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--Welcome to the Sheldon Family Association website
Village Church

 Officers and Directors 2016-17
 President: Betty Knopf
 Treasurer:  Sue Sheldon
 Secretary:  Judy Sheldon
 Past President: Wayne Nelson
 Past President: Jeanne Jeffries
 Database Administrator:  Sue Sheldon
Quarterly Editor:  Michelle Masson


Webmaster:  Bob Halstead
Director at Large:  Alberta Dunn
Director at Large:  Frank Sheldon
Director at Large:  Ruth Watson
Contact Information
President: President@sheldonfamily.org
Secretary: Secretary@sheldonfamily.org
Reunion: Reunion@sheldonfamily.org
SFAQ:  editor@sheldonfamily.org
Membership: Membership@sheldonfamily.
Webmaster: webmaster@sheldonfamily.org

  We have over forty publications on or about Sheldons. See our Publications pages for details, or
contact Wayne Nelson:

Wayne E. Nelson
3628 N Fremont St.
Chicago IL 60613-4348


Membership/Genealogy Inquiries

For genealogy/lineage inquiries, at a minimum, we’ll need the name of your Sheldon ancestor with a birth, marriage, or death date to narrow down the search. The more information you can supply, the more likely the search of our SFA database will be successful in connecting to your Sheldon ancestors.

For a new membership application, send as much information as you can in family group sheet format or click here to download a family group sheet . List your forebears as far back as you can. With each generation that you can go back, you increase the possibility of intersecting with our records.  See our Membership page for more information.

If you have research questions,  send an email to Genealogist@sheldonfamily.org and our research committee will respond.


The Geneologists email is Genealogist@sheldonfamily.org (remove any spaces), or just click on email above

Sheldon Family Association Quarterly

For information on the award winning Sheldon Family Association Quarterly, contact the Editor:

Michelle Masson

Dues/Address Corrections

For information on dues and mailing address corrections contact the Treasurer:

Sue Sheldon



For issues relating to this website contact the Webmaster:

Robert Halstead