The Sheldon Family Association

Join us as we come together to celebrate our heritage and preserve the memories of those who came before us.

Founded in 1939 by a group of Sheldon descendants, The Sheldon Family Association has a long history of providing support, information and comradery to those interested in Sheldon genealogy and in preserving their family history.

A message from the President

Michael Sheldon

The success of any endeavor is a vision. As President of the Sheldon Family Association, I see my role much like that of an orchestra conductor leading a symphony that has a long history of providing great music.

So, what is a conductor to do? The SFA is approaching its 85th birthday. What a milestone! We have a long history of providing some fabulous research. Much of it was done with boots on the ground firsthand knowledge and research before the internet. The stories of Henry Olcott, Rose Sheldon Newton, E. Mark Sheldon, E. Hortense Sheldon, and of Keith Sheldon are all incredible. As President, I have taken the time to study them! It helps me to make my vision an extension of theirs. Conductors do the same. They learn from the maestros of the past, incorporating today’s technologies, and make fresh new music.

So, what is the correlation? You must have a vision of the performance you want the audience to experience. Guiding the section leaders to understand that vision, they impart that tone and mood to the musicians to do their parts in concert with the audience to get an experience that everyone enjoys.

2021 did not feel like an enjoyable year. No one could have foreseen the events of the last several years, such as Covid. Yet, there were signs from old minutes of SFA Board meetings that I have read that predicted some of the past year’s events. Then there were unexpected events for individuals who had health issues, personal challenges, or both. Through it all, the love for SFA shined through, and we still made some music for which I am incredibly grateful.

Let me start with the update

At last year’s Zoom call, I alluded to ongoing critcal issues…

… about finance, research records, membership data, and control of several social media accounts. I indicated that the SFA sought to solve these issues using a third-party approach. Regretfully, we were left with no option other than a legal one by sending a formal letter of demand from our lawyer. We are now making some progress. Please understand that the current Board feels strongly that the unauthorized retaining of these records violates your privacy, violates SFA Bylaws, and violates the fiduciary responsibilities that officers and board members pledge to observe. It is a matter of trust, understanding, and a special privilege that the records and data we are asked to manage belong to SFA. Keeping such data after leaving the Board is theft of proprietary business records. Such is the case we have been faced with this year. Recovering and, in some instances, rebuilding these data has absorbed a tremendous amount of time and effort.

In recent months another expression of abuse has emerged. The SFA started and initially funded the FTDNA project in 2007/2008. The records of how the SFA started the FTDNA project are clear. SFA made contributions to underwrite the study up through 2021. For reasons mainly related to a lack of technical expertise on the Board, the FTDNA project was transitioned in 2017 to then current non-Board leadership. Today, none of the Sheldon Family Association Quarterly Page 1484 leaders of the FTDNA project are members of the SFA. To be succinct, we do not recommend participating in this study. You can be sure that the SFA will no longer be funding this project.

Even with some sour notes, the group has caught up and plays on. We have many new members. Renewals are on track, but it is early in the renewal season. The process of joining and being reminded of membership renewal has been made more accessible, more precise, more transparent. Our website has been redone, and its management is much easier at less cost to the association. We have added several new and exciting interactive sites within the website. We continue to put out issues of SFAQs and are committed to keeping them going out regularly. We are actively looking for a new editor and am happy to report that we have a possible candidate. Our SFA tree continues to grow with new and refined data. The trees for the five progenitors have been put online with membership-only access. This was an incredible feat done by Kevin Sheldon and Wende Warren! Our membership records have been rebuilt. We have regained control of our Social Media sites and are in need of a Social Media Administrator.

Yet, we also stalled on the ACPL project after a strong start last September. In part this is due to distractions and issues beyond our control at the ACPL. I have been in touch with ACPL leadership within the last few weeks, and they assure me that they are emerging from their severe personnel issues brought on by COVID and the local job market economics. We are now at a point that we need to start building a team of volunteers to determine the process and sort through the on-line data at the ACPL.

The SFA has planned, and we would sincerely like to have you join us this August in the Boston/Salem area. Getting together and having a “normal” reunion will do wonders to make sweet music and move the SFA forward. We already have formative plans for the 2023 reunion and, like above, need people to help with the planning and logistics.

