August 7 – 10, 2014 at Comfort Inn –Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Hosts:  Rose Newton and Irene Wolfe

A special feature of this reunion was a full-day professionally led seminar attended by Board members and other interested persons.  This was an in-depth look at the past and present activities and procedures of SFA as we set goals for the future.

The theme for this reunion centered on Allen County Library which we visited and used for personal research.  Determining our future relationship with this library as the repository for the SFA Archives filled a great deal of time and many long meetings over the next couple days.  A tour to a wonderful chocolate candy factory gave us a great boost and satisfied our sweet tooth.  Several also attended a special High Tea one afternoon.

The banquet held on the final evening was a very special occasion as we celebrated the 75th birthday of the Sheldon Family Association with large turnout of members.  A beautifully decorated sheet cake and a champagne toast were followed by a drawing of some Vera Bradley items made in Ft. Wayne.