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An update from the President

Those members of the Board of Directors who could attend gathered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and worked from Wednesday through Saturday morning scouring the records donated by the Sheldon Family Association. An update will be posted very soon on the findings and action plan.  I want to thank several of the SFA members who also came and spent their time with us from beginning to end. The evenings were filled with conversations about what we saw and felt we needed to do.  One takeaway was we need volunteers aka some of you out there to join in our efforts.  Not only could you learn a lot about your family, but you will also learn a lot about Sheldons.  Our efforts could not have been done without the superb support of the folks at the Allen County Public Library.  I would highly recommend that if you are in the area to visit the Genealogy Center. 

The Annual meeting that was held on September 25th at 3 PM went pretty well.  We had some technical issues that would have made it better.  I apologize. We live and learn.  I wish to thank the speakers for their time and thorough/in-depth presentations.  Our new Webmaster has posted the updated Bylaws and a summary of the Annual report for your review.  In it, you will see a list of the current committees. At the next Board meeting, we will add another to help us with the Rose Sheldon Newton project.

See you soon via this website and MailChimp with updates throughout the year.



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