The Sheldon Family Association

Join us as we come together to celebrate our heritage and preserve the memories of those who came before us.

Founded in 1939 by a group of Sheldon descendants, The Sheldon Family Association has a long history of providing support, information and comradery to those interested in Sheldon genealogy and in preserving their family history.

A message from the President

Michael Sheldon

To all SFA members,

First, I am pleased to announce that the Board has appointed Kevin Sheldon as a Director at Large for the remainder of this year. Kevin, as the webmaster, has regularly attended all our meetings since his appointment and is aware of SFA’s current issues and status. Wende Warren asked Kevin if he would consent to be a Board member, and he agreed. I appointed him at our June 26th meeting, and the Board ratified his appointment. His name will be put forth as a nomination from the floor at the 2022 Annual meeting to be officially elected to serve a three-year term. He remains our webmaster.

As already announced, August 20, 2022, will be our Annual Membership meeting. You can either attend in person or join on-line via Zoom. A reminder will be sent out shortly, and the actual Zoom meeting invitation with the time will be sent out (emailed) to all members in good standing ten days before the meeting. July is a high membership renewal time, which will help minimize sending out multiple invites. If you choose to attend in person, the conference will be at the Double Tree by Hilton Boston Logan Airport Chelsea. The address is 201 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150. 617-884-2900.If you plan to attend the meeting but not the Reunion, please let me know so we can arrange for proper space. We pay for the meeting room, so I ask that you help us with that cost. It will likely be about a $10 to $15 registration fee. If you attend the reunion, that cost is already included in your registration.

The Bylaws require that any…

…election ballots for offices and Board members be sent out either by mail or electronically no more than fifty (50) days before the meeting. All votes should be received by email or mail ten (10) days before the meeting. Several requests for nominations, as well as a call for any proposals for bylaws, were sent out via SFAQ and social media. No names were received as nominations, and no Bylaw proposals were made. Consequently, we will take nominations from the floor during the annual meeting. The positions up for election are Vice President, Secretary, and Board of Directors members. Our Bylaws also stipulate that if no one is nominated and elected to the positions up for election, the current officers will remain in place until a successor is found and appointed. Both Libby and Elizabeth have agreed to stay on if that happens.

Any proposed Bylaws submitted between now and the annual meeting or at the annual meeting will be acted upon at the 2023 Annual meeting. Bylaws must be reviewed carefully to avoid conflict with Maine regulations, IRS provisions, current Bylaws, and Roberts Rules of Order.

Besides elections, the Annual Meeting is also a time to give a “state of the association” address. This includes all the activities of the past year and our current financials. I look forward to seeing everyone in person or online.

Michael Sheldon
President, Sheldon Family Association


Reunion Schedule

Wednesday, Aug 17:  Arrive in Boston. If arriving from Boston Logan Airport, take the free shuttle to the hotel by calling 617-884-2900 after you pick

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2 weeks ago

Let's welcome our new Facebook group members:Sheila Heinen,Melanie Phelps ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi I'm just letting you guys know Melanie Phelps is my daughter

Welcome All (Y)

My 2 cents worth is that Sheila Heinen is my daughter. Happy to see that interest in our lineage lives on!!!!!! Welcome to our heritage "Sweet Little Sheila" Heinen!

2 days ago

My name is Dennis Shelden. I am Kimberly Shelden brother. My great grandmother told me once that my family is related to the Dalton Gang. The old west outlaws. Just wandering if anyone may have any info. Thanks in advance ... See MoreSee Less

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This would take a little genealogy work, but the Dalton brothers were sons of James Lewis Dalton (1826-1890) and Adeline Lee Younger (1835-1925). The question would be (here) whether your Shelden ancestor(s) married to the Dalton lineage, or whether it is a separate line altogether. Interesting, Dennis!

2 weeks ago

Hello Sheldon's,I have a question that's come to mind recently:Why does the Sheldon line have a "coat of arms" and "family motto"? We're we a noble line? ... See MoreSee Less

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To suffer is best

Here's a little background on it.

2 weeks ago

Hi I need some prayers my mom has stage 4 cancer and she is in the hospital not doing well her name is Mary J GuerreroWas Mary J Sheldon. ... See MoreSee Less

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🙏🙏🙏for your momma




So sorry to hear of your mother's illness, prayers for both of you as you navigate through this. (Kristin Shelden Baumann)

Thank you for all your support I really appreciate all of you.

Father God, I humbly come you this afternoon lifting Mary before you. Father, I am reminded of your word in Mark 2, where four friends carried someone they loved to you. When they couldn't get in the door, they went to the window. When the window was blocked, they crawled up on the roof and tore a hole into the roof of a home they didn't open. Nothing stopped them, and in that frame of mind we come bearing Mary. We need You and so humbly ask by faith that you do what we cannot, and that this demonstration of your power would speak to those around her, and around here. You are God of the Bible, but you are also God IN us, and so we plead for her life. We all this in Jesus name. Amen.


God bless her and your family.💕


Saying prayers.