We are getting close to the end of this ode and will be starting our next song. Earlier, I spoke of some of the personal challenges members of the current board have pushed through. Life changes force a rearranging of priorities, and I speak from personal experience. I have been in this role for three years and pledge to finish my fourth ending in the summer of 2023. Beyond that, I plan to remain active in the SFA, but I must yield more of my time to anticipated caretaker needs. Again, we need new Board members, either as Directors or as Officers, to step in as the next generation of leaders.

Now the Vision

Rooted in the vision of past leaders, the SFA will continue to be a place to learn about the surname Sheldon and its numerous spelling variations. It will try to do what it can to support places/sites and graves that belong(ed) to Sheldons. It should build on the need to recognize/educate all those that served our country and made community contributions. We need to reach out to see what we have in common with Sheltons, Sheldens, Chiltons, and other spelling variations worldwide. We need to pursue the written and genetic history of all branches of Sheldons and spelling variations in England and Bermuda, Barbados, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. We need to write about the Sheldon trek from the colonial east coast to Alaska and Hawaii. All these stories are fascinating, and much is unwritten.

To Close

My role is to deal with the tough stuff and keep you informed. There are and were other “Sheldon” genealogy organizations out there. There is plenty of room to coexist. However, we firmly believe our collaborations need to be based on fairness, integrity, and respect. The Board will do what is right to protect you and our 83+ year heritage and history.


Spring 2022 SFAQ Released

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New SFA Website

As you can see, we have a new SFA website that is also a communication channel. It has fantastic and exciting improvements.  One of the

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3 days ago

Let's welcome our new FB group members! David Sheldon,Kirk Hall,Ann Byrum ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome 😊

Welcome All (Y)

Welcome aboard!

