August 26 – September 1, 2016
Hosts:  Jeanne Jeffries, Alberta Dunn, Marjorie Julian

by Jeanne A. Jeffries, October 2016

Utica knows about the Sheldon Family Association!  While the members enjoyed an excellent dinner at Delmonico’s, Hotel Utica experienced a water main break.  Returning to find fire truck and firemen, led us to evacuate to another hotel.  Jim and Susan Russell made the front page of the Observer Dispatch and the Sheldon Family Association was featured on television.  Because of the planned visit to the James Sheldon house in Remsen, TV came to interview attendees.  We were the talk of the town.  Our meeting room was available for the rest of the meeting.  A highlight was the lively auction of items donated by members.  Speakers addressed the themes of Sheldons, Land Agents and Abolition in Utica.  Our member Lane Dolly brought to life her ancestor, Hattie Sheldon, heroine of Lacy’s historical novels.   The interest in Land Agents will be continued at our Reunion in 2017 since Aurora, Ohio, and Ebenezer Sheldon won the approval of the membership.  The attendees marveled that everyone worked together in making the evacuation and meetings happen so smoothly.   Cousins worked together and declared the meeting a success.