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Sheldon Photo Album Found at a Vermont Yard Sale

A Sheldon Board Member, Ann S. Muffley, found a photo album
at a yard sale in Vermont containing many Sheldon photos.  Most of the
photos are identified with a name and, in some instances, the relationship
to others. In addition to the Sheldon name, other photos are identified with
the family names of Babbit, Cross, Davis, Fay, Pratt, and Springer. There
are a few tin-types. The most recent pictures are dated 1944 and 1945.

Since this was originally posted, Ann sent the following email:
Two more albums have come into my possession, I think its the same people. Elsie Sheldon and her sister Georgia Carpenter, taken in Daytona Beach, Florida…1947 is a date on one photo. The other album has photos of Frank Sheldon, May Sheldon’s first deer in 1942, and numerous other Springer/Sheldon photos. The photos are in good condition and are quite beautiful. Anna Stone, 1960, and some very good quality photos of the parents of Elsa Carpenter Sheldon. Thought this might be interesting to add to the photo info.

Frank and Elsie

A note with this photo identifies those standing as Frank and Elsie Sheldon and the couple sitting as Mary and David Sheldon, Frank’s mother and father.


The back of this photo states: “Aunt Roxy in her 90th year. Roxanna Knight Cross, sister to Mary Knight Sheldon.” A notation on the front of the photo states “Roxanna Cross, Fred Cross’ mother.


This distinguished couple is identified on the back of the photo as Charles and Edith Fay.

Here are some of the inscriptions on the pictures in the album:

David Sheldon (Frank’s Father)
Mary (Knight) Sheldon (Frank’s Mother)
Frank Sheldon
Carrie Sheldon (Frank’s Sister)
Elsie Sheldon & Mrs. Page, Putney, VT
May Sheldon
Albert Babbitt
Albert Babbitt’s Mother
Spot-Aunt Georgia’s dog
Elsie & Frank Sheldon & daughter May
Frank Sheldon standing before an F.E. Davis Bakery cart
Frank Sheldon, Age 21 years (tin type)
Frank Davis
Anna Davis
Raymond & Lorraine Dan
Beatrice (Knight) Thebodeau (sp?)
Chas & Russell Fay
Edith & Charles Fay (standing before a giant cactus)
Elsie Sheldon & Grace (Sheldon) Burnham
Grace & John Burnham
John Springer (7 months)
Sheldon Springer Residence, 1823 Main Street
Elsie Sheldon, Florida 1945
Elsie Sheldon, Daytona Beach, Fla.
Fred Cross Fla. home
Lorenzo Sheldon and his home in So. Londonderry, VT
May Sheldon & Mother & grandmother Carpenter — 3 generations
Nettie Pitcher (Frank Sheldon’s sister)
Chas. Carpenter (Elsie’s Father)
Miranda Carpenter (Elsie’s mother)
May Sheldon 1923
Bob Brady
Annie Danielson & Elsie Sheldon

The photo album is in poor condition. The spine is broken so many of the pages are loose. The green velvet cloth covering the wooden frame is worn and torn. The brass clasp is missing but the other brass hardware appears to be intact. Most of the photos are in good condition.

The Sheldon Family Association is hoping to locate a descendant who could provide a good, meaningful home for this treasure. If you can link up to any of these families, please send me an email.