3 days ago

Soldier to know Friday —Major Elisha Sheldon, in 1776, he had the only mounted men then with the army and General Washington tasked him to make more of it. His regiment 2nd Continental Light Dragoons would lose their colors July 2, 1779.In a letter to George Washington to John Hancock, 11 December 1776:Major Sheldon who commands the Volunteer Horse from Connecticut, waits upon Congress, to establish some Mode of Pay. I can only say that the Service of himself and his Troop has been such as merits the warmest Thanks of the public and deserves a handsome Compensation for their Trouble. Whatever is settled now, will serve for a precedent in future. From the Experience I have had this Campaign of the Utility of Horse, I am convinced there is no carrying on the War without them, and I would therefore recommend the Establishment of one or more Corps, (in proportion to the Number of Foot) in Addition to those already raised in Virginia.If Major Sheldon would undertake the Command of a Regiment of Horse on the Continental Establishment, I beleive he could very soon raise them, and I can recommend him as a Man of Activity and Spirit from what I have seen of him. I have the Honor to be with great Respect Sir yr most obt ServtGo: Washington (1)The next day Congress forwarded the following resolves to Washington:Resolved, That Elisha Sheldon be appointed lieutenant colonel commandant of a regiment of cavalry on the continental establishment, with the rank and pay of a colonel of foot; and that General Washington be authorized to appoint the other officers to said regiment; and that the colonel, with his officers, proceed, without delay, to raise and discipline the said regiment; and that they repair to and join the army under General Washington's command, by companies, as soon as each company shall be compleat:That the General be empowered to advance to Colonel Sheldon such sums of money as may be necessary for the service. (2)Orders to Lieutenant Colonel Elisha Sheldon, [Bucks County, Pa., 16 December 1776]SirThe Congress having thought fit to appoint you Lieutt Colo. Commandant of a Regiment of Horse to be raised and to empower me to appoint the officers under you, reposing especial trust & confidence in you & knowing how much your honor & reputation depends upon the proper choice, I am willing you should have the Nomination of all the Officers (reserving to myself a negative of any One and all such as I shall think unfit for that service, and doubt not you will be particularly carefull in fixing upon none but Gentlemen of true spirits and of good Characters—observing at the same time that Gentlemen of Fortune and reputable Families generally make the most usefull Officers.You are immediately to repair to the State of Connecticut and as soon as possible nominate your Officers, and send them out on the recruiting service; they are to be particularly attentive to take none into the Corps, but young light active men.The Privates are to receive Twenty Dollars bounty, and a Suit of Cloaths on entering the Service and pay as ⅌ Schedule annexed. They are to be raised to serve during the war unless sooner discharged by Congress.Each Non commissioned Officer and private is to be furnished with a good Horse, Saddle, Bridle & other Accoutrements belonging to the Horse service at the expence of the Continent—and I will recommend to Congress that the Commanding Officer be also furnished at the public expence with the same, but cannot absolutely engage it as I beleive it is not customary.In procuring the Horses, you are to have no Stallions, Mares, White or Grey Horses, but likely serviceable Trotters of sufficient size, It is expected you will purchase them at the most reasonable rate & not upon an average to exceed One hundred Dollars ⅌ Head, carefully describing and keeping an exact account of the Cost of each Horse.Saddles, Bridles, Carbines, Broadswords, Pistols and every other accoutrement necessary (agreable to a Pattern herewith given you, you will procure as cheap as possible.Your Regiment is to consist of One Major, an Adjutant, Surgeon & Mate and Six Troop[s], to each Troop, One Captain, One Lieutenant, One Cornet (commissioned Officers) One Qr Master, Two Serjeants, Two Corporals, One Trumpeter, One Farrier & thirty four privates.In order to enable you to defray the Expence of raising and equipping this Regiment, you are herewith furnished with a Warrant upon the Paymaster for the sum of 14,000 Dollars and a Letter to Governor Trumbull to advance you such further Sums as may be necessary on Continental account. In case of the latter failing you are to advise me of it, & if no public money is to be had in that Department from a Paymaster to be appointed, send a carefull Officer for such Sum or Sums as may be wanted.As fast as you can raise and equip a Troop they are to be sent to the Army under my immediate command, agreable to the Resolution of Congress directing the raising of said Regiment. Given at Head Quarters &c.In January Congress did more funding:Resolved, That the treasurer of the United States be directed to give order for the payment of 33,333 1/3 dollars to the State of Connecticut, out of the continental loan office in that State, in payment of that sum advanced by Governor Trumbull to Colonel Sheldon, at the request of General Washington, for raising and equipping a regiment of light horse; the said State to be accountable; and that the president acquaint General Washington with this resolution. (3)Of the four regiments of Light Dragoons raised for the Continental army in '77, the second, commanded by Col. Elisha Sheldon, was raised in and credited to Connecticut, although some of the officers and men belonged to other States. Its field of service during the war was generally the east side of the Hudson along the Westchester front. Occasionally its companies served at different points. In the spring of '77 Maj. Tallmadge joined Washington in N. J. with two Troops and fought at Germantown, Oct. 4. At the same time Capt. Seymour, with his Troop, was serving under Gates against Burgoyne. The other Troops were under Putnam's command at Peekskill. In the summer of '78 the Regt, was on the Hudson, and in the fall formed part of Gen. Chas. Scott's Light Corps on the lines in Westchester. The main body with infantry supports guarded the same ground to the close of the war. It wintered generally in Conn.; in '80-'81, however, it was sent to Western Mass. where hay and forage were plenty. Maj. Tallmadge was frequently detached on special service by Washington, and distinguished himself in expeditions. Regt. disbanded June, '83. (4)As the first of July [1779] perfected the lodgment of British troops at the entrance to the Highlands; so it witnessed renewed activity of their northern army, by detachments. On the second, at eleven o'clock at night, Lieutenant-colonel Banastre Tarleton, from his camp on the river Bronx, made report of his operations during the previous twenty-four hours. With seventy of the Seventeenth light dragoons, a part of the Legion infantry and cavalry, (Tarleton's) Queen’s Rangers, Hessians, and some mounted Yagers, two hundred men, he passed North Castle Meeting House, and through Bedford to Pound-Ridge, to surprise Colonel Sheldon, who commanded a force of about ninety cavalry at that point. The British troops pursued the partially surprised Americans nearly to Salem; burned the Presbyterian Meeting House and some dwellings, captured Sheldon's colors which had been accidentally left in their quarters,—some baggage of the officers, and a few arms; but inflicted and received small loss. Lieutenant colonel Tarleton says, “I proposed to the militia terms; that if they would not fire from buildings, I would not burn. They persisted in firing, till the torch stopped their progress." The retreat was followed up by the militia, availing themselves of fences and other obstructions which shortened the expedition and made it unprofitable. (5)(1) Journals of the Continental Congress --THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1776(3) Journals of the Continental Congress --WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1777(4) Record of service of Connecticut men in the I. War of the Revolution, by Connecticut. Adjutant-General's Office, Henry Phelps Johnston, 1889. (5) Battles of the American Revolution, by Henry B. Carrington, United States Army, 1904.Image: Colonel Elisha Sheldon Marker,cropped, photographed by Kevin Craft, ELISHA SHELDON1741 - 1805 In 1776, at the request of General Washington, Elisha Sheldon was commissioned by Congress to raise a regiment of cavalry. Named the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons, the unit served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary War. In 1791, Colonel Sheldon, his sons Major Samuel, Elisha, Jr., and George, and their families came, with other families, from Connecticut as first settlers of this town. The town was originally chartered as Hungerford but the name was changed to Sheldon in 1792. The first meeting to organize the town was held in Georgia, Vermont. The large hipped roof house Colonel Sheldon built in 1795 stands on a nearby hill.Erected by the People of Sheldon, July 6, 1996.©2022 Clifford Olsen/250YearsofLiberty#OTD #AmericanHistory #liberty #250America #250YearsofLiberty ... See MoreSee Less

