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What is the purpose of the SFA?

The Sheldon Family Association (SFA) is a non-profit organization with about 600 members, founded in 1939 to stimulate interest in, and to perpetuate the history of the SHELDON (or SHELDEN) family.

These purposes are met through annual meetings and by maintenance of an extensive genealogical data file on all branches of the family. This information is being corrected and updated continuously and is thus being preserved for posterity. Currently an effort is underway to digitize our source documents

By means of the Sheldon Family Association Quarterly, members are informed of discoveries in Sheldon lineage research, and dates and places of the annual Meeting and Reunion.  Many informative displays and posters are at each annual Reunion, and genealogical research will gladly be done for your lines.From the SFA genealogy database (which is a composite of the Sheldon Magazine brought into the present day by descendants)

For membership inquiries or a free search of the Sheldon Family Association database, please Email or write our Membership Chair. You’ll find the information on the Contact Us page.


Ongoing projects

The 77 year old Sheldon Family Association has an ongoing English research project. Members visited England in 1993 visiting many locations where Sheldons lived, saw Sheldon Tapestries in castles and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Over the years the
Association has hired paid research on each of the progenitors in English Records.

Sheldon progenitors are not known to be closely related.  Although a common rumor to research says “There were 3 brothers”, this is rarely found to be true. However, a DNA project is underway and English Sheldons are researching, so we just may someday find a connection!

Since July of 2006 The Sheldon Family Association has a Sheldon DNA project underway with Family Tree DNA http://www.familytreedna.com email or phone 713-868-1438).The SFA Chairman of this project is Peter Jeffries.  Click here for more information.

Hundreds of “Sheldon Places” and locations have been documented as our country grew westward. See Sheldon Places, on our Publications page.  We are continually adding new Sheldon information on our Sheldon Family Connections and Links pages.  If you have a website with Sheldon-related information, or know of one, please let our webmaster know – we’d be happy to add a link to it.

SFA Also has a considerable file of “Unconnected Sheldon Lines” and a database underway for these Sheldons and their descendants.


Who are our earliest Sheldons?

As a general repository for Sheldon Family lineage in the United States, SFA serves as a central lineage source of information and study for Sheldon lineage researchers. Please visit our Sheldon Genealogy pages for more information on our Sheldon lines.  The focus of SFA records centers on the genealogy of the five known Colonial Sheldon progenitors:

  1. Godfrey Sheldon ca.1599-671of Bakewell Parish, Derbyshire, England, and Saco and Scarborough, Maine; married Alice Frost.  Related families: Alger, Frost, Goodale, Giles, Scarlett.
  2. Isaac Sheldon ca.1629-1708 of Ashford, Derbyshire, England, Windsor, Connecticut, and Northampton, Massachusetts; married (1st) Mary Woodford, (2nd) Mrs. Mehitable Gunn.
  3. John Sheldon ca.1630-1708 of England and Providence and Pawtuxet, Rhode Island; married Joanna Vincent.
  4. John Sheldon ca.1628-ca.1679 of South Kingstowne, Rhode Island; married Sarah ______.
  5. Richard Sheldon — Very little is known of Richard. The Sheldon Magazine shows Richard as the sixth child of John Sheldon of Providence, but this has proven to be untrue.