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--Welcome to the Sheldon Family Association website
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Sheldon Family Association, Inc.


Persons will be eligible for membership if they can document family descendancy from a Sheldon or Shelden family who came to America prior to 1660 or have come into these families through marriage or adoption. One does not have to bear the SHELDON name to become a member.

If you have a Sheldon ancestor, contact our organization.

Click here for our Membership Request form

If you have any difficulty using our form, you may contact our membership chair directly at membership@sheldonfamily.org.

Classes of Members

The members of the Association are divided into the following

Regular – persons who have authenticated their descent from a recognized Sheldon ancestor and are therefore entitled to all lineage information available from our Genealogist.

The annual dues for regular memberships are $15.00. payable in advance on August 1st each year.

Once you click on the Buy Now box a form will open.

>Members at large – persons who have come into a Sheldon family by marriage or adoption or who have not yet completed the documentation of their descent from a recognized Sheldon.

Annual dues for Member at large are $15.00 each year payable on August 1st. click on the buy now button below to pay.

Life – persons who have authenticated their descent from a recognized Sheldon ancestor and have subscribed by paying a single payment of the highest level of the dues structure.

The dues for a lifetime membership shall be a one time payment in the amount equal to twenty (20) times the dues currently in effect for regular and associate memberships. (currently $300.00) Send a check to our treasurer to become a lifetime member.

Honorary – persons who have been voted into membership by majority vote of the members present at an annual meeting.

Mail check to:
Sue Sheldon
PO Box 1575
Shelton, WA 98584