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My 4th Great Grandfather. I’m a descendant of his son Elisha Jr.

the 2nd Continental Light Dragoon unit was often referred to as "Sheldon's Horse" - you can google that term 😃 my Sheldon ancestors are not in that line, but i find it very interesting that one of the flags captured from the Dragoon sold for about 17 million dollars 😮

I love reading these posts. Thank you

5 days ago

This is David C Sheldon I would like to find out if we are a member of your group my dad's name is Charlie Sheldon my great my grandfather name was Albert Willie Sheldon if we are a member of this group I would like to join it thank you for your interest ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi David. Do you know Albert W. Sheldon’s dates of his birth and death? That would help us to make sure we have the correct Albert.

2 months ago

HI my name is Kimberly Shelden my grandparents were Maggie Shelden Grandfather Hap Shelden trying to figure out if I am releated to you guys ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome Kimberly!

Thank you!! ❤️❤️

Please send an email to and we can try to find your ancestors

What I fo do you need in that email

I joined awhile ago and forgot to mention that my maiden last name is Sheldon !

Hello and welcome!

Welcome! My maiden name is Kimberly Sheldon 🙂

That's who I am Kimberly Shelden

Welcome Kimberly I'm going to see where you connect in my tree

How far back if we are related at all

When was hap born?

My dad is Gary Sheldon from south side of Chicago

There are a number of Sheld”e”n descendants that are in the SFA’s records. Can you tell us your grandparents full names, dates of B/D, where they may have lived, and if you know the cemetery where that is? This will help us find them in the records! Welcome!

My Grandma was Maggie Hagood she got with my grandpa then became a Shelden Benjamin Dale Shelden DOB March 10 1928 He was born is Holt Nebraska and passed away on Feb 13 2008

Hi Kimberly Shelden I found your grandfather in our records! You are from the John 13 line. You can join the SFA and receive reports of your ancestors, plus we now have trees viewable online for paid members.

Hi my name is Dave Sheldon I live in Cherry Creek New York my dad's name was Charlie Leroy Sheldon and my grandfather's name was Albert Sheldon are we related to this group thank you for the info

If we are related to this group I would like to join thank you

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5 days ago

Very interesting! English records getting digitized. ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

Let's welcome our new FB group members:Jacqui Sheldon,Kiera Sheldon ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome aboard!

Thank you 😊 ❤️

1 week ago

Let's welcome our new FB Group members:Ray Sheldon,Vince SheldonPlease tell us something about yourselves! Can we answer any questions that you have about your ancestors? ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you!! Originally from Ohio, my Sheldon side of the family is from the East Coast. My father was born in MA, my Grandfather in PA, I’m a “3rd” so we all share the same name. I believe my grandfather Charles was born in NJ. Beyond that I’m not 💯 as it gets fuzzy and what I find on I often find suspect. Part of the challenge is that my Great Grandparents were 1st cousins. Always open to any feedback or suggestions that might help me trace my true ancestry.

That's funny as my uncle in London 🇬🇧 is called Ray sheldon

1 week ago

My mother, long time member, Mary Laning Stewart was born on the winter solstice in 1917. She has gone home to the Lord on the summer solstice on Tuesday. Many thanks to all who prayed for her. She had the easy passage that I was praying for ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm so sorry for your loss. We were honored to acknowledge her at our Annual Meeting last year. Hugs and prayers to you and your family.


I'm very sorry for your loss, she is at peace and still with you ❤️

So sorry for your loss.

So very sorry

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