I know what it's like to lose someone to cancer. I pray to the Lord that your mother will be at peace as well as the rest of you all I pray that the Lord will put his hands in control of this and that she will be healed from cancer. In jesus's name Amen 🙏

My mom has passed away I just want to let everyone know

I've seen many answered prayers !

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2 weeks ago

This Sheldon Reunion took place in Ogallala, Nebraska August 1984. Rosalie Sheldon Lee had her son, Ted Jr. and his wife Marlene, with most of their children and grandchildren representing California. ... See MoreSee Less

This  Sheldon Reunion took place in Ogallala, Nebraska August 1984.  Rosalie Sheldon Lee had her son, Ted Jr. and his wife Marlene, with most of their children and grandchildren representing California.

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Paul, wow, not far from Gordon

This is so cool!

My grandfather is from Nebraska

Very nice!

2 weeks ago

Let's welcome our new Facebook group members! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi Wende this is my brother pls help him with the info you gave me if you can pls.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

3 weeks ago

Good evening everyone, my name is Paul Sheldon originally from Battle Creek, Mich. There's a strong chance that I may be traveling back to the original birthplace of the family line. In my limited research I've been able to find out that there's a village called Sheldon, and a manor house called Beoley. You can Google both.I'm not sure which of the three lines my family originates from, but I'm open to meeting others in the tree.Have a great evening, and I'll try to share pictures from the trip. ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome! We have lots of info on our website about origin places in England, plus the 5 colonial settlers in the USA.

Hi Paul, nice to meet you! I wish you luck in finding your ancestors!

Hi Paul! I grew up in Owosso and have experience in researching Michigan (and Eaton County) Sheldon families…. Always happy to help in tying you into your Sheldon roots.

Are you talking just in the USA? In the UK the Sheldon originated from birmingham then migrated down south till you reach Sheldon down the country of Devon.

Vince Sheldon Paul Sheldon regarding the Sheldon origins in the UK, my post is intended to be helpful rather than critical. There is NOT enough evidence to link the Derbyshire Sheldons to the West Midlands Sheldons certainly DNA wise that has been proven somewhat. There have been no male Sheldons that can trace their male line back to at least 1750 in the Devon/Plymouth area that have done a yDNA test, so we have nothing to compare against Derbyshire or West Midlands Sheldons. In England we are going to end up with between 12-20 distinct different Sheldon lines once we get a big enough sample and that could take at least another 10 years or more before enough Sheldons spend money on yDNA tests which are roughly twice as expensive as the ancestry dna kits. You don't tell us your immediate Sheldon line, so I can only presume you are connected to the Derbyshire Sheldons. As far as I know, the Beoley/Worcestershire/Tapestry Sheldons eventually "femaled out" Records such as Parish births and marriages here in England are very poor once you go further back before 1800. For example, not all churches allowed the Latter Day Saints/Mormons access to their records for their IGI Project, and even then it is littered with Sheldon/ShelTon errors. So it is a matter of educated guesswork to even look at possible lines going back from even 1750. Here in my own area of the West Midlands in England we are going to see the biggest number of different Sheldon lines, yDNA wise. There are numerous factors. The small village of Sheldon near Solihull/Birmingham Airport area could have had several men who adopted the surname Sheldon i.e Fred from Sheldon, William from Sheldon, Thomas from Sheldon etc Compared to Derbyshire, the West Midlands grew into a large industrial area and many families had 7-10 children. There were many NPE's, i.e not the father you expected. My own Sheldon line has experience of this around 1865 where DNA has proved that one of the middle children was only a half sibling and the mother obviously got a bit too friendly with somebody that wasn't her husband. Sheldon DNA Project explanation page may give you a little more info

I have family all over Michigan. My Mom was born there some of her family stayed. Jessie Sheldon. Also I had family in Lancing ect. My line is John from South Kingston RI

Hi Wende - I can tie Paul‘s line back to Caleb Sheldon who married Submet (msp?) Morton on 25 Feb 1789. His son, Ira’s DOD was 20 Dec 1870 in Butler, Branch County, Mi. Are you able to find?

Paul was Louise A Hurley your grandma by chance

Well hello I am Kimberly and Loise my my grandma sister I think I am in the process of figuring that out I talked to her before she passed she was in contact with alot of my family

My grandmother was Maggie Shelden her dad was Fred D Shelden

Her mom was IVA and she was in the army

I've found the family tree that was done for me that links from my grandparents Russell Charles Sheldon and Louise Hurley to myself, but then journeys deeper into the maternal side. The problem is I don't know how to share it Anyone else use

Paul, I recommend not only to connect with the SFA but also sign up at - it’s free and we might get you set up there. Let me know if I can help. But, accessing the link that I sent on Findagrave can link you back into a couple of additional generations, because you can click on the fathers of your ancestors for a couple of generations. Some of your earlier generations may already be there and we can link you in. Wende does a tremendous job and she can link you into SFA records where your line will be shared as well.

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2 weeks ago

Let's welcome our new Facebook group member:Heather Sheldon! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you! 💜 I'm a Sheldon through marriage.

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