In 2015 the SFA gave ACPL our SFA Index Cards and Manila Folder Document Files to preserve them for us and any other researcher.  In 2018 ACPL recieved a final set of boxes from Rose Newton’s estate.  The library has been diligently scanning our records to allow us to see them.  On Sept 7th 2019 we recieved notice they had opened the link to our Card File scans and some Folder scans.  This is no small chore as they have produced over 40,000 pictures of our collected data.  Can you imagine the work and time it took to scan and file all these pictures?  There is still many more folders to scan and put online.  They are struggling with our “Sheldon Numbering” and what is written on the cards and folders.  To see what they have accomplished so far, you can go to their site of Sheldon Family Resources and use their search engine.

Sheldon Family Resources

Manilla Folder Files

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