Sheldon Family Association Reunion Utica NY 8/28 -9/1News release

News Release  Sheldon Family Association

August 8 2016


Members of the Sheldon Family Association will assemble at the Hotel Utica August 28 – September 1 2016 to share memories of Sheldon ancestors and to meet cousins.  Many of the forebears came from New England and settled in Oneida County for a generation or two before moving on to the Great West.  There were several Sheldon men who came from England during the 1600’s to   New England:  Isaac of Northampton MA, John of Pawtuxet RI, John of South Kingtowne RI, Godfrey of Maine and Richard Sheldon.


Descendants from as far away as Texas and Oklahoma will visit the James Sheldon house in Remsen.  James was born in Providence RI and came in 1800 to Remsen as the land agent for John Brown of RI.  Brown was owner of a large tract  of 210,000 acres of land in the Adirondacks New York State which he and his heirs spent considerable time and money trying to develop.


James’  descendants will share his story of building the house and selling the land.   They have found connections by genealogy research and DNA connections.

During the 4 day meeting, author Lane Dolly will relate the story of Hattie Sheldon of Utica and Dr Norman Dann will speak about Abolition in Upstate NY.  Frank S Sheldon of Petersburg NY will be installed as President.

Utica area Sheldon descendants can join the members of the Association during the 4 day visit by visiting


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  1. Looking for Descendants of Honorable James Sheldon who married Sarah Elizabeth who was born Jan. 15, 1833 and died at Buffalo Jan 3, 1901. Elizabeth married James Sheldon at Buffalo April 14, 1854. James Sheldon was born Sept 6, 1821 and Died May 1, 1887. Elizabeth and James had two children Theodore Butler, who was born Dec. 12,1868 and Daniel Carew who died at birth Aug 19, 1861

    Does anyone know how to contact any of their descendants?

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