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by Keith M. Sheldon *notes by Rose Sheldon Newton

(Reprinted from the award winning Sheldon Family
Association Quarterly
October 1990, Vol. 5, No. 4, page 166.  Note: The "President Bush"
referred to in this article is President George Herbert Walker Bush, not George W. Bush)

During the past year we have received any number of notes and letters pointing out that
President George Bush has Sheldon ancestry and asking to know from what
line he descends. The answer is no line from S-4 Godfrey, S-5 Isaac, S-8 John or S-13 John.

Gary Boyd Roberts column in the New England Historical & Genealogical Society's bimonthly
newsletter, NEXUS, dated February-March 1989 named Flora Sheldon of
Columbus, Ohio the paternal grandmother of George Bush and traced her
line back two generations to Thomas H. Sheldon born in Rhode Island. With this information we started hard search to identify this
Thomas H. Sheldon and found in the E. Hortense Sheldon collection of
notes, cards and letters that she (Hortense) had worked on this line
years ago. Her notes
indicate that Thomas H. Sheldon was the seventh child of Michael Sheldon
and born in Rhode Island to his 2nd wife, Mary Kelley. Her notes indicate further that Michael Sheldon was from Tyrone
County, Ireland, and that his first wife, Rosanna McKenny, was the
mother of his first six children all born in Ireland. * The client of Hortense was Georgia Scott Clement.

The Gary Boyd Roberts
column in the October 1989 publication of NEXUS gives more vital data
about President Bush's Sheldon line and confirms that Michael Sheldon
was the father of Thomas H. Sheldon and that Mary (last name not given)
was his mother, citing for proof Thomas H. Sheldon's burial record from the Greenlawn Cemetery,
Columbus, Ohio as microfilmed by the Franklin County, Ohio Genealogical
Society. *This lends
credence to Hortense's records since Margaret Livingston Bush daughter
of Flora Sheldon and Samuel Prescott Bush married Stuart H. Clement.
Georgia Scott Clement's records were probably family knowledge. She died
in Great Falls Montana 26 April 1953.

*However, Sheldon Cards
had been filed out for Mrs. Clement by Hortense who was assisting her in
lineage research. Notes on
the cards state the following information: "Michael and George Sheldon
were brothers. George, not
married came from Tyron Co. Ireland about 1814, lived in Boston and went
to South Carolina. There
was a large family, five or six brothers and three sisters. One sister married a McElroy. Michael immigrated 1818 and settled
in Providence, RI."
Michael Sheldon and Rosanna McKenney had five children: James,
Catherine, Mary, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. Michael and second wife Mary
Kelley had: Patrick b. 1814, Thomas Henry b. 1818 Prov. RI [Bush line],
Torry b. 1821, John b. 1924 d. young. 

*Consider the following
interesting notes from the Journals of Rev. H.O. Sheldon" Brooklyn NY 18
May 1844.. Dined with Mrs. Eliza and James Sheldon a stonecutter, the
first Sheldons I have found whose parents have migrated since 1633. His father was born in Ireland."
"11 Sep 1843 Came to Auburn NY, and called on Butler Sheldon and
saw Philo and Charles."12 Aug 1836 ..Wrote to Mr. Bush.." "22 Jan 1837
My son Henry's birthday. At
4 Brother Gilruth and I rode a mile and he married N. Draper about 60 to
Barbara Bush 55." "15 Apr 1842 Went to Newport and Covington, made a
temperance speach, stopped with Mr. Bush cashier of Bank."