was held at the Allen County Public Library (ACPL) in Ft. Wayne, IN in early August 2023.   We were able to determine a way to categorize the paper folders that hold letters written by members, copies of bible pages, vital records, newspaper articles, family group sheets, and even recipes!  The library now has plenty of material to scan and they also have utilized Internet Archive to scan pamphlets and books that we’ve published or gathered from our Sheldon research.  Many, many drawers of folders were reviewed and categorized, then handed off to the staff for scanning. 

It wasn’t all work as we did have fun too! The first night was kicked off by a fire alarm at the hotel that brought three beautiful fire trucks to us.  It was a false alarm, but seeing the firemen pull up in full gear was something to behold. The Friday night baseball game was awesome. Although the Fort Wayne TinCaps lost, they put on a good show to keep us entertained. At the end, we were treated to a beautiful fireworks display that was lit right on the ball field.  

Among the many lunches and dinners, we had as a group, we made new friends, caught up with old ones, and had a really good reunion.  Rumors are that we may go out East next year for our 85th Year Annual Meeting and Reunion.

Special thanks to  Libby Wilson and the Reunion Committee for putting this event  together and all those who attended and helped at the ACPL.