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Sheldon Portrait in the National Gallery

by Rose Sheldon Newton


“Ruffled Bonnet, curly hairdo and a new ear trumpet were the special
pride of Mrs. J.B. Sheldon of Ohio, who sat for an itinerant painter in
1825.” So states the caption under the photo in a clipping from an unknown

The article titled “Prim Portraits of a Past”, says that Mrs.
Sheldon’s portrait was one of a collection given to the National Gallery by
Colonel and Mrs. Edgar W. Garbish who had amassed 1,500 paintings and gave
500 to the gallery.

If this is your ancestor, we thought you would like to know the painting is here so you may visit it! The clipping was found inside the gold stamped Autograph Book (more like a book of genealogy
notes) of Gaylor Sheldon given to SFA by his descendant Mrs. William Piaget
S#4423×12.  Rose Sheldon Newton transcribed the diary and it is available on
the publications list.

…from Sheldon Family Association Quarterly, Vol.  3, No. 2, edited by Rose Sheldon